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Monday, 17 June 2013

No blender? No excuses!

My housemate took her blender back home and I got myself all in a panic! How will I make my delicious morning smoothies now? A bit of imagination and will power, that's how!

Fed up of hearing excuses for not eating healthy "it's too expensive" I hear you cry... Well think again. I make my smoothies for about 39p a day! That's a less than a quarter of the price you usually pay for your morning Starbucks coffee! 

So back to the blender issue, how is it possible? Here's my recipe for a no blender smoothie, be prepared to think outside of the box with your kitchen utensils! 

1 pack of frozen summer fruits
No added sugar :Apple juice, orange juice and blueberry juice

Get a sandwich bag and fill it with your frozen fruits, leave the bag open to release air, you don't want It so tight that you rip a hole and splatter yourself with smoothie (as tasty as that may be!) 

Using a rolling pin start to crush the fruit inside the bag, if you have some tougher frozen fruit add a little of your juice to the bag to soften it slightly, this will create a purée with your fruit! 

Take the purée out of the bag and pour into a glass bowl, add your fruit juice and stir. You can either end here and have a smoothie with some nice tasty fruit bits of carry onto my next step...

Take a sieve or a colander and empty the contents of your glass bowl into another bowl, use a spoon to get every last bit of purée you can! Now serve your delicious smoothie in a lovely glass. As an added extra I like to throw in a few whole frozen grapes to keep it cool for longer! 

Happy Monday! 

Until next time 

B x 

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