100 Looks in 100 days – Day 4

Hey, so here’s day 4 of my Elf 100 looks in 100 days challenge using the Elf 100pc marble eyeshadow palette. 

If you haven’t already seen where all of this began and seen my other looks, check them out here!
Please let me know what you think of all my looks so far and remember that I am not a makeup artist, I am just a girl who likes to play around with makeup, photography and editing! On the subject of editing I would like to add a new disclaimer to my photos that yes, these photos have been edited with filters and had their brightness altered as for the fantasy segment of my challenge I wanted to make the photos look like you’ve ripped them from the pages of a magazine. Sadly I’ve had various people calling me out about the use of ‘Photoshop’ and whilst the photos are slightly edited it’s not for my own self gratification, it’s to make the photos look more professional and make them more exciting for you to look at. 
Now that’s out of the way, onto my next look 🙂 
Midas Touch – Day 4 
I adore gold makeup, it’s my all time favourite look and so it was a given that I would create this look eventually in 100 days. 
Products used in this look 

– Elf tinted moisturiser
– Elf HD powder
– sleek contour palette
– Gold leaf 
– Elf 100pc marble palette – colours – b1, c2, c3, g3, c5 & d5 (used with water) 
I think this is my favourite look so far and I’d definitely wear this to a fancy dress party channeling a Greek goddess! 
What do you think of my 100 looks in 100 days looks so far? 
Until Next Time 
B x 

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2 responses to “100 Looks in 100 days – Day 4”

  1. WhatSheDid says:

    Thanks lovely! I don't mind too much as everyone's entitled to their opinion, but felt I may as well address the issue so people can see where I'm coming from 🙂 thanks for keeping up with the posts and commenting! Xx

  2. WhatSheDid says:

    Thanks lovely! The funniest thing is on the latest one it was only a brightness alteration! Ah well 🙂 thanks for keeping up with all my posts! X

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