Clarins Colours of Brazil Collection

My name is Bethany and I am an addict. A Clarins skincare addict that is!! I literally can’t get enough of the stuff. My love affair started in January when I grabbed a few bits in the sale and got some freebies too. A little tip for anyone wishing to try Clarins for the first time, wait until they have one of their free gift special offers, they are the best. If you just can’t wait then I’m here to tell you about one of their new collections that got me even more excited! 

Girls everywhere you may rejoice, this summer whilst the boys are off watching boring football the lovely people at clarins have given us something to celebrate in the form of their Colours of Brazil collection. It caught my eye whilst I was perusing the Clarins counter in House of Fraser the other day, and it was love at first sight!! The colours just scream summer and I can’t wait to get my hands on a few more bits! 

First I opted for the Colours of Brazil bronzed palette which is embossed with a South African inspired motif, which makes it so unusual and is almost too nice to use. With mixes of stunning terracotta and browns it blends beautifully and instantly warms my pale skin. 
Also from the collection I have my eye on the Colours of Brazil Quartet & Eyeliner Palette. A palette of four subtle summery eyeshadows and a popping bright blue gel liner which has me mezmerised. Picking between the two was a hard decision, but I vowed I would be back for the eye palette, when the budget allows. 
My Second purchase was another new item from Clarins. Following on from the pack it was only a matter of time before these appeared at the Clarins counter and I can’t wait to add a few more in various colours to my collection. 

The texture is creamy and hydrating and I would happily wear this all day long! 

I haven’t tried any Clarins makeup before but after these two purchases I can tell that it will be a love affair that lasts. If this is an addiction, then there’s no way I’m going to Makeup Addiction Anonymous because these products are just too good to give up!! 
Have you got your eyes on any of the pieces from the Clarins Colours of Brazil collection?

Until Next Time 
B x 
(All products featured are available from the house of Fraser website. Bronzer: £30, Eye Palette: £32 & Lip crayon £18.) 

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