100 Looks in 100 days – Elf Marble Eyeshadow Palette

If you read my posts you’ll already know I’m a big fan of Elf Cosmetics, I think their items are affordable, easy to use and versatile. About 2 months ago I purchased the Elf 100pc Marble Eye shadow Palette and I am still yet to use it to its full potential. It cost £15 but I got it on one of their amazing 50% of sales which I think is a complete bargain considering you get 100 eye shadows!! 

I have decided that to make full use of my palette I am going to create 100 looks in 100 days, as a new feature that will run alongside my usual blogs. Some are going to be out there and others will be ones that you can use everyday, but I wanted to show how versatile this palette really is. Dare I say it, if you can nail 100 looks with this palette, you might never need another palette again!! 
Space age – Day 1

Now I’m not suggesting that you wear this look round the supermarket (however if you do, kudos to you, you’re rocking at life) but for all you festival and fancy dress lovers this look is just the ticket! I drew my inspiration for this look from a makeup artist called Karla Powell. She is by far my favourite makeup artist and creates beautiful looks that are out of this world. If you’ve never heard of her, go check out her Instagram @karlapowellmua. On her look she used a lot of huge glitter to create a truly incredible look. I drew inspiration to create what I hope is an other worldly look.
How I created it

I created a flawless base using Elfs tinted moisturiser (it only cost me 75p, told you it was reasonable!!) and used their high definition powder to gift the look a soft finish. 
Next I used Sellotape to create a triangle around my eye. I used colours a10 & b10 as a base and used the Elf eyeshadow primer to keep them in place. I blended in colours b9, i9 & j8 to create a pretty blended eye. I use some more of the primer to blend the look together and then applied some silver glitter. Once it was all applied I carefully removed the tape and finished off the edges with a concealer brush and seventeen 18 hour stay concealer. 
I used the black j10 colour to contour the brows and give them a statement look.
To create the lip I applied a lip balm and used colours a10 & j10 to line and blended inwards for an ombré effect. I added more balm to create a further adhesive and applied some glitter.
I chose to use small flecks of glitter as I wanted a silver leaf feel to the look which I feel this look achieves. 
What do you think of my Day 1 look using elf cosmetics 100pc marble eyeshadow palette? 

Would you rock this look? Let me know in the comments below!! 
Until Next Time
B x 

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