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Monday, 25 August 2014

30 Years of Love // My parents story

Today my parents celebrate 30 years of marriage. A great feat for any couple. I know they occasionally have a little nosey at my blog and so I thought I'd like to write a little post about them, as a way of thanking them for being the best parents any child could wish for.


My mum and dad met on a blind date on a bridge, not really the stuff of romance novels and yet here they are 30 odd years on nagging and laughing with eachother as if no time has passed. 

They've had more than their fare share of struggles. My mum grew very sick and at one stage, none of us, including her, were sure that she would make it out the other side. But through the nights of crying and hope and willing her to get better, she did, and with dad by her side every step of the way, you wouldn't even know she had ever been that Ill.


They have both helped eachother through their personal struggles and family ups and downs and they still stand stronger than ever. 

I couldn't tell you what the secret is behind a love like theirs, but I hope that I have a sweetheart that I can be with and look back on 30 years of happy marriage with and they are a true inspiration. 


As children, me and my sister and brother could not have hoped for more understanding, kind and generous parents, who can give you a big kick up the backside when you need it and yet be there to cuddle you when it all comes tumbling down and for that I know all three of us are truly grateful. 


Here's to you Mum and Dad and here's to 30 more happy and silly years to come. 

Until Next Time 

B x 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

My Fantasy Wardrobe Tag.

Imagine, money is no object, the world is your oyster, with brands and designers falling at your feet to wear your clothes. What would you wear, who would you pick?

I was sat daydreaming away today and I decided that this scenario would make a great tag, after all us beauty and fashion bloggers love a good wishlist and it's always fun to dream big. 

So I present to you, the My Fantasy Wardrobe tag. Go on treat yourself, even if it's only in your mind! 

1. You need a new pair of heels for an event, what do you go for? I still haven't got over those Giuseppe Zanotti angel wing heels. Everytime I see them I get excited about how beautiful they are. They'd be super versatile for future events as well. I know they're old news, but I just can't let them go! 

2. Your work wardrobe needs updating, pick 5 key pieces for autumn

Zara always has the best autumn workwear picks, here's my top five, online now: 


Flat elastic chelsea boot: 49.99 GBP, 
Two-tone square cut jumper: 25.99 GBP, Pencil skirt with side zips: 29.99 GBP, Checked skinny trousers: 35.99 GBP, Structured coat with pockets: 79.99 GBP

3. You've been invited to a ball in paris, you'll obviously need a dress and have a designer on speed dial, who is it? Without a doubt, it would be Elie Saab. His designs are the most beautiful creations! 

4. Which dress do you pick? 
I'd find it really hard to pick from his designs, but I love his Lacey and glitter designs. Something that would fit to my figure, hell, if money is no object I'd go couture "daaaahhhling." 

5. A designer says you're their new muse for their latest handbag, who is it and what does the bag look like? 

I'd have to go for a Mulberry, I've always wanted to own one of their handbags and to have one made and named after you would be an absolute dream! 

It would be a satchel, with a shoulder strap, classic in style with tassels in a deep red cranberry colour. Perfect for autumn/winter and I definitely don't do black handbags! 

I hope you enjoyed my answers and are now dreaming of your fantasy wardrobe!! 

I tag Gabriella from loveablevogue, Megan from Thumbelina Lillie, Natasha from A Design Rookie & Liza Prideux from Glam Beautys. 

Can't wait to see what you come up with guys! 

Until Next Time 

B x 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Ethereal Makeup for Pale Skin.

It's taken me a long time to embrace my pale skin. Often feeling white as a sheet, I feel self conscious if I have to reveal my legs in public untanned and "pasty," but the older I am getting the more I am starting to embrace my pale skin.

Today I wanted to show you a look I often wear inspired by etheral brides, the kind you see in wedding magazines. This look is perfect for us pale girls as it makes the best of our features and shows off our soft English rose skin! 


Product list: 

- Nars Sheer Glow, Mont Blanc
- Nars Sheer Powder, Snow 
- Laura Mercier Full coverage concealer, 0.5

- Elf mineral eyeshadow, sweet
- Clarins wonder perfect mascara, black
- Rimmel white eyeliner 

Cheeks, Lips & Brows
- Hourglass Ambient lighting blush, diffused heat
- Elf Supershine lipgloss, godess
- Elf eyebrow kit, Light 


- Apply a small dot of nars sheer glow onto your chin, cheeks and forehead. 
- Buff into skin with the elf professional Complexion brush until blended. 
- Apply three small dots of Laura Mercier concealer on to dark circles around the eye with your index finger. 
- Dust your face with Nars sheer powder in snow with the elf professional powder brush. Buff gently. 
- Take the elf professional blusher brush and apply Hourglass Ambient lighting blush in a circular motion on your cheek bones, apply two layers and buff out gently with the elf professional powder blush. 
- Line your eyes with the rimmel white eyeliner and apply the Elf mineral eyeshadow using your index finger. 
- Brush your brows with an Elf spoolie and apply the darkest colour from the elf eyebrow palette to line around your brows using a sharp angled eyeliner brush, fill them in using the darkest colour at the end and graduating to the paler powder. 
- Apply Clarins Wonderperfect mascara to your lashes. 
- And finally finish of your look with the perfect pout by applying the Elf Supershine Lipgloss in goddess. 

I absolutely love this look as it's something you can wear everyday or vamp up slightly with a red lip for an evening. 

What's your go to makeup look? 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Perfect 48hrs in Ibiza

Swimwear365 have set me the challenge of creating my perfect 48hrs in Ibiza.

Day 1. 
Having never been to Ibiza, I'd want to soak up all the fun, sun & adventures that it has to offer, but I'd ease myself in gently by first checking in at the Aquas De Ibiza, a luxury boutique spa hotel. I'd head with my bestie to the spa to be truly pampered from top to toe! 

Once our transformation was finished I'd throw on my favourite swimwear365 bikini and drag my friend to the beach for an afternoon of sun, frolics and amazing cocktails at the Bora Bora beach club. Whilst we chatted and relaxed we'd take a break for some delicious food and then head back to the hotel! 

We'd get all dressed up in Ibiza designer KurruKurru. Their latest hippy designs make for the perfect boho party wear. Once we were ready we'd party on down at some of the best party spots Ibiza has to offer until the early hours. 

Day 2. 
After a soothing morning in the spa, I'd head off to see what sights ibiza has to offer. Known for its none stop partying, it's all too easy to forget that Ibiza is beautiful too. 

I love to shop and so I'd head to the must see Hippy Markets which shows a variety of batik wraps, trinkets and East Asian jewellery. 

After a spot of shopping, we'd head to the Can Marca caves which offers breathtaking views as you enter a multi level ancient route. At the heart you are treated to a spectacular music and light show which sounds truly captivating! 

After this we'd return to ibizas buzzing port area for more cocktails and take in the sights before bidding a begrudging farewell and heading home. 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Thursday, 14 August 2014

Why University isn't the only option...


It's results day; for some that means happy tears, celebration drinks, party time and the relief that they have made the cut into the university they wanted. 

This time every year, with exam results flowing in, it opens what I like to think of as the "great university debate," where well meaning people, be it friends or family or bloggers alike tell you what you should or shouldn't be doing. I'm going to try and steer clear of lecturing in this post, but I wanted to share my own personal experience, or what I can remember, and you'll have to bare with me, because it was six long years ago! 

My own experience:

The memory that sticks with me the most out of everything at my time at college, was when it was time to make our university choices, I went to a career advisor as I wasn't really feeling university and the idea of further education filled me with mind numbing boredom and dread, only to be told "we're only dealing with university applicants right now, so you'll have to come back later." What is the use of a careers office, if not to help you when you are crying out for help in a direction for your career? 

Having failed to gain any help with my life choices I took the easy way out and signed up for a combined course in sociology & politics at universities that I felt would please my parents and take me closer to my boyfriend at the time. (My first mistake.) 

When I realised my mistake I cancelled my whole UCAS application and decided to take a year out, I tapped up my hours at Argos, where I'd held a weekend job for years and I felt comfortable again. 

When results day came around, although I was nervous, I felt the pressure was off, I needed good results for the following year when I decided to re apply, but if not, I had a year and I could relax. (Second mistake.) 

I did pass my A levels with grades I was really happy with and that would get me into a good university the following year. All was well until my friends started to leave for their exciting journeys to university and I felt alone. 

I trudged along for a year awaiting the time when I could go to university so I was reunited & accepted by my peers, because after all, their comments of "you'll only work in a shop forever if you don't go to university" had never felt more true. 

When it finally came around I had accepted a course in Drama and theatre, something I had decided I would love to do. I could figure out the career aspect later, after all I was only 19 and had years to make a proper decision. 

The truth was, I didn't really enjoy it. I made some good friends, but the course lacked proper direction, I found it hard to complete tasks on time and I struggled with a social life/work balance. Whilst I don't regret the life experience it gave me, I wish I'd realised this earlier and left in the first year when I had the chance.

Instead I trudged on into the second year and when Christmas finally came I decided enough was indeed enough. Problems with family illness drew my heart home even further and I just couldn't bare it anymore, every day at university felt like a failure as everyone else was taking it in their stride and for some reason, I just wasn't. I left and arrived home to the most understanding parents a child could wish for. I immediately took on my old job and started to look for more stable full time work. 

I sent out around 20 applications and waited. I interviewed for an internship in an old peoples home and one other job and eventually got the second.

It was back in retail, but in a high end environment with prospects to advance and further my prospects. 

I'm now studying for my National Association of Goldsmiths Jewellery Education Training and will be finished by the end of this year with a qualification fit for the sector I work in. 

I look forward to my job everyday and as I spend time nurturing my career, the prospects only get better. 

I have just moved in with my boyfriend and we live in a lovely apartment, I blog as a hobby, spend time with good friends and I work my arse off in between, but life is good. 

I guess what I am trying to tell you 17/18 year olds out there who have just opened the letter, university isn't the only option, I wish someone had told my 18 year old self where I'd be now, so she wouldn't spend those sleepless nights wondering what the hell she was going to do. 

So I say to you, take your letter, and if you got what you wanted and are on your way to university, fantastic, well done and good luck. 

But if not, work hard, be true to yourself and never, ever give up. You might not get there right away, but as in the great old tale goes "slow and steady wins the race."

Until Next Time

B x 


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

What She Wears Wednesday // Feat Crystal Lily

Hey everyone, I'm super excited to show you my new video and lookbook with the beautiful model and blogger Crystal Lily.

This lookbook is all about summer outfits that you can wear to festivals, garden parties or just hanging out with friends at a BBQ. 

Here's a few photos from the day & also a video lookbook below: 





Crystals blog is over at: 
Where she will be posting more photos of her looks and you can follow all her exciting adventures! 

Would you like to see more collabs and lookbooks with crystal? 

Until Next Time 

B x 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

#Vloggerschat 7/8

It's that time of week again when we all join together under #vloggerschat! This week we've got a fabulous host in Lola who's taking all about a good balancing act! 

Hosted by: @Lolaslittleblog

Topic: Balancing work and YouTube. 


Q1 how do schedule time to film/edit content?
Q2 how do you keep Motivated whilst not draining yourself? 
Q3 what's the best piece of advice you can give for finding a balance?
Q4 how do you keep your Content fresh and viewers engaged? 
Q5 what type of videos do you find easiest to film whilst juggling full time work/studying?

Can't wait to see you all there 8-9pm over on Lola's twitter! 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

What She Wears Wish list!

Back when I used to start blogging, wish lists were a saviour. For some reason when the ideas started flowing I forgot all about them, maybe due to being sent items and maybe due to just going out and buying things when I wanted them.

Since I've moved house, I've had more financial responsibilities and so the willy nilly spending has had to cut back a little and since if I did a what she wears Wednesday every week, you'd see me in the same outfit countless times, I decided it was time to shake it up. 

I'm going to do a high street store spotlight feature one Wednesday month which will show you all my wishes and top picks from one of my high street shops.

First up is Zara! I love zara, it just exudes endless cool and so here is my first spotlight feature, with holiday fashion in mind: 

Sight seeing - when you're sight seeing it's essential to wear comfortable items that will keep you cool. It's also great to have a reasonably sized bag to keep all of your accessories like you camera and guidebook to hand! Pop on some comfy loafers and some sunnies, combined with this gorgeous printed floaty playsuit and you're ready to see some sights! 


Markets - Lots of places when you're travelling have exciting local markets with local delicacies, independently made items and clothes you won't find at home. Something like this outfit is perfect because it keeps you covered up and cool, the huge shopper is perfect for carrying all of your new purchases and the mermaid silver skirt is just Devine! 

zara fashion

Evening - keep it cool and classy with this combination of pastels and brights. The necklace adds some gorgeous sparkle and makes this evening look into a winner! 


My favourite outfit if the lot is the evening look and is right at the top of my list for my girls holiday! 

All of the items featured are available from

Which is your favourite? 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Friday, 1 August 2014

MeMeMe Cosmetics

With so many makeup brands appearing on the block recently, I was quite excited when the information about MeMeMe cosmetics landed in my email inbox, and when I was offered the chance to try some of their products I thought I'd take one for the team ;)

I was sent a few goodies with perfect summer colours and so I couldn't wait to get stuck in. Below I've included a short tutorial on a summer look, swatches and my thoughts on the bits I tried! 

Products & Swatches

 Ocean Eyes Quad.

First on the table is the ocean eyes quad, four mermaidesque shades that will leave you feeling pool ready in one sweep. The colours are highly pigmented and I love their shimmer. They blend beautifully and I love that you can use them wet or dry, whilst I probably wouldn't have picked these colours off up the shelf, they really go with my bluey green eyes and I'll definitely be using them more often. The palette is available for £6.50. 

Conceal & Perfect, Coral Blossom and Boho Balm.

Boho Balm - Coral Taupe - This pretty cheek and lip tint can be used combined or you can wear each colour alone. My favourite is the coral, which is the perfect match for my pale skin. The texture is creamy and soft and lasts for about an hour/2 hours. Available for £6.50. 

Cheek & Lip tint - Coral Blossom - the packaging on this one is a strange one for me, it looks like a nail varnish, kind of feels like a nail varnish, but it gives a really pretty flush of colour and smooths nicely onto the skin. Available for £5.50.

Conceal & Perfect - Buff - this is my favourite product of the lot! At first sight I thought the shade would be too dark for my pale skin, but once blended it's perfection. The idea that it's a kit really appeals to me, a concealer and setting powder in one, it makes this the perfect travel companion and I'll definitely be packing it in my holiday suitcase. Available for £6.99. 

The Shimmer Stack 

A multi tonal bronzer and highlighter in one? I can't think of anything better and this really delivers. I've been using this over a contoured look and it really adds a beautiful flush of colour and leaves me looking sun kissed, someone even asked me if I'd been tanning the other day as I had a lovely glow, and I hadnt even touched the bottle, can't say fairer than that. Available for £9.99. 

MeMeMe also included the gorgeous black makeup bag which is available for £9.99, it's big enough to fit every day essentials and more.  

Ocean Eyes Tutorial 

Start by applying the conceal & perfect kit under your eyes and on any blemishes on the skin, apply a small blob of the coral blossom cheek & lip tint onto each cheek. Next sweep a large bronzing brush across the shimmer stack and use a contour motion around your cheek bones and up towards the outer sections of your forehead. Blend the lightest colour of the quad across your lid and blend the deeper colours into the crease. Finish the look off with a swipe of boho balm across your lips and you're good to go. 

My Overall Thoughts

I really like this collection from MeMeMe Cosmetics and I'm glad I got to try it out. I feel like this is the perfect brand for gifts and also for a little payday treat. The prices are reasonable and all of the products are nice textures, highly pigmented and really good value for money. 

MeMeMe cosmetics will be launching in House of Fraser this August, so ladies (and gents), get it whilst it's hot! 

Until Next Time 

B x 

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