You "Daft Squirrel!"

I hate boring greetings cards. We all know them well, the ones we buy our great Aunty germentrude from the supermarket in a last minute panic whilst buying our weekly shop. So when I stumbled upon these quirky greetings cards from daft squirrel I couldn’t have been more delighted!

Valentines day or V-day as I like to call it, as a splendid nickname and play on the idea of D-day (I was never very good at not explaining my own jokes and finding them far too funny) is just around the corner and for one half of the world it means a day of roses, chocolates and so much love that the other half of the world find it sickening, boring and have to reach for 10 litres of Ben & Jerry’s!
So the clever little squirrels over at daft squirrel have taken a break from hibernation and created some v-day treats for all you anti valentines lovers out there! 
I received some samples* the other day and I would send them to a single friend to make them smile, but I find them so funny I may have to frame them for my walls. 

And my own personal favourite… 
And for all you bloggers out there if a valentines card isn’t up your street, then I know you’ll love this one: 

All these fab cards are available to order on their website 
Until Next Time 
B x 

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