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Monday, 27 May 2013

Recipe to a perfect night in...

After such a hectic weekend I decided it was time to relax with a nice warm bath!

What's better than a night in with candles, bubbles and relaxing music? 

I'm lucky in my house to have the luxury of a gorgeous roll top bath and was so pleased the other day to receive a box of my favourite goodies from Mr W for my birthday :) can't beat a pink glittery bath girlies! 

My favourite lush gift box of all is called relax more; it contains all my favourite goodies at only £25 and even better its all guilt free beauty as lush don't believe in testing on animals and use only vegetarian ingredients. The box contains: 

  • The Comforter Bubble Bar 200g
  • Therapy Massage Bar 50g
  • A French Kiss Bubble Bar
  • Dreamtime Luxury Bath Melt
  • Twilight Bath Ballistic
My favourite thing to do is to carefully take a small slice of each and pop them into a bath. (Minus
the massage bar, that could be slimy!)

Whilst relaxing I listened to the beautiful tones of Demi lovato, as a birthday present to myself I treated myself to her new album and I must say I was not disappointed! Anyone who remembers lovato from her camp rock days will see how far this girl has come. My album highlights being Heart attack, Fire starter and Without the Love for a dance round the bedroom. I opted for some smoother tones for my quiet evening in; Nightingale and sky scraper both offer the stand out vocals that Demi is so known for. One this for sure, this little girls grown up and I for one could not be happier! Get her album now, you will not be disappointed!

To top my perfect night off I treated myself to a glass of blossom hill: white Zinfandel Rose which I feel makes a great accompaniment to a hot bath and an early night snooze! (I won't tell anyone if you don't!) 

Until next time. 

B x 

P.s it's almost time for made in Chelsea! Does anyone else wonder if there is a whole other world up Andy's nostrils?!

Now we are acquainted...

I feel like we can share tips! I am rubbish at eating breakfast, I'm always too tired, in too much of a rush and it just makes me feel a bit sick. Now don't worry, my mother always told me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so recently I've been using an inventive way to make sure I get my morning fill! Homemade fruit smoothies and juices. They're so cheap to make, taste delicious and fill that morning gap. For all of you who want to try, here's my recipe below! (If you don't have time to make these every morning you can always freeze them in bottles and whack them in the fridge the night before for a yummy slushy treat.)

What you will need Per smoothie:

1 blender
1/4 bag mixed frozen fruit salad (I like tescos own, as its a bargain at under £1)
1/4 carton of fresh blueberry juice 
1/4 carton of fresh orange juice 

You can mix the recipe up with different fruit juices, I quite like to change it up with apple and banana juice so I don't get bored. 

See I told you it was easy! 

Enjoy :) 

Until next time. 

B x


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Races, Sunday lunch and sun!

And what a busy weekend it's been! The summer finally feels like its on its way, although being in Britain it will probably be short lived. Luckily we got a taste of sunshine just in time for my birthday, however it was not so good for my skin! (Always remember your sunscreen ladies!)

My weekend started with Chester races. If you have never been I would seriously reccomend it. Every year it makes me feel like summer has finally arrived, it's a great day out and you can flutter a little or a lot. I chose to dress up in this beautiful mint green French connection number, and a gorgeous accessorize necklace, courteousy of Mr Wilson for my birthday (sometimes they get presents so right!!!)

Craig chose to opt for a navy blue topman suit, which I feel made him look very handsome, but then I'm biased and a lucky lady!

On an even better note we both won! Which makes the races all the more exciting! 

Sunday the sunshine continued where we had the pleasure of attending a birthday lunch for a family member of Craig's. it was at a beautiful place called Sweeney Hall in Oswestry. It boasted high ceilings, chandeliers, delicious food and countryside grounds that went on for miles, I feel it would be the perfect place for a low key summer wedding with lots of photographic arches and gardens. It's just gorgeous, don't you agree?!

This is my favourite silly photo of the day! 

We finished off the weekend at my parents house where my sister was also visiting. Now we have all flown the nest my parents have called it the "spa retreat" (it's basically parental nesting in reverse) they've re painted the pool in a gorgeous pale blue colour, decorated the bathroom, the kitchen and the garden furniture and fitted a "gym."It's like having our own private boutique hotel. 

All in all my birthday weekend was perfect, full of sunshine, family. A girl can't ask for anything more!

Until next time...

B x 

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