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Right, I’m not going to moan, because that would make me a hypocrite, but it’s really hard to moan about people moaning without sounding like you’re moaning, yes?

Did I just use moan/moaning 4 times in one sentence? Yes I did, because quite frankly, I need a good moan. 
I’ve been blogging now for almost a year and I feel like for the past month the joy and love we share for eachother is dwindling. Blogging is both competitive and hard work, so why are we adding being judgemental, horrid & down right rude to eachother in the mix?! 
I wanted to invent a new blogger tag, called share the love to encourage us all to give a blogger friend a little pick me up. This can be 3 newbies you’ve been loving, someone you consider a blogger friend or just a blog you really love to read! 
Link 3 of your favourite bloggers, with 3 reasons why you love each of them. Either for their blog content and style, or their personality. 
I think it would be really nice to spread a little joy again and give eachother a little pick me up, so I’m going to get the ball rolling! 
Becky Brown – Becky b Blog – http://beckybrown91.blogspot.com/

1. I feel like you are now a true friend, I can talk to you whatever the time of day about silly things and serious things. 
2. I’m loving watching your blog grow and your comedy/tag videos make me laugh every time! 
3. You always know how to make me smile & I have loads of fun planning future meet up adventures with you! 
Beth – Beauty in Beta – http://beautyinbeta.co.uk/

1. You give me honest critism and advice! Remember those blurry/over loud music videos. You guys would still have to grin & bare those if it wasn’t for this ladies honest advice! 
2. You support me through all my crazy ideas, like #vloggerschat & 100 looks in 100 days posts & we’ve chatted from pretty much the day I set up twitter!  
3. You’re a genuinely nice person. Screw the haters, screw what they think! You’re so lovely. 
Suzie – Hello October – http://www.hello-october.com/

1. Possibly my all time favourite blogger, You’re also my favourite youtuber, I love the style of your videos!
2. We haven’t properly spoken, but I feel like your blog has a really personal touch. 
3. You always reach out to your readers on twitter, even though you have masses of followers!!  I like that 🙂 
And that’s it! Make someone’s day, make them smile. Let’s give this new tag a whirl! I tag these 3 girls and all of you to make someone happy!! 
Until Next Time 
B x 

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  1. Three fantastic people & blogger here 🙂 Great post

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