¡buenas tardes

Hello my lovely bloggers! I hope all is well in your world. As you know I’ve just returned from my travels to the beautiful majorca and I even managed to get a slight tan! 

I had a lovely time and to be honest spent a lot of it lounging in the sunshine! When we did go sight seeing we chose the beautiful Pollensa. Tradition says that if you walk all 365 steps at their local church it will repent a years worth of sins, so of course I had to take on the challenge! I’m pleased to report I made it to the top, even in the scorching weather, only to be treated with amazing views: 
Our hotel was very close to Cala D’or marina, with its huge boats and lots and lots of bars. 
My fail safe packing plan failed me and most days I found myself cursing my clothing selections, but girls, I powered through! 
Until next time! Hope you’re enjoying your summer. 
B x 

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