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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

FalseEyelashes Review

Just last month I was a false lash newbie, quaking in my boots at the thought of applying them, but just recently I've been feeling green with envy at the fluttery eyelashes of Instagram paired with a perfect wing, and so I became determined to crack the eyelash technique and get it down to a fine art. When contacted me to ask me if I'd like to try a few pairs I couldn't resist the challenge.

Offering a world of false lashes from every brand you could wish offers a one stop shop for all of your falsie needs! 

I opted for one pair of Ardell Demi Wispies as I'd heard so much about them from other bloggers and one pair of heavier lashes from Red Cherry Chakra lashes. Both sets didn't come with adhesive so I'd recommend stocking up on some during your order. 

The lashes arrived quickly and I was really pleased with my order. I'll definitely be using again in the future when it's time to stock up again.

Until Next Time 

B x 

Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Perfect Treat for tired eyes from Oprex

I don't know about you, but when I've been wearing contacts or glasses on a long day, sometimes my eyes ache. A few weeks ago I spotted an advert for the new Optrex warming eye masks. I was instantly intrigued, so when by chance they contacted me to ask me if I'd like to give some a try, I couldn't say no. 

Offering relief from tired eyes and a little bit of me time, these seemed like the perfect solution to my problem. The first mask I tried I used on the night of the Cosmopolitan Influencer awards as a little treat to relax me, which you may have seen in my vlog; the second, I wanted to save it and try it on a really achey eye day so I could put it fully to the test.

When you open the mask it starts to warm up and releases a gentle and soothing steam and due to the nature of the mask completely covering your eyes, it really forces you to take 10 minutes out of a busy day and truly relax; perfect for a digital detox night. 

I found the masks to be a great relief and I'll definitely be buying more in the future. You can buy a two pack for £3.99RRP which I don't think is too bad for a little treat and relaxation! 

What's your favourite way to relax? 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Monday, 14 November 2016

My One True Love

I love makeup. I love how it transforms people, create characters, brightens and mystifies. It's truly magical to me and I just can't get enough. 

When I used to do art at school, my teacher always told me I wasn't very good at it. At the time I was devastated, I'd always thought of myself as a creative and I loved my art lessons with all of my being. I threw myself in and often made some wacky and wonderful creations, but because I didn't often sit down and sketch in the traditional sense, I was labelled as not very good. Now I look back and I realise, I just hadn't found my canvas yet. 

I often get asked when my passion for makeup started and if I'm honest, I don't really know. If you catch me on a week day or on the casual, I usually wear very little. A dab of foundation, a slick of bronzer and a lip balm pout to finish my look. It started quite slowly, a bit like my passion for blogging. I decided one day it would be fun to try out a few looks and gradually with time it became a full blown passion. 

One of my favourite quotes comes from Roald Dahl who said “I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life.... if you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it at full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good" and so I began to follow it. I practice my passion and love every single day. 

I work in the day and in the evening I get straight home and head to my makeup bag and brushes. I spend every spare moment watching YouTube videos, reading blogs and on Pinterest finding my new favourite looks, tips and tricks. 

This year I set myself challenges and it's paid off. I finally feel like my hard work is getting recognised. This isn't a blog post to blow my own trumpet, as if you know me well, you would know I do anything but. 

This is a little message to the girl or boy in their bedroom sat there worrying they are losing their passion. I'm saying to you now, do not give up! Keep building, keep driving, keep creating, keep at it and I promise you in time, you will see the fruits of your labour blossom and that for you, in whichever way it comes, will be the greatest moment of all.

Until Next Time 

B x 


Thursday, 10 November 2016

Kiss Salon Acrylic French Nails

For as long as I can remember, I've always loved press on nails, pulling me in with their simplicity and ease of use. Over the years, press ons have become anything but simple with their extravagant and beautiful designs but sometimes, you just can't beat a classic, so when I was contacted by Kiss to see if I'd like to try some of their revolutionary French nails, I couldn't resist. 

Party season is almost upon us and nothing says party ready like perfect nails. So when I was getting ready for the Cosmo influencer awards I decided to give these nails a whirl. First thing I noticed was the glue is STRONG get it right first time, because these nails stick super quick! 

With extra flexibility for comfort and acrylic strength tips I couldn't believe how much these nails looked like I'd just stepped out of a nail salon after a full set of acrylics. 

The nails have been on now for a week and they are still going strong, no chips, no loose nails and a beautiful shape. 

I'll definitely be purchasing more Kiss Nails in the future, especially over Christmas to keep me party perfect throughout the festive season and beyond. 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Saturday, 5 November 2016

Kensington Gardens Hotel

This week I headed to London for the Cosmopolitan blog awards, which if you want a little sneak peek at, you can watch my vlog here.

When planning my trip to London, I needed to find a convenient hotel close to Kensington Palace and something which was in a reasonable price range, which in London can be quite the feat. 

I was planning my trip with Abigail, who was also up for an award, so when she said she'd already booked in, I decided to book into the same place too, so we'd have someone to travel to and from the event with. 

Just a few minutes walk from both Bayswater and Queensway underground stations the Kensington Gardens Hotel is a stylish 17 bedroom boutique hotel conveniently placed in central London, near Hyde Park. 

With beautiful period features, (check out that amazing hallway floor) you could tell each room had been lovingly put together. The bedrooms were cozy, clean and had lovely bathrooms and are perfect for a short stop to experience the sights of London.

The staff were friendly and really helpful and nothing was too much trouble. On trips out you can handily pass over your key into the Phoenix hotel next door, which also hosts a brilliant convenient breakfast, should you feel hungry the next morning. 

For a 2 star hotel, Kensington Gardens offered everything I expected and a little bit more and is definitely a hidden gem. If all of this isn't enough to sway you, bloggers, the marble and checkered tile steps and near by pillars offer the most amazing photography backdrops for that perfect outfit shot! 

You can find everything you need about this sweet little hotel at

Until Next Time 

B x 


Friday, 4 November 2016

Rimmel London The Only 1 Matte Lipstick

If you follow my blog you will know I absolutely adore lipstick, there is probably very few days in my life I go without it and so when the new Rimmel London The Only 1 Matte collection landed on my doorstep I couldn't wait to give them a whirl. 

A high coverage formula with full impact colour and a flawless matte finish in a single stroke, it's easy to see why these lipsticks will become a firm favourite of many. 

With 9 new shades to pick from its difficult to pick a favourite, but if you follow me you'll also know I'm a sucker for a red shade and so I couldn't help but fall in love with shade 500 Take The Stage. 

I tried on all of the lipsticks below for you (I know it's a tough job but someone has to do it) so that you can find your new perfect shade. 

The long lasting lipsticks will be a perfect handbag essential for over the festive period and I can see shades Salute and Trendsetter being huge hits amongst the blogger set and those who love a pinky nude. 

If you find your perfect shade be sure to share it on #Liplibrary 

Until Next Time 

B x 

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Clear your mind with Neal & Wolf

I have always loved Neal & Wolf, after discovering the up and coming brand in a beauty box once upon a time. Treated to their shine spray I couldn't get enough of the relaxing scent that it blew my way every time I swished my hair. My love affair has spanned over two years, and doesn't show any signs of stopping in the near future, so when the lovely people at Neal & Wolf asked me if I'd like to try their latest candle and their guide to relaxation, with life as it was lately, I couldn't think of anything better. 

The new candle is from their new Elysian range, with a scent similar to their signature. 

On the Neal & Wolf website The Elysian Range is described as "a scent that encapsulates the quality of paradise, excellence so divine it was inspired by the heavens. It epitomises a state of bliss that only Neal & Wolf can provide, so you can feel like a goddess" and to be honest I can't really argue. Whenever I need a real wind down, I always turn to my Neal & Wolf hair goodies and candles and take myself off for a relaxing bath. 

If baths aren't really your thing, Neal & Wolf have put together a simple guide to meditation so you too can take some serious me time, so burn that candle, pop on some comfy clothes and get ready to relax. 

A mini meditation session - to clear your mind and boost energy levels. 

1. Take a minute to prepare the space in which you meditate. Turn down the lights or draw your curtains closed. 

2. Next light the Neal & Wolf indulgence scented candle and take a seat where you feel most comfortable. 

3. Adopt an upright position and ensure that your back is straight, chest is open and shoulders are back. 

4. Take three deep in and out breaths, inhaling the heavenly scent of mandarin and orange blossom to help prevent stress and tension.

5. Place one hand on your chest and one hand on your stomach and continue to take deep breaths. On your next breath in, ensure that you breathe out of your stomach. The hand on your chest needs to remain relatively still. This helps steady the rhythm of the heartbeat and leads the mind into a peaceful meditative state. 

6. Keep a light smile on your face, doing so will help boost energy levels. If your mind begins to wander, guide your attention back each time, do so with kindness and gentleness. 

7. As you come close to the end of your meditation, don't be in a hurry to open your eyes. Open them slowly and gradually taking time to become aware of yourself and your surroundings. 

8. At this stage, our indulgence scented candle will have filled the room with floral aromas of lily, ylang-ylang and orchid... True indulgence! 

You can find the full Neal & Wolf range on their website:

Hope you're feeling suitably relaxed. 

Until Next Time 

B x 

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