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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Popcherry - The grown up Lucky dip!

Recently I stumbled upon the brand POPCHERRY and I must say I have fallen in love. I've always had a bit of a thing for Australian fashion and I have the Australian beauties of instagram to thank for that. 

Sadly I don't have endless beaches, but I can get my hands on their fashion. 

I love a good suprise and so when I found out that they sold mystery wardrobe I couldn't wait. 

For just $69.99 (Aud) which is around £40 in the UK Popcherry will select 5 items from their website and post them off to you. (Free off charge when you spend $50+) A bit like a lucky bag for grown ups. How exciting is that?! 

When my parcel arrived I couldn't wait to tear it open and see what I had inside and I have to say I actually love every item sent! 

Which beauty blogger couldn't fall in love with this tongue in cheek "it's not you, it's your eyebrows" slogan jumper. Perfect for lounging around the house or making a statement on the days you feel more brave. 

I absolutely adore the print on this dress. It's not quite graffiti, not quite Galaxy print and the cross over wrap skirt made me fall in love and I can't wait to wear it on my next night out. 

There is NO way I would have thought myself to order this skirt, but it fits like a dream and gives me the perkiest little bum ever! How could a girl not be happy with that. 

I must admit this dress is a little on the shorter side and so it's not for the faint hearted, but I can definitely see me wearing it on a night out, or layering it up under a skirt. 

I looked everywhere for a white playsuit for my holiday and couldn't find one I liked. When this one arrived I couldn't have been happier as it is the perfect, it's not fitted and feels floaty and girly which is right up my street and I love the crocheted lace look on the collar and bottom of the shorts. 

All in all I was really suprised with how much I really liked all the items that arrived and I was amazed at the value of the items. I totted up the prices of the idividual items on the website and found I'd saved myself £20-30, not bad at all in my book! 

If you like the sound of the mystery bundles you can get your hands on one at or if that isn't up your street then they still have lots of beautiful items up for grabs. 

All the items featured in this post were purchased with my hard earned pennies! I hope you enjoyed it. 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Sunday, 21 September 2014

My Holiday Makeup - Guest Post

The type of makeup up that I take with my on holiday is hugely dependant on where I'm going. A hot climate demands the best primer, foundation and setting powder on the planet! Whereas if I am just going across the water to London for the weekend, my makeup regime hardly changes. When I go on holiday, I tend to use a lot less makeup as I don't like my skin feeling heavy and greasy. Not only that, how am I supposed to get any sort of tan if my face is caked? Holiday time is the best time to let your skin breathe!


Now I'm no expert but I'm guessing the wax dummy look is kind of not in fashion. No one wants to look like they have escaped from Madame Tussauds! This is where the bareMinerals Prime Time primercomes in. If I am being totally honest I don't wear primer everyday simply because I don't feel like I need it. At the moment I only work part time so I have makeup on for about 5 hours each day, that isn't enough time for my skin to get mega oily! It's a different story on holidays though, the humidity literally makes makeup melt off my face! Primers create a barrier between the makeup and skin so it also help prevent clogged pores. The less chance of breakouts on holidays the better! I have only ever tried two primers in my life, this one and a Boots No7 one (which I didn't like) I love it when you find a product that you are 100% happy with and I will re-purchase this one over and over again. Whatever primer you use just make sure you take it with you on holidays, you'll need it! 


Although difficult and time consuming to achieve, I am a fan of the 'flawless and airbrushed' look. The only way I can achieve this is by using a liquid foundation like Revlon Colorstay that completely smoothes out my skin and imperfections. I must admit, when I was younger this was a confidence thing for me. The older I get, the less I care what people think and my makeup regime has almost changed completely. Instead of wearing heavy liquid makeup all day everyday, I now just wear it on special occasions or on night's out! My new found love is the bareMinerals READY foundation. I especially love a foundation like for holidays as the powder prevents your skin from getting too oily and it lasts longer than liquid. Especially when it's teamed with a quality primer and matt powder. Not only that, when i am on holiday I have better and more important things to be doing other than applying my makeup! it takes minutes to apply this and I love the 'natural' look of it on my face.


It is without a doubt that I resemble a milk bottle and I just stand out like a big British sore thumb on holiday in amongst everyone else's tan skin! The bareMinerals Warmth is a 'one size fits all' bronzer so it suits ANY skin tone. (hurrah! so you definitely will not pick up 'the wrong colour') I have had some bad experiences with bronzers in that they were too orange and just looked false on my skin. Instead of covering up your face, Mineral Warmth enriches your skin tone and gives you a healthy summer glow! You would not believe the tiny amount that you need, the tub I have at the moment is bound to last me for ages! On holiday I will apply a small amount of this all over my face and on my collarbones to give my skin a bit more colour. Surely it's better to fake the bake rather than to errr.. bake, right? See an extended review of the warmth by clicking here.


Firstly, my camera has taken a veryyy good photo of this Laura Geller beauty, you can see the different tones in it perfectly. The Blush n' Brighten combo is perfect to take away on holiday as it is a blusher and a highlighter in one! I am not a fan of a really pink blush, I would much rather have an apricot shade as I think it is much more natural looking. I like this blush as it has a number of tones within it, so it isn't overpowering. I swipe this up my cheekbones, down the centre of my nose, on my forehead, my chin and on my collar bones. It gives me an instant holiday glow without looking too shimmery. 

And there you have it! My 4 holiday essentials to perfect glowing skin. Do you alter your makeup routine when you go on holiday?


Friday, 19 September 2014

Home Haul - Getting Settled

About three months ago I moved into my new apartment with a real live grown up boy (EW!) and whilst we both loved what we had done to it so far we both agreed that the place needed some extra TLC to get it juuuuuust right.

Last Sunday we decided it was about time we got off our bums and did something about it and so here are the results of a little sunday shopping Haul.

The Bathroom:

I love my bathroom and I love nothing more than a nice long bath, but nothing annoys me more than when it's untidy with half empty bottles on every shelf. First of all I bought the super cute Lotions & Potions wooden box to store all of those annoying bottles for £3.99 from B&M stores. Now that my bath ledges were clear I could add some lovely decorations and I fell in love with this sign from Next home for £12, because sometimes when you're sitting in a big bowl full of bubbles with a glass of wine in hand, you just need someone or a sign to remind you it's ok to relax!

The Hallway: 

Internet is the best. It really is, it connects us, it excites us, it joins us and it educates us, but sometimes the things that bring us the internet, involve a lot of pesky boxes and wires that we'd rather not have on show. Sadly our wifi box is in the hall and leaves a lot to be desired. In stepped this gorgeous table from TK Maxx for £79.99, its small, compact and best of all from above it hides all the horrible wires and electronic things, you don't want anyone to see. 

Now being a woman I couldn't have my lovely table without a few decorations, I spend my day to day life making displays look pretty and so I couldn't bare an empty table in the hallway. I opted for this super pretty White Geranium and Jasmine fragrance diffuser from Next for £12 and these beautiful Peonies in a kitsch jar with a golden ribbon for £8. 

The Bedroom: 

The OH decided that the bedroom was a little lacklustre and whilst were waiting to frame up some prints for the lounge/diner and bedroom, we wanted to add a little more colour to the house. I absolutely adore this abstract canvas from Next for £35 as the colours match perfectly with the muted blues and greys we have going on in the bedroom. 

The Lounge: 

Finally, we got our hands on the lamp we have both been lusting after for ages. I love the shape of the legs and the muted tone of the Lampshade as it matches in perfectly with our super funky table legs. 
We've been trying to get our hands on this lamp from Homebase for £59.99 since we moved in with little luck, but on Sunday it finally came home with us and I couldn't be happier. 

I'm so pleased with all of our purchases and it just goes to show how a few little decorative items can make a building feel like a home. I feel like now we're getting more settled we're really starting to put our stamp on the place and I couldn't be happier.

I hope you've enjoyed a little insight into my apartment and how its shaping up.

Until Next Time

B x


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Pastel Pics - Practicing with my Camera

Recently I've been really trying to learn how to use my camera and editing to create some gorgeous, professional looking shots after being inspired by Natasha over at A design Rookies pastel style  and I'm really getting into taking photos of other people, as it's nice change from just shooting my silly face! My photos aren't even close to her OOTD shoots, but thats the point behind having time to play around and I wanted to show you a few results.

But before I show you some of those I decided it would be fun to do a Pastel themed shoot, complete with lollies, polka dots and Cupcakes. 

Here are some of the shots from the day. I had a really fun time and it was something completely different for me. 

pastel photoshoot

I'm really pleased with some of the shots that were taken and whilst some of them may be slightly awkward now, I'm hoping in the weeks to come and spending more time with my camera, the shots will get better and I'll become a pro at OOTD and What She Wears Wednesday shoots.


Let me know if you like this kind of post and I'll continue to share a few "editorial" type posts. 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Holiday Haul - Peacocks

I don't know about you, but when someone mentions Peacocks, I often think of frumpy, older clothing and not things I'd like to get my hands on, so imagine my surprise when I was dragged in a there a few weeks ago and found not one but FOUR items of clothing that I just couldn't bare leaving behind, and all for bargain prices.

I'm off on my holidays in just under a month now and so I thought it was time to get my ass into gear and finally go and do a bit of holiday shopping. I'm trying my best not to go crazy with shopping, as were heading into autumn weather here in England and I don't want to be left with a whole ruck of new clothes that I can't wear when I get home.

Here's what I got my hands on:

  • Floppy Hat - £3.50
  • Sunglasses - £2.00
  • Flip Flops - £2.50
  • Printed Trousers - £10.00
I love all of the items I've got my hands on and can't wait to style them up with some holiday items I already have in my wardrobe. I can't get over that all of these items came to under £20.00 and bring me to another bonus of going on holiday in the autumn; you catch ALL of the summer sales. 

Keep your eyes peeled for these pieces on my Holiday Look book which will be coming out mid October and featuring in my Holiday vlogs. 

As the old saying goes "Never judge a book by its cover," I think I'll be paying Peacocks a little visit again soon. 

What bargains have you got your hands on this week? 

Until Next Time

B x 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Getting Organised - The Bloggers Kit

If you follow my blog, you'll know that when it comes to a posting schedule and keeping on track, I'm not the best at keeping organised. Between working full time, coming to the end of my work based learning (with a huge 10,000 word assignment I might add) and trying to fit in socialising, sometimes blogging can feel like a second full time job. Thats why when the kind people at Viking Direct offered to send me some fashion stationary to build the essential bloggers kit, I decided it was time to get myself into gear. 

This beautiful range of Sweet Rose fashion stationary is the perfect kitsch addition to any girly girls desk and is perfect for everything you need. 

I selected the following items:

  • A Notebook - A novel alternative to a diary, the Sweet rose A5 notebook *can be carried with you on blogger assignments, press days and keep all those important thoughts on posts safe and sound. With blogging you never know when you're going to have that Eureka moment for a post. If i'd not written down my ideas for my 100 looks in 100 days posts, there's no way I would have remembered or that my blog would have been anywhere close to where it is now. (Available for £4.99 ex Vat - 1 Notepad supplied) 

  • A Pen - Or in my case eight, in the form of the Uni-Ball Signo Gelstick Rollerball Pens Assorted Pack*, because which stationary addict doesn't love a set of multi coloured gel pens so they can colour code to their hearts content. I like to use a different colour for Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle posts so I know where the post ideas will fit in with my week and I also like to colour code any urgent collaborations or time sensitive ideas with a red pen. That way they stand out and in my busy schedule I know I won't forget.  (Available for £10.99 ex Vat - Pack of 8)

  • Wallets - Sometimes if you have a lot of collaborations coming up at once, its easy to misplace press releases and information thats important for your posts. Before I started getting organised I used to find press released all over the place (much to the annoyance of my disgruntled boyfriend, oops!) the gorgeous Sweet Rose A4 popper wallets* in a pack of three are the perfect solution to your filing needs. Now when anything lands on my doorstep in the post, I file small items away in one wallet and the press releases in another. Its super easy and it keeps you super efficient! (Available for £4.99 ex Vat - Pack of 3)

  • Pen pot- Whether you're a beauty blogger, a fashion blogger or a lifestyle blogger, you'll all know that pen pots always do more than they say on the tin! Whether you use it to brighten up your desk to hold all those super exciting gel pens you've just ordered or you keep your makeup brushes in them during your latest youtube tutorial, the possibilities for the Pro Happy Pencil Cup* in pink are endless! (Available for £4.29 ex Vat - 1 Supplied) 

If you'd like to get your hands on any of the beautiful stationary shown, head to Viking Direct by clicking on any of the items above, alternatively they have a HUGE selection of stationary, just waiting for you which you can find here!

Now that I've got all the tools I'm feeling more organised than ever. Whats the one thing in your bloggers essentials kit that you can't live without?

Until Next Time 

B x 

(Disclaimer: All of the items featured were kindly sent to me by Viking Direct, however all views stated are my own and will not be swayed by outside influences.)


Thursday, 11 September 2014

That time I cut my own hair...

So today I did something pretty risky, and ultimately it turned out pretty cool. 

Say hello to my new hair: 

Sadly the long and short of it (har har I'm so punny) is that my long hair was way past saving, a year of heat styling, back combing and everything in between had left it frazzled, unmanageable and basically a pain the back side! 

I fancied a change and whilst sometimes change is scary, I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. 

I decided to compile a list of 5 benefits for those debating the chop, so you can weigh up if it's the way to go for you: 

1. You instantly feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, literally. 

2. You use less products. Shampoo that lasts a week? Pft not anymore, more like a month!

3. Your morning hair routine has just been cut by about an hour, meaning extra zzzzs for you & more love for your hair.

4. You'll suddenly feel like the queen of sass and you'll be able to do the perfect hair swish. 

5. You'll be sooooo in fashion dahling! This seasons all about having the chop so get in there whilst you can.

What's the riskiest thing you've done with your hair? 

Until Next Time 

B x  


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

What She Wears Wednesday

It's been a little while since my last fashion post, as I haven't been shopping in a while and I don't want to outfit repeat too much. Expect to see a few more house hauls as my new apartment takes centre stage. (All house and no shoes makes for a very sad girl!) 

This week my Peter Pilotto for target dress finally takes the spotlight. I love a good print, I love a bit of Bodycon and I love a bright colour. 

Lucky for me, this dress ticks all the boxes and I've been waiting for just the right moment to take it for a spin.

I decided to finally release the dress from the wardrobe and play around with accessories and shoes but I decided that because all the dress does all the talking, the outfit doesn't need much else.

I paired it with my favourite pair of new look peep toes and I was sold. I can't wait for the next girls night out now so I can rock this dress into the early hours.

Who says that bright prints are only for the height of summer? 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Ariana Grande Make up tutorial

I have to admit that recently I have a woman crush on Ariana Grande. I love her style and I think she is just all out beautiful. I have to admit also that her new album is a bit of a guilty pleasure and you'll find me most days dancing round my bedroom to her latest tracks. 

Whilst on a day off I decided I wanted to have a go at her makeup look, as she keeps it natural and dewy with the cutest little flick of eyeliner. 

Team the look with her signature high pony tail and you can't go far wrong. All I need now are rocket launching boobs (ha! If you don't understand this it's in relation to one of her videos) and I'm good to go! 

Product list:

- Nars Sheer glow foundation, Mont Blanc
- Seventeen wow glow liquid Bronzer
- Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette in what you waiting for
- Eyeko black liquid eyeliner
- Elf eyebrow kit, light
- Clarins wonder perfect mascara, black
- Bosy shop Raspberry lipbalm

I love this look and it has found its way neatly into my everyday routine as it's simple and easy, yet super stylish! 

What do you think of Ariana grande's look? Would you like me to do a hairstyle tutorial on her signature pony look? 

Until Next Time 

B x


Friday, 5 September 2014

Vixen - Makeup Revolution look

This week I've been getting the creative inspiration flowing using Makeup Revolution's Salvation palette in What You Waiting For.

It's a beautiful palette full of gorgeous autumnal tones, in mattes and metallics that is perfect for lots of different looks. 

I recently used the palette in my 'the lady is a vamp' look which you can catch up on here

I also wanted to create a more natural and pretty look with the palette to show you how versatile this palette is. 

Using metallic shade We love you, blended with matte shades Million Dollar contract and Hot track I created a really natural eye look and finished it off with a small cat flick for a pretty vixen look. 

I added some highlight to the cheeks and applied a tinted lip salve with blended highlighters and finished the look off with neat brows lots of mascara! 

I really love this palette and it's made it's way into my everyday makeup stash and is being used nearly every single day. 

What do you make of Makeup Revolution? 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Vamp Makeup - Makeup Revolution

It's been a while since I've done a makeup tutorial and today I thought I'd talk to you about my new favourite eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution. 

It took me a while to get my hands on anything from the 'new kids on the block' but when I spotted a selection in my local superdrug, I knew I couldn't resist. 

In stepped the salvation palette in What are you waiting for, a beautiful mix of golden, brown and reddy metallics blended with mattes in the same colours. 

It was an instant love affair and we became best buddies overnight with a variation of colours adorning my eyes daily. 

I decided this was the perfect palette to get inspired for an autumn/winter vamp look. 


I blended colours We love you, sex chromosome, and life is short across my eyes to create a beautiful dusky black, perfect for the transition into autumns makeup. 


I finished off the look with 100% vamp lipstick, blended with another new favourite MUA luxe velvet lip laquer in reckless which I think created my new favourite red lip. 


I absolutely love this look and can't wait to pair it with my favourite leather jacket. 

I've also created a Vixen look with the same palette which will be coming up later in the week, so keep your eyes peeled all those natural loving ladies out there! 

What should I check out next from Makeup Revolution?

Until Next Time 

B x  


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Psyche Clothing - Review

Recently I have been going through a bit of a tops phase, I just can't get enough of them, so when I was contacted by Psyche with a chance to review their website I knew exactly what to go for.

Little did I know I'd fall In love with this French Connection white smock top so much or that it would be so versatile. 


Pysche is the UKs Premier retail destination for accessible designer fashion for men, women and children and offers in store and Internet shopping. 

I got to test out their Internet service and I have to say I was impressed! 

My order arrived in a matter of days and I couldn't have been more pleased with the fit and the top. 


I recently wore the beautiful top teamed with skinny jeans and a trophy jacket for cocktails with the girls. 

I also can't wait to find the perfect skirt to team it with and I'm also considering getting some white shorts so I can make the most of the last of the summer sun and create my own co-ord. 

Psyche has just uploaded a whole bundle of new Autumn/Winter treats to for you to browse and buy so head over to their website now at 

Until Next Time 

B x 

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