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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Look 100! I did It!!

It's here! The day we finally hit look 100 and what a long road it's been! 

The Elf 100pc Marble Eyeshadow palette has served me well and all of the colours are a little more than well loved! Such a bargain for 100 colours and I hope I've shown that the possibilities really are endless! 

I want to take a little moment to thank everyone for their endless support. Through re tweets, comments, faves on twitter & Instagram, you really have been amazing! Some days I have looked at the Palette and wondered what I could come up with but the feedback you guys have given me has been fantastic and kept me going to come up with more ideas! 

A special thanks to Elf for creating such a fabulous palette to keep all us beauty buffs occupied and for their endless support through retweeting my never ending wittering about my looks. 

I am just a girl, who loves to play around with makeup. I am not trained, I have no experience, but I have had the most fun any girl could wish for and I truly have been in my element when brainstorming ideas and bringing them to life! 

So without further adieu, here's look 100. 

Day 100 - Mermaid Princess


I hope you love my final look, it took me a long time to think of what I wanted to create and with a bit of pva glue, glitter and the elf palette I give to you my take on a mermaid princess. 

What should I get up to next? 

Farewell 100 looks posts...I'm off to wash some brushes. 

Until Next Time 

B x 


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  1. Yay! Congrats!! :) Gorgeous post! :) Now my timeline will be free of your spam ;) I joke, massively! Well done! xxx


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