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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Love Me Beauty - December box

Sooooo I'm a little late on the December box, having not had time to get to the post office as of late, but I was very excited to rush home this morning to get hold of it today!!


Rodial Glamtox Night - 15ml - Sample size - This night gel is supposed to protect against the visible signs of ageing and leave you with a radiant glow. I'm very excited to use this as it's normally £90 a pop for 50ml which I could never normally justify! 

Lord & Berry Kiss Proof liner in seduction - Full Size - I love the colour of this. It will go great with some of my red lipsticks! However I'm a little sad the box didn't have the lip liner and the following lipstick in the same colour as if you don't have a red lipstick the liner is pointless, although the description does state that it can be worn as a lipstick too. 

Lord & Berry Intensity lipstick in Glazed Pink - Full Size. This is a really pretty natural colour! I can't wait to try it out. Here's a swatch of the liner & lipstick below: 

Matriskin Vitamin C Serum - 7.5ml Sample size - when picking from the menu, this was the item that intrigued me most. A serum that claims to repair and restructure your skin. It has high anti oxidant properties and claims to help fight acne too. After a Clinique 3 step trial that's brought out acne on my chin I can't wait to give this a go!

Headline colour Nail polish in Quicksand - Full Size - I love this high shine grey/brown nail polish. Nail varnish alllllways chips on me and it's special formula has been salon approved and claims that the colour will flex without chipping, cracking or flaking! I can't wait to try it out at work tomorrow!

Overall I'm more impressed with this box than the last! It seems really good value for money and I think I'll get lots of use out of the goodies! 

My only bugbear is that the box still does not fit through my letter box! If graze box can do it, then why can't they! 

Until Next Time!

(Hopefully I'll be the girl with the red lips and glowing skin!)

B x 


Monday, 30 December 2013

Outfit for NYE:

Hey guys!

So this year I'm having a quiet New Years Eve in! so I'm playing fantasy dress up for Nye with my hypothetical outfit and face of the day! 

Hope you enjoy! 

At New Years you can't go wrong with a glitter eye! I got this look by using a cream eyeshadow base and layering with silver glitter. 

As it's NYE everyone goes all out glam so you can get away with a strong lip too! I've dabbed a red lipstick mixed with Vaseline to give the lip a strong yet soft edge! Perfect for that midnight kiss!! I decided to finish the look with my new darker hair in soft curls! 

For my outfit I would wear this gorgeous polka dot playsuit! 

I bought this on eBay for £10 a while ago and I can't tell you how much of a wardrobe staple it has become! It is a topshop number I had my eye on a few years ago but couldn't quite bring myself to pay £40 for! I'm so glad I waited!! 

The bag here is a glittery Aftershock London hard case clutch and is perfect to add some NYE sparkle to my outfit! 

To finish the look I've gone for some primark studded lattice wedges which again were a bargain at £12! 

Happy New Year to you all, whatever your plans!! 

And may 2014 bring all us blogging lovelies some exciting times ahead!! 

Until next time

See you in 2014!! 

B x 


Sales Haul Part 1:

Hey guys!

So here's the first part of my sales haul booty featuring products from Clarins!

I've never tried Clarins before but when I was hovering by the beauty counter in Debenhams one of their lovely assistants pointed out that if I purchased 2 products I'd get 3 products of my choice from the board free! 

Who am I to walk away from an offer like that?! 

And so I found myself coming away with not 1, but 2 Clarins sale gift sets, plus 3 other products to try!

First of all I went for the Top to Toe gift box which had everything you could want, including the gorgeous white glittery makeup bag that is almost too beautiful to use! It's also perfect as my boyfriends sister got me a miniature version for Christmas so I now have a set! 

In the bag you got: 

Hand and nail treatment 
One step gentle exfoliator
Beauty flash balm 
Body lotion
Hydration face cream 
And under eye serum 

My second sales treat came in the form of Eau des Jardins. Which is a delicious summery scent in a gorgeous irredescent multi coloured bottle. Everything about it makes me long for warm summer days! 

In the box you get a full sizes perfume and body lotion along with a miniature shower gel. Yum! 

For my 3 extra treats I decided to go for: 

One step cleanser 
Toning treatment oil 
Exfoliating body scrub

I decided to go for these as they were really good sized bottles for freebies and I liked the sound of them! 

The best thing about all of this is that it only came to around £50 and I feel completely kitted out in Clarins! 

I can't wait to share with you some reviews when I get the chance to use all my new goodies!! 

Keep an eye out for when my other deliveries arrive too!! 

Until Next Time

B x 


Thursday, 26 December 2013

My Christmas Day!

Hey guys!

Christmas day has now sadly been and gone. Isn't it always the same that it takes forever to get here and then its just gone in a flash?

I had the best day I have had in ages spending lots of quality time with my family and I thought what better post Christmas blog is there than to share my day with you; So here it goes!


I was awoken at about 8.30/9 am as we were given strict rules that no one was to wake before 8 am!! As you get older I think this gets harder again as my body was set to my work body clock and I was wide awake from 7.30 onwards!!

When we had been called downstairs with my dads usual charade of 'Let me check if Santa has been...OK you can come down now' we all made our way downstairs and what a sight it was! As you get older you expect that you will get less because you are grown up, but as usual my Santa really out did himself!

We came down to a room full of presents and quickly began taking it in turns to see what we had got!

My mum was well and truly spoilt this year as my dad treated her to her very own ipad mini, I have never seen her look so pleased and excited! Her face lit up!

Next great present of the day went to my brother:

Apparently boys are never to old for their toys!!!

My Presents:

I cannot explain how truly grateful I was for each and every present I got! I am in love with everything and there is quite a lot to list, so here it goes:

From the boyfriend: I received some lovely khaki fur lined boots, perfect for if the January snow takes hold!

Some Real Techniques Dupes. They are super soft and I've tried them once and I am in love already.

Body shop goodies: Perfume, scented candles, moisturiser and hand cream.


Sister: Soap and Glory Gift set, £50 Debenhams voucher (Which I have now spend in the sales, Sorry not sorry!) and a Pizza express vouchers so that me and my boyfriend can go on a date! I thought the last bit was a really nice idea as we rarely get to go out. So I'm really chuffed with that bit.

Brother: From my brother I got this gorgeous In The Style tartan swing dress, I think I am in love. It literally glides on and is the comfiest dress I have ever owned!


  • Selection box
    • Cat Calender
    • Avon Gift Box
    • Penguin Pjs
    • Penguin phone case
    • Snuggle blankets
    • chocolates
    • hairbrush
    • slippers
    • A new dress, 2 new jumpers and a jumper dress
    • A pocket watch necklace
    • Socks!
    • Fur lined Gloves
    • Mugs to replace ones I accidentally smashes
    • A slow cooker for all those nice warming stews
    • A note pad
    • Bath bombs 
    • Wine glass charms

I know just how incredibly lucky I am to have received all of these amazing presents and to have such a thoughtful family. I hope you all got treated lots too!

Getting ready:
On Christmas day I like to use some of my new goodies to get ready, so here's a special version of get ready with me, just for you:


 Dinner Time

After a few hours of playing around with our new pressies it was time to sit down for dinner. This year cooked by my brother so that my mum could sit back and relax!

Here's our Christmas dinner table, decorated by my sister. We even had our very own clementeenie name tags!

 The food was delicious and my brother did an amazing job! I finished absolutely stuffed, by my god was it scrummy!!

To end the day

After an absolutely amazing day we finished it off with a few family board games and our version of Christmas Afternoon Tea.

To end here's a picture of my lovely cat. Apparently she loved her present from Santa too:

I hope you all had a great day too! Cant wait to read some of your posts!

Until Next Time

B x

Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Abode Chester - Hotel Review

Hey guys!

So incase you didn't know Saturday was my lovely boyfriends birthday and he was the big 27!!!! (shhh! don't tell him I told you!) 

As his birthday is always at Christmas I always feel bad as we never get to do anything to celebrate because we both work longer hours, so this year I decided to treat him to an extra special treat and go for a night away. 

Whilst browsing various hotels I spotted that the abode had a special winter warmer package that included a nights stay, a meal in their bar & grill restaurant and breakfast the next day. 

Knowing I was working late I booked our meal for 9.30pm , this is the latest time available and luckily we arrived just in the nick of time at 9.25! We quickly raced up to our room to drop off our bags. 

I decided to upgrade to the Desireable room and I'm so glad I did! After reading reviews on trip advisor I followed people's advice to go for a bedroom with a bath and not a balcony. It's cold anyway so who needs a balcony in this weather!! 

We dumped our bags and rushed back down to the reception to enjoy our meal.

As we sat down to enjoy our meal most of the other guests proceeded to pay their bills and exit. Which was great for us because we basically ended up with romantic private restaurant. 

In the package you could have a set 2 course meal. We both decided to go for the Turkey an chestnut stuffing as it sounded very festive and we thought it would get us in the Christmassy mood.  

It was to die for!! I'm normally really fussy with food but the flavours on this plate were amazing. The Turkey was the softest I have ever had and literally melted in my mouth. 

Next we both went for the lemon tart for dessert. Whilst the flavours were delicious the biscuit base was so hard everytime you tried to break a piece with your spoon it made a massively embarrassing thud on your plate.

We polished off a bottle of wine and as we were both shattered from work retired to bed. 

Which is quite possibly the biggest bed I have ever seen! See my best starfish impression above!!! 

Before I squashed them we noticed the hotel had left something on the bed: 

It was a lovely card and chocolates for Craig's birthday. I only mentioned in passing about his birthday whilst booking and I thought this was a really special touch! 

The next morning we decided to make the most of our day off and order breakfast in bed, but stupidly I forgot to leave our order card on our door. Luckily I'm an early riser and a quick call down to reception sorted it really efficiently! 

An hour later 2 trays arrived with a small breakfast feast to keep us both going for the day ahead and to soak up a few of those glasses of wine from the night before: 

After this I decided to have a shower because hotel showers are always amazing. I wasn't disappointed and call me simple but my favourite bit of the bathroom had to be the heated mirror! 

No annoying wiping of the mirror to do your makeup! What a great idea. 

I had the best stay here I have had in a hotel probably ever and little did I know it's just on my doorstep. The service at every step of our stay was impeccable and who can say better than that? 

To finish off here's a little gallery of a few other bits from our stay: 

The Abode winter warmer package starts at just £109 and can be found on their website.

Until Next Time 

B x 


Saturday, 21 December 2013

Boots Haul - oops!

Hey guys,

So today I nipped into boots to grab a new mascara...

And then I was tempted by boots many many offers!! 

So here it is my guilty boots haul, just for you: 

First up: 

The mascara: I just love soap & glorys packaging but I struggle to use their body and bath collection as the scent they use can often be too strong and give me a headache. So imagine my excitement when I recently discovered they do a makeup range! 

I decided to go for the HD Thick mascara in wicked black. I love fluttery eyelashes and I'm hoping this will be just the ticket. 

As Soap & Glory makeup is currently on 3 for 2 my mascara was actually a freebie, as it was the cheapest at £10.50 

Next I decided to treat myself to this pretty looking blush brick! Who wouldn't want to join a peach party?! Need I say more?! 

Next I decided to "Glow all out" and treat myself to a new high lighter! I love a good highlighter and this is no exception. It's so sheer and light and I have a feeling this may be a new love. 

All in all these three products only cost £22 which is a bargain! 

After I'd perused the Soap & Glory section I shimmied on over to the Max Factor counter where an offer caught my eye: spend £15 and receive a gift box worth £30 free. 

Who am I to say no to an offer like that?! 

I decided to treat myself to two colour elixir lip crayons. One in Passionate Red and the other in Vibrant Pink. 

I love the vibrant looks of both of these lips and I'm going to have to have a play around to work out my perfect makeup look! 

Finally I treated myself to a smokey effect eye crayon. I love a smokey eye, but I fail miserably at them. I thought this might make life slightly easier as it only takes 2 steps! 

For buying all of this I got these items in my free treat: 

Now although the contents of the box are great, I don't know if I would've purchased these products freely. I was excited to buy the box in the shop but when I got home, away from the Perspex box with bright lights the contents felt a little lack lustre!

It's probably a great box for anyone who's already spending £15, but I wouldn't recommend spending it just to get the freebies if it's not stuff you will use. 

I hope you've enjoyed my first haul post! 

Until Next Time 

B x 

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