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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

100 looks in 100 days - Days 48, 49, 50 & 51

Were hitting the half way mark in this post in my 100 looks in 100 days posts with the elf 100pc marble eyeshadow palette. 

Day 48 - Peacock

This look was inspired by the beautiful bird that is the peacock. I blended colours B9, I9 & C5 together and mixing them with water. 

Day 49 - Goth

This is probably one of my favourite looks that I have created so far. I really want to go to a fancy dress party or masquerade just so I can pull this look out! I used colours I8, J8 & J 10 mixed with water which gives a real depth to the colours in the palette. 

Day 50 - Golden girl

This look was inspired by the antlers of a deer, but hopefully more pretty. I can imagine this paired with a gorgeous floaty  Grecian dress for a summer masquerade party. I used colours c1, c5 & c3. 

Day 51 - Frozen 

I don't think I really need to explain what frozen could possibly be inspired by. I wanted to make my face look frosty and cold. I used colours B9 & F9 over a max factor cream eyeshadow for a frosty look. 

Thanks so much for following all my looks this far! It's been really fun and the elf cosmetics 100pc marble eyeshadow palette is a pleasure to use! For all of these looks I used a wet brush and If you have a palette I recommend you give it a whirl, it gives the colours a new lease of life and makes the colour pigments really shine through!

Until Next Time 

B x 


Monday, 26 May 2014

Clarins Colours of Brazil Collection

My name is Bethany and I am an addict. A Clarins skincare addict that is!! I literally can't get enough of the stuff. My love affair started in January when I grabbed a few bits in the sale and got some freebies too. A little tip for anyone wishing to try Clarins for the first time, wait until they have one of their free gift special offers, they are the best. If you just can't wait then I'm here to tell you about one of their new collections that got me even more excited! 

Girls everywhere you may rejoice, this summer whilst the boys are off watching boring football the lovely people at clarins have given us something to celebrate in the form of their Colours of Brazil collection. It caught my eye whilst I was perusing the Clarins counter in House of Fraser the other day, and it was love at first sight!! The colours just scream summer and I can't wait to get my hands on a few more bits! 

First I opted for the Colours of Brazil bronzed palette which is embossed with a South African inspired motif, which makes it so unusual and is almost too nice to use. With mixes of stunning terracotta and browns it blends beautifully and instantly warms my pale skin. 

Also from the collection I have my eye on the Colours of Brazil Quartet & Eyeliner Palette. A palette of four subtle summery eyeshadows and a popping bright blue gel liner which has me mezmerised. Picking between the two was a hard decision, but I vowed I would be back for the eye palette, when the budget allows. 

My Second purchase was another new item from Clarins. Following on from the pack it was only a matter of time before these appeared at the Clarins counter and I can't wait to add a few more in various colours to my collection. 

The texture is creamy and hydrating and I would happily wear this all day long! 

I haven't tried any Clarins makeup before but after these two purchases I can tell that it will be a love affair that lasts. If this is an addiction, then there's no way I'm going to Makeup Addiction Anonymous because these products are just too good to give up!! 

Have you got your eyes on any of the pieces from the Clarins Colours of Brazil collection?

Until Next Time 

B x 

(All products featured are available from the house of Fraser website. Bronzer: £30, Eye Palette: £32 & Lip crayon £18.) 

Friday, 23 May 2014

100 looks in 100 days - Days 44,45,46 & 47

There will always be obstacles in life and my 100 looks in 100 days challenge with the Elf 100pc Marble Eyeshadow Palette is no exception. The hours needed to do these looks adds a challenge in itself, along with ideas and at the moment a sheer lack of wifi and signal. 

Having no wifi in itself for a blogger is challenge enough, but pair that with no signal and a blogger may go crazy. I feel so out of the loop and along with technical trouble for this segment I bring you something all together happier. My Disney princess eye looks. These were all shot on my phone due to being unable to find my camera charger (damn you moving and unpacking) but I hope you will enjoy them none the less!

Day 44 - Cinderella 

Day 45 - Jasmine 

Day 46 - Rapunzel 

Day 47 - Elsa 

And as I finish this I am holding my hand out of the window in the hope of 3G signal big enough to press publish!

Until Next Time 

B x 


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

#vloggerschat 21/5

Another week, another #vloggerschat. This week hosted by the lovely jess over @CoffeeCosmetics! 

The topic this week is for all you beginners and early starters out there and for anyone who wants a little more help! 

The qs are as follows: 

Q1. What tips would you give to people who are just starting out? 

Q2. What do you think makes a good Youtube video?

Q3. What should people not do when making a youtube video? 

Q4. What editing software and video cameras do you recommend? 

I hope you'll all join us 8-9pm for what promises to be a fab chat! 

Also a special thanks to the ladies last week who kept #vloggerschat going in my absence! Incase you hadn't already heard (with all my moving related tweets recently though, if you haven't, where have you been?!) I've moved house and I have no wifi (I know, shed a tear for me!!) and very little signal so I was unable to get it going. So thanks so much for keeping the hashtag alive & well! 

Until next time

B x

Sunday, 18 May 2014

100 looks in 100 days - Days 39,40,41,42 & 43

As I write this I'm walking in glorious sunshine from my new house to work. I'm taking advantage of the 3G that has now appeared after a massive lack of signal and wifi in my new place.

Today's post is rather a picture heavy post of my latest looks, so sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy yourself, 

Day 39 - double wing 

Day 40 - sunset 

Day 41- peacock 

Day 42 - turquoise liber 

Day 43 - smokey eye 

I'm sorry for the short and sweet post but I really want to keep up with these posts and so with a lack of Internet this is the best way possible. I hope you enjoy. 

Until Next Time 

B x 

Friday, 16 May 2014

The Versatile Maxi Dress

Every wardrobe should have a Maxi Dress, it is the staple of summer. There is a style out there for everyone. Tall or small, slim or curvy there will be a maxi dress out there for you. 

I was recently sent this beautiful maxi dress by House of Fraser. 

Simple, yet elegant and in my favourite colour of the moment, grey, it's hard not to love this Vero Moda dress which is available for a bargain £12 here!.* 

 It's almost summer time and with that comes the day dreams of warmer climates. The struggle of a holiday is knowing what to pack. With this cute maxi dress, you can take it easily from day to night with just a few simple accessories. 


During the day keep it simple for the beach with a super stylish bag like this gorgeous patterned tote also from House of Fraser*  from the Ollie + Nic collection which you can get on sale at just £14.40 here!


In the evening dress it up with a statement necklace, some killer wedges and a sparkly clutch bag and you're good to go!

What's your summer must have? 

Until Next Time 

B x 

(Disclaimer: The house of Fraser items featured in this post were gifted to me, however I chose the items myself from the House of Fraser website to my personal tastes.)


Monday, 12 May 2014

100 Looks in 100 days - Days 36, 37 & 38

A short and sweet post of the latest three looks from my 100 looks in 100 days with the Elf 100pc Marble Eyeshadow palette. I'm busy packing to move so I'm afraid you'll have to forgive the picture heavy post!

Were carrying on the theme of 'all about eyes.' 

Emerald - Day 36

Spring fling - Day 37 

Rainbow Liner - Day 38 

I am moving house on Wednesday and so I shall try my very best to keep up with all my looks, but I'm going to have a lack of Internet which may make things difficult, but I'll let you all know as SOON as they're up.

Until Next Time

B x 


Friday, 9 May 2014

Cosmo Blog awards 14

I wasn't sure I was even going to enter the Cosmo blog awards, but when I thought about how far I'd come in the last year, I decided why not?

I'd love it if you could nominate me in the Cosmopolitan blog awards 14 under the Best New Beauty Blog & Next Presents - Best newcomer categories. 

I know that there are some amazing blogs out there and I'd be amazed to even be shortlisted, but it would really mean a lot for me if each of my readers could head on over to cosmos website and vote for me. 

I can't thank you all enough for the support you've all given me for the last year alone and as What She Did grows I know that you'll all be there for the ride! 

My blog is 1 in just a few weeks and it amazes me how much time has flown since I started and how my blog has developed, I love it so much and it has become almost like my baby that I am watching grow day by day and so it would really mean a lot to me if you could nominate me and help my little corner of the web get some recognition and a little boost in the right direction. 

Until Next Time 

B x 


100 looks in 100 days - Days 33,34 & 35

We are storming through these looks like wildfire! I'm already a third of the way through my 100 looks in 100 days challenge with the Elf 100pc Marble Eyeshadow Palette. I can't believe it! I have so much support, retweets and lovely comments so I just wanted to say thanks for that. I'm not a makeup artist or a makeup guru or anything like that. I'm just a girl who really loves to play with makeup in her spare time, so to get lovely feedback like I have from you guys means a lot.

Now that the through the ages segment is over we're moving swiftly on to 'All about eyes' because after all, this palette is all about the eyes. 

Day 33 - Burning fire 

I achieved this look using the models own 5 piece brush set and colours H1, B5 & J10. For this look I wanted to create a heavy eye look that made you think of a burning fire. 

Day 34 - Under the sea 

This look is a little more subtle. I always find blue shadows hard to wear, so I wanted to create a pretty look that made it easy for you to try and in a look that you could happily wear during the day or glam up into the evening. For this I used colours: G1, B9, J9 & J10 .

Day 35 - Maleficent Inspired 

With the film premiere taking place I couldn't resist having a go at my own Maleficent inspired eye makeup. I used colours D6, I8, J8, J6 and then finished the look off with glitter. I'm really pleased with how this turned out. It's like Maleficent goes glamour! 

I hope you enjoy these latest looks and give some of these a whirl for yourself. If you haven't already picked up a palette or have one but haven't yet braved anything more than the golds and pinks, I hope my posts are inspiring you to get one and give some out side of the box looks a go!

Until next time

B x 


Wednesday, 7 May 2014

What She Wears Wednesday!

Hey everyone! So I thought I would start a little personal style feature every Wednesday showcasing my favourite outfit from that week! 

I haven't been shopping in ages for clothes so a lot of the items will be from the deep dark depths of my wardrobe! 

Today's particular outfit came to me when my boyfriend left his shirt behind. I took one glance at it and thought, this is a double denim kind of day! 

I decided to pair his topman denim shirt with my customised ripped topshop jeans and my favourite Kurt Geiger boots! 

I loved it that much that here I am jumping for joy at my outfit selection ;) 

I got a new tripod and so it means I can have much more fun with my outfit photos now and my video lookbooks! 

I'm thinking of putting together a holiday/summer lookbook in the coming months, so let me know if you'd like to see that too. 

What do you think? Can I get away with stealing all my boys clothes?! 

Until Next Time 

B x 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

DIY Pastel Hair

I love pastel coloured hair, but I cant stand the commitment of a permanent pastel colour and I also can't have it for work as my look has to remain professional. Occasionally I like to do something a bit different with my hair and so I came up with a super duper easy way to create your own pastel hair colour that washes straight out and looks awesome to boot! 

To create this look you will need Rimmel Stay blushed liquid cheek tint, or an eyeshadow colour of your choice. You will need either a hair soufflé or low hold gel & either a hair dye brush or a cheap foundation brush like this Primark one I'm using here.

Take a bowl and mix a solution from the blusher and hair soufflĂ© and simply brush it over either your whole head or the ends of your hair. It will be quite thick and gloopy, so use it sparingly, but don't worry too much as we will be brushing it out slightly later. 

Next take a hair dryer and dry all over until the hair "sets," now take a brush, I prefer to use a round bristle brush and brush you hair all over. Once the hair is dry you can style it as normal.

The results

A really pretty, funky change to your hair and you don't even have to leave the house to go to the shop to fetch supplies! You can use pretty much anything you might already have at home. Anything with Colours of a high pigment are best.

Think you'd be willing to give this pastel coloured hair look a whirl? 

Until Next Time 

B x 

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