The Abode Chester – Hotel Review

Hey guys!

So incase you didn’t know Saturday was my lovely boyfriends birthday and he was the big 27!!!! (shhh! don’t tell him I told you!) 
As his birthday is always at Christmas I always feel bad as we never get to do anything to celebrate because we both work longer hours, so this year I decided to treat him to an extra special treat and go for a night away. 
Whilst browsing various hotels I spotted that the abode had a special winter warmer package that included a nights stay, a meal in their bar & grill restaurant and breakfast the next day. 

Knowing I was working late I booked our meal for 9.30pm , this is the latest time available and luckily we arrived just in the nick of time at 9.25! We quickly raced up to our room to drop off our bags. 
I decided to upgrade to the Desireable room and I’m so glad I did! After reading reviews on trip advisor I followed people’s advice to go for a bedroom with a bath and not a balcony. It’s cold anyway so who needs a balcony in this weather!! 
We dumped our bags and rushed back down to the reception to enjoy our meal.
As we sat down to enjoy our meal most of the other guests proceeded to pay their bills and exit. Which was great for us because we basically ended up with romantic private restaurant. 
In the package you could have a set 2 course meal. We both decided to go for the Turkey an chestnut stuffing as it sounded very festive and we thought it would get us in the Christmassy mood.  

It was to die for!! I’m normally really fussy with food but the flavours on this plate were amazing. The Turkey was the softest I have ever had and literally melted in my mouth. 

Next we both went for the lemon tart for dessert. Whilst the flavours were delicious the biscuit base was so hard everytime you tried to break a piece with your spoon it made a massively embarrassing thud on your plate.
We polished off a bottle of wine and as we were both shattered from work retired to bed. 

Which is quite possibly the biggest bed I have ever seen! See my best starfish impression above!!! 

Before I squashed them we noticed the hotel had left something on the bed: 

It was a lovely card and chocolates for Craig’s birthday. I only mentioned in passing about his birthday whilst booking and I thought this was a really special touch! 
The next morning we decided to make the most of our day off and order breakfast in bed, but stupidly I forgot to leave our order card on our door. Luckily I’m an early riser and a quick call down to reception sorted it really efficiently! 
An hour later 2 trays arrived with a small breakfast feast to keep us both going for the day ahead and to soak up a few of those glasses of wine from the night before: 
After this I decided to have a shower because hotel showers are always amazing. I wasn’t disappointed and call me simple but my favourite bit of the bathroom had to be the heated mirror! 

No annoying wiping of the mirror to do your makeup! What a great idea. 

I had the best stay here I have had in a hotel probably ever and little did I know it’s just on my doorstep. The service at every step of our stay was impeccable and who can say better than that? 
To finish off here’s a little gallery of a few other bits from our stay: 

The Abode winter warmer package starts at just £109 and can be found on their website.

Until Next Time 
B x 


  1. December 22, 2013 / 9:25 pm

    This hotel looks gorgeous! This is just on my door step too and I had no idea it's there haha!
    Love your starfish on the bed haha! 🙂

    • December 23, 2013 / 10:02 pm

      When a bed is that huge and comfy it just has to be done!! 🙂

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