Tips to Achieve the Perfect Tan

The summer seems to be officially here with lots of bright days and as bikini season approaches most of us start to dream of beaches and the perfect tan. This week I wanted to throw a spotlight on my favourite products that help give me that post holiday glow, without the expensive plane ticket. Below I’ve compiled a list of tips, tricks and my favourite products to leave you looking like you’ve just stepped off the beach.  
Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise…
My first tip would be to make sure you are suitably buffed and moisturised. There is nothing worse than applying tan and finding out later you have patches due to dry skin, which could of easily have been avoided if it wasn’t for a bit of extra prep. I like to do a bit of multi-tasking when applying my moisturiser and so I always head for a bottle of Nivea Body firming lotion, it leaves my skin super soft and firms and tones it all in one go. 
My top tip for moisturising would be when it comes to avoiding the dreaded patches on elbows, knees and ankles; Nothing gives away a fake bake than the tell tale signs of bright orange patches. My go to product to avoid this is Body Shop Beautifying oil. This super duper do it all product can be used for your body, face and hair and it smells absolutely delightful. Apply a teaspoon amount to each of the dry areas on your body, I find this stops the tan clinging to those areas and just leaves them with a light glow. 
Go Gradual…

For all you pale girls out there worried of looking like an extra from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, why not go gradual? As a fellow pale girl, when I don’t want to risk it I’ll often opt for a gradual alternative. Gradual tans were where I first got my fake tan bug from and they are a great alternative if you’re just starting out. It does all the hard work for you as it moisturises and tans all in one, but be careful to wash the palms of your hands thoroughly, as I have been caught out in the past with some lovely luminous palms. 
Do the double D…
When I was asked to review the Madame La La* Tan I was intrigued, could one tan really do it all? Well the answer is simply yes. I hear you crying what is a DD tan, well its a Dynamic do all tan and it really does do what it says on the tin. I have fallen in love with the light mousse and I use it when time isn’t an issue. With a three hour developing time, I usually slather this little beauty on using a mitt, just before bed and wake up with an LA glow. The tan is infused with Coco Water, Aloe, Green tea, Vitamin E and Skin finishing protectors which all have amazing skin hydrating benefits. It also has innovative skin customising technology so your tan looks natural and adapts to your skin tone and it smells like coconuts! Whats not to love? This beauty is available for £36 at
For when Time is of the essence…

After a beautiful tan that works after just one hour? Then Cocoa Brown is the one for you. This innovative tan created by Marissa Carter is my go to tan before a big night out. It works effortlessly to give me the perfect bronzed glow. Its super easy to apply as its tinted formula can be applied flawlessly with a mitt. Not bad for a tan that costs just £7.99, available at Superdrug. 

What are your go to summer tanning products?

Until Next Time

B x

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