5 things we’ve all thought whilst watching Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars, what a tangled little love/hate relationship we have with you. It’s the program we all love to hate and I can’t go a few hours without seeing a tweet about the frustrations of getting hooked on this gloriously addictive yet annoying show!


I thought it would be a bit of fun to put together 5 thoughts we’ve all probably had whilst binge watching 6 seasons only to still be left wondering; Who the F*#k is A?
(P.s don’t read on if you’re not up to date, ’cause Yano, spoilers!) 
Do these girls know nothing about technology?
Why is your phone on loud when you’re sneaking around!! Seriously, have you girls never heard of silent? 


Talking of which, have they never heard of safety in numbers? 
Let’s go to this really creepy dark place all by ourselves when we know A is out to get us because that’s the most sensible thing to do, Right? 


The brave feeling before watching.
I’ll just watch this one episode before bed, it’s not like it’s THAT scary. 
40 minutes later…
OMG that episode was SO creepy, I’m locking all my doors and windows tonight. Will someone please hold me whilst I sleep? 


Crushing on all the boys… 
I think my crush is definitely Caleb, or maybe it’s Toby, Ohhh but what about Ezra’s dreamy eyes…can’t hurt to like all three can it? Girls gotta have options! 

Going A crazy
Who is A? Am I A? Maybe my middle name is Charles and I just don’t know it? Is my cat A? She’s been looking a little shifty recently…Maybe we’re all A and this is some real freaky sh*t! 


what frustrates you most about the show? Who the hell do you think A is? All of the questions?!??!?!?!

Until Next Time

B x 

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