• Instagram & Waste

        Buying the new must have foundation just for a first thoughts video. Making a stack of pancakes on a Sunday morning just for the perfect lazing in bed Instagram shot. Buying “that” dress because it will match your Instagram theme. As bloggers, are we becoming too wasteful and is it time to reevaluate… [Continue Reading]

    Instagram & Waste
  • Is Exposure valuable?

        Ah instagram, the app we all love to hate. Ever since the change of the algorithm back in 2016 everyone has been feeling the pinch in some way. With Instagram prioritising popular posts, it was only a matter of time before people felt frustration and started to turn away from the app. Exposure… [Continue Reading]

    Is Exposure valuable?
  • Dewy Skin Beauty Hack

    Just recently, my skin has been oh so dry. Dryer than a desert. Peeling and cracked, leaving my foundations caked and uneven, so I decided it was time to delve into my PR box for a Dewy Skin Beauty Hack that would get me feeling glowy all over again. After much deliberation, I landed upon… [Continue Reading]

    Dewy Skin Beauty Hack
  • Vero – Things to Know

    As someone who’s always eager to be an early adopter of the “next big social platform,” the news of a new app in town has always peaked my interest. As bloggers, we know all to well about the emails that drop in our inbox asking us to join the “next new best platform” for social… [Continue Reading]

    Vero – Things to Know