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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

100 looks in 100 days - Day 25 & 26

We are absolutely storming through these 100 looks in 100 days with the Elf 100pc marble eyeshadow palette! 

Day 25 - Flirty 30s

Tonight we're hitting the 30s first where the heavy kohl eyes were gone and the pencil thin eyebrows that us bbloggers now love to hate had started to appear. This look is very hard to get when you have a very heavy brow, but you get the idea! 

Colours used in this look: j7, a1, c1 & b3 

Day 26 - Naughty 40s 

The glamour of the 40s was channeled in their makeup. Despite rationing ladies began applying makeup from their teen years. Eyebrows were shaped and filled with matte shadows and eyeshadows were darkened into the crease and finished off with a sweep of liquid liner. 

Colours used in this look: b1, a10, d10 & g10 

Join me tomorrow when we'll be hitting the fifties and the swinging sixties! 

Until Next Time 

B x 

Spreading the love tag:

Right, I'm not going to moan, because that would make me a hypocrite, but it's really hard to moan about people moaning without sounding like you're moaning, yes?

Did I just use moan/moaning 4 times in one sentence? Yes I did, because quite frankly, I need a good moan. 

I've been blogging now for almost a year and I feel like for the past month the joy and love we share for eachother is dwindling. Blogging is both competitive and hard work, so why are we adding being judgemental, horrid & down right rude to eachother in the mix?! 

I wanted to invent a new blogger tag, called share the love to encourage us all to give a blogger friend a little pick me up. This can be 3 newbies you've been loving, someone you consider a blogger friend or just a blog you really love to read! 

Link 3 of your favourite bloggers, with 3 reasons why you love each of them. Either for their blog content and style, or their personality. 

I think it would be really nice to spread a little joy again and give eachother a little pick me up, so I'm going to get the ball rolling! 

Becky Brown - Becky b Blog -

1. I feel like you are now a true friend, I can talk to you whatever the time of day about silly things and serious things. 

2. I'm loving watching your blog grow and your comedy/tag videos make me laugh every time! 

3. You always know how to make me smile & I have loads of fun planning future meet up adventures with you! 

Beth - Beauty in Beta -

1. You give me honest critism and advice! Remember those blurry/over loud music videos. You guys would still have to grin & bare those if it wasn't for this ladies honest advice! 

2. You support me through all my crazy ideas, like #vloggerschat & 100 looks in 100 days posts & we've chatted from pretty much the day I set up twitter!  

3. You're a genuinely nice person. Screw the haters, screw what they think! You're so lovely. 

Suzie - Hello October -

1. Possibly my all time favourite blogger, You're also my favourite youtuber, I love the style of your videos!

2. We haven't properly spoken, but I feel like your blog has a really personal touch. 

3. You always reach out to your readers on twitter, even though you have masses of followers!!  I like that :) 

And that's it! Make someone's day, make them smile. Let's give this new tag a whirl! I tag these 3 girls and all of you to make someone happy!! 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Revlon Parfumerie Scented nail enamel | What She Did

It's been a while since you've seen a post loaded with pictures of anything other than my face, but today I thought I'd give you a break and post some pictures of Revlon's Parfumerie range! 

The idea is simple, cute little perfume shaped bottles, with fancy labels, that are  perfect to adorn any dressing table, these are nail polishes not to be hidden in the back of a drawer, these are polishes to be adored, displayed & admired. 

Would you just look how pretty they are? 

The difference in these nail polishes not only lies within their luxurious looking packaging, but in their scent. Wait for these polishes to dry and you'll be treated to a scent sensation. (Sorry I couldn't waste that cheesey alliteration opportunity.) 

Available in 20 scents and shades there is something for everyone! 

I personally went for a bit of a mixed bag. I opted for Beach, a beautiful golden colour with a scent that sends you to sandier shores, Surf Spray, a gorgeous sea blue that will have you yearning for summer and my final choice China Flower because I just really loved the colour. 

My verdict on Revlon's parfumerie nail enamel: 

The look - Whilst most of the colours only require one coat to give full coverage, surf spray will take a few coats to give you the full look, but with it being such a pretty colour after just one, I'm not even sure it's required. 

The scents - The scents claim to last all day and I can confirm this to be true. They are an exciting idea that takes me back to being 10 years old with the latest scented gel pens. For this alone I love them. The only downside is, unless you are a super duper scentologist (is that even a word?!) I probably wouldn't mix and match the colours & Perfumes, I tried last night and it left me with a scent induced migraine. 

Where can you get them?! From boots of course! They also have 3 for 2 on right now so snap up a few colours quick, I can see these being a real hit. Even if they're not for you, I still think they're a rather adorable to adorn any dressing table. You can get them for £6.49 which I think is rather good, don't you? 

Until Next Time 

B x 

Revlon Parfumerie™ Scented Nail Enamel

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

#Vloggerschat 1/5

Hello! It's almost that time of the week again, where we all settle down to a lovely old chinwag about all things YouTube and vlogging

This weeks chat is being hosted by the fantastic Alessia from the YouTube channel bellessiaangels! If the cute name alone hasn't got you hooked, then please join us for a chat on the topic of "Video Content" 

This weeks Qs are: 

1. How do you get inspiration for videos?
2. What are your favourite videos to film? 

3. What are your favourite videos to watch? 

4. Name your fave youtubers & why you enjoy watching them? 

5. Why did you pick your YouTube name?
6. Shall we all do a big YouTube meet? 

If you want to join in, you can follow the whole thing over on Alessia's twitter @lil_alessia and under the hashtag #vloggerschat from 8-9pm this Thursday! 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Sunday, 27 April 2014

100 Looks in 100 Days - Day 23 & 24

For the next segments in my 100 looks in 100 days with the Elf 100pc Marble Eyeshadow Palette  I am going back in time and taking you on a journey of makeup through the ages.

Tonight we go way way back into the beginning of the 1900s and to take you back and put my looks into context, it was an exciting time. Max factor had opened his first Los Angeles studio in 1909 and began making waves by creating early screen looks on Hollywood actresses. TL Williams had introduced the first mascara and named it after his sister Mabel, under the brand name Maybelline, after watching her formulate her own mascara using hot coloured wax beads.  Women of that era were encapsulated by the big screen, however the products at the time were reserved for screen stars and it wasn't until the 1920s that the innovations such as mascara, lipstick and eyeshadow that we so easily take for granted, became readily available and common place in women's handbags. 

Day 23 - 1910 

Colours used in this look: I7 for the lips, I3, J3 & C1.

Day 24 - 1920 

Colours used in this look: J10, B10, & C1. 

I hope you're enjoying stepping back in time with me! I'm really enjoying learning about how ladies used to create their makeup looks and loving trying to re create them with the ever so versatile elf palette. 

Until Next Time

B x 


Friday, 25 April 2014

100 Looks in 100 Days - Day 21 & 22

It's here! It's a new day and it's time for a new segment in my 100 looks in 100 days challenge with the Elf 100pc Marble Eyeshadow Palette.

The next segment is makeup through the ages and tonight were taking it way way back.

Day 21 - Dance like an Egyptian 

For this look I used G1, B9, G9 & J9.

Day 22 - Marie Antoinette 

For this look I used pale pinks and whites from the palette brushed onto my lips, cheeks and eyes. The colours used are: B7, C7 & A1.

Until Next Time 

B x 


Thursday, 24 April 2014

100 looks in 100 days - Day 20

I have just realised that in amongst being very sleepy & vloggerschat tonight I forgot to post yesterday's look for my 100 looks in 100 days with the Elf 100pc Marble Eyeshadow Palette challenge! (I think I need a snappier name for this challenge.) I'm going to post it separately now so that tomorrow I can start fresh with my makeup through the ages looks, which I am very very excited about!!

Day 20 - Over the Rainbow

I was feeling very colourful and so I wanted to experiment with some of the brighter colours in huge palette. I couldn't bring myself to decide on just one so I thought I'd go for the whole rainbow!! You could tone this look down for everyday by re creating it with an eyeliner size strip of colours, or just apply these colours on the lid. I decided to go all out and push the look with a heavy black brow. 

Colours used: I7, F5, B9, J9, I8, G8 & J10 

Until Next Time 

B x 


#vloggerschat 24/3

Tonight is #vloggerschat ! 8-9pm! Yayyyy!! 

The topic this week is "setting the scene in your videos" 

Q1) How do you choose the set up/background for your videos?

Q2) Do you use background music for your videos?

Q3) What is your lighting set up?

Q4) What do you use to edit your videos?

Q5) Which of the above is most important to you? Background, music, lighting or editing?

It will be hosted by the lovely Beth over @BeautyinBeta so be sure to follow her before the chat and keep up with the hashtag #vloggerschat! 

Can't wait to see you all there chatterbugs! 

Until next time 

B x 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

100 looks in 100 days - Day 19

I am sooooo excited to bring you today's look in my 100 looks in 100 days challenge with the Elf 100pc Marble Eyeshadow Palette!

This is the penultimate look in my fantasy segment of the challenge before we set off into makeup through the ages! 

Today we look towards the galaxy and the stars for inspiration and I am so pleased with the results. 

Day 19 - Beyond the galaxy 

This look took a LOT of blending. As a base I used colours h10 and i10. I then used b1 & b10 to create a distant galaxy and finished the look off with a twinkle of glitter. I kept the rest of the makeup plain and simple as I wanted the eyes to be the main focus of the look. 

I just warned to say thank you again for all of your lovely comments and support during my challenge, some nights recently it would be easy to sit down and forget about it, but you guys leaving me lovely comments is keeping me going! I'm so excited to start on makeup through the ages and also tell you that I am currently in the process of editing some tutorial vids on some of the looks!

If you want to catch up on every look to date, you can do so here!

Until Next Time 

B x 


Monday, 21 April 2014

100 looks in 100 days - Day 17 & 18

Hey everyone! Only a few more looks left now in the fantasy segment of my 100 looks in 100 days with the Elf 100pc marble eyeshadow palette. A bargain at only £15, I wanted to do something to show others just how versatile the palette really is. When I first got my palette I didn't know where to start, but now that I've been using it, I can't imagine not having one in my makeup collection!

The two looks I am about to show you play with the idea of blending colours and contour. 

Day 17 - Ombré mask

I love the idea of concealing parts of the face with makeup and leaving the rest visible and normal looking. It adds a great contrast in a look like this. 

I used colours B9, J9 & E9 and blended them softly into an ombré effect. 

Day 18 - Lavender Contour 

I love contouring, I love the way it has the ability to change a persons face and bone structure. For this piece I wanted to play around with my current obsession with pastels and contouring. 

The colours used for this look were: D8, G8 & J8. I applied them using a contour brush and blended them softly using a blending brush. 

Only 2 more looks in my fantasy segment to go! Is there anything you're desperate to see me try?

Until Next Time 

B x 


Friday, 18 April 2014

100 Looks in 100 days - Day 15 & 16

As the fantasy segment of my 100 looks in 100 days with the Elf 100pc Marble Eyeshadow Palette comes to a close, I'm really excited to get to work on my next segment of looks, beauty through the ages. My skin however is not loving it so much, so if anyone who uses makeup day in day out for videos and photos has any skin saving tips I'd be so grateful for those! 

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Here's the looks from the last 2 days. 

Day 15 - Stud

Colours used in this look: a10, b10 & j10. I wanted to do a futuristic look with an edge of glam. I used a base of silver and blacks to create a base and then added some crystals to finish off the look. 

Day 16 - Phoenix 

For this look I took inspiration from the Phoenix, the bird of fire. I wanted to use a blend of reds and golds and yellows. The specific colours used from the palette were: b5, j7 & e5. 

I hope you've enjoyed these 2 looks, please let me know what you think in the comments below :) 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Thursday, 17 April 2014

I need an adventure...

I'm feeling restless. It happens in my life every now and again. I feel bored, I feel uninspired and I just feel like I need to get out.

I see my friends off travelling, having exciting adventures, jumping around in their bikinis on a sandy sunny beach and I long to be them, I long to feel spontaneous enough to just up and leave everything behind for something more exciting. 

I feel as creatives, we are always searching for our next adventure, our next story to make, to write and to tell. The only problem is that when these stories do not appear, we become trapped and restless in our own everyday lives. 

I'm not saying I don't appreciate my everyday life, because I do. I have a wonderful loving boyfriend, a loving family and a stable job which makes me happy and I know other people would kill for. Yet every now and again a friend tells me they've quit their job and they've decided to go travelling and leave it all behind and a small part of me thinks, why can't that be me? 

The reality of the matter is, I don't have the money. I'd relish in the idea of finding secret hotspots and writing stories to pass the day, but that's not the reality. 

They say everything in life happens for a reason, so what if my life is mapped out in a way that means my adventures are small time. What if the universes plan for me is to settle down and have a normal job and a normal life. 

Maybe I'm having somewhat of a "quarter life crisis" as my 24th birthday approaches. I have always been old before my time, the weight of hectic and worrying childhood and teenage years weighing heavy on my shoulders. 

My current yearning is to go to Greece. Don't ask me why, I just see pictures on peoples instagrams and I am drawn to the beautiful white buildings against the backdrops of the deep blue, inviting sea. 

I'm writing this today because I know that many of my readers are approaching the end of their university courses this summer and they will be wondering what is next in store for them. 

To them I would say if an adventure presents itself to you, take it with both hands and run off into the sunset and never look back. (Except to maybe call your mum and let her know you have enough clean underwear and that you're safe, they like to worry about things like that) 

Until Next Time 

B x 

#vloggerschat 17/4 / hosted by Me

Hello everyone!!

It's that time of week again when all us fellow vloggers can get together and have a little chat about all things vlogging! 

This week I'm a little late on topic and questions so please forgive me! The chat is still here and it is still on :) 

Tonight's topic is going to be all about managing your time effectively!

Q1: How do you find the time to vlog inbetween work/uni/being a mum? 

Q2: Do you have any tips for anyone struggling to find the time to vlog

Q3: Do you stick to a specific posting day/Schedule? 

Q4: Have you ever hit technical troubles and how did you overcome this? 

Q5: How long does editing usually take you? 

Can't wait to all see you there over at @whatshedidx from 8-9pm. You can follow the chat by using #vloggerschat 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

100 Looks in 100 days - Day 12, Day 13 & 14

Another day, another 100 looks in 100 days with the Elf 100pc Marble Eyeshadow Palette! (Catchy right? I'd be ace at working in advertising!!!)

Elf 100pc marble eyeshadow

Today I bring you 3 whole looks! I'm sorry I'm a little behind, I have been suffering bad with migraines this week and sadly migraines and iPads do not mix. (Any migraine combatting tips welcome on a postcard, or in the usual way in the comments below) 

Back to the matter at hand:

Day 12 - Flower Fairy 

Elf 100pc marble eyshadow palette
Elfs 100pc marble eyeshadow palette

With coachella fever hitting social media by storm with everyone talking about the fashion and beauty, I fancied doing my own take of festi/fairy makeup. The vibrant colours are perfect for spring and summer and I love the way they blend beautifully together.

I used colours i7, g7, b1 & e7 

Day 13 - Vampire 

Elf 100pc marble eyshadow palette
Eld 100pc marble eyeshadow palette

My next look is a take on the "modern" vampire. Think twilight meets your new sexy look for a girls night out. 

To achieve this look I used colours j10, j7, e7 

Day 14 - Green with Envy 

Elf 100pc marble eyeshadow palette
Elf 100pc marble eyeshadow palette

This isn't really the kind of look I expect you to rock down in town, but for your next fancy dress party, why not mix it up with one of the seven deadly sins. You could also re work this and become a witch or poison ivy.

To achieve this look I blended colours: a6, j6, i6, j10 & b5

If you'd like any tutorials on any of the looks achieved so far with the Elf 100pc marble eyeshadow palette, just let me know in the comments below, you can also catch up with my previous looks here!

Until Next Time 

B x 

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