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Friday, 30 December 2016

2016 - A Reflection

I've written this, drafted it, posted it, deleted it and now I'm here.

2016 - the big one. The year that everyone hates. It's presumptuous to believe that everyone's 2016 has been bad due to the shit storm of the political landscape and the tragic deaths of much loved public figures. For many people it's much more personal and runs a little deeper.

I can't think of 2016 as all bad, this was the year I found myself shortlisted out of 10,000 for best beauty influencer in the cosmopolitan influencer awards, something I wouldn't have dreamed of happening in a million years. It's the year I fell in love, not with a man, but with makeup. I finally feel as though I've found a calling that I love completely and there is no life problem that a few hours sat at my dressing table doesn't help me forget for a little while.

Whilst it had its high points, the latter end of 2016 has not been the best. In 2015 after the breakdown of my four year relationship I found myself having to start all over again and promised myself that 2016 would be a new and independent beginning.

I got a new job, moved to a new town and got a place all by myself. After living with someone who told me how I should act, eat, dress, decorate and everything else in between for so long having my very own space felt amazing, I could finally find myself again.

What started off as refreshing finally started to calm as reality set in. As you get older it's seemingly harder to make friends. You're not forced into situations and have to scope them out for yourself.

I spent evenings alone in my flat and on weekends I found myself often not leaving the house, only gaining human interaction when I finally got to go back into work on the Monday. Whilst the new and forcefully independent me wanted to refuse to believe it, I was beginning to feel lonely.

To make matters worse, where I lived became seemingly less desirable as time went on. Loud parties ensued and walks to work were filled with shouts from cars and cat calling and it started to feel unsafe.

Throw on top of this my body failing from the stress and my Neurocardiogenic Syncope kicking in, everything felt like it began to crumble around me.

I couldn't do it anymore and so in October, whilst on the outside to anyone looking in, I was plodding along posting a makeup look per day, doing seemingly well for myself and getting noticed, inside I felt broken. If I look at those makeup looks now each one tells a story of my thoughts, offering an escape.

I finally braved it and explained my worries to my family and made the decision to move home.

I missed the countryside, the open air, the feeling of safety, walking freely in places I knew and loved. Friends at the end of a telephone and a short drive instead of miles away. Coffee shops on corners and sweet boutiques I could browse in for hours. I've never been a city girl and my heart has always longed for the countryside.

On the 30th November I moved home and it's probably the best decision I've made. So whilst my year might seem like a complete write off, inside I've learnt to be independent but know when it's time to seek help, I've pushed myself to take chances I never would have taken and I've finally learnt what I want from my life. While I don't know what 2017 holds, I look forward to the fresh slate that a new year brings and can't wait to see what's around the corner.

So here's to a new year, a growing me and new blank pages in the distance.

Until Next Time

B x


Friday, 23 December 2016

Magnitone Precious Collection Review - Rose Quartz

About a month ago I was lucky enough to be sent one of the beautiful Magnitone Facial Cleansing brushes from the Barefaced Precious Collection. Having owned one of the previous models of Magnitone I couldn't wait to try the updated version, because last time I instantly fell in love. 

For as long as I can remember I have always loved skincare, often the butt of friends jokes at parties and sleepovers when I'd nip off before bed to use my first ever cleansing brush. I love the idea of starting with fresh and beautiful skin before applying makeup and I always feel like a clean base is an essential.

The great thing about Magnitone brushes is that they don't change your usual skin routine and slot right in without you really noticing and because its waterproof, you can even use it in the shower for extra ease of use.

The science bit

Using Vibra-Sonic technology Magnitone ensures your skin is deeply cleansed whilst enjoying a toning massage. The brush claims to be 6X more effective than hand washing alone and is said to offer brighter, clearer skin in just 4 weeks.

My Thoughts

The Brush offers two modes; when you press the button once, you activate the daily cleansing mode which activates a timer that beeps every 20 seconds to remind you to move onto the next section of your face. If you press the button a second time the brush takes you to another mode; the Pulse lift toning mode which offers a mini workout for your skin.

I've been using my cleansing brush with a cream based cleanser and its been giving my skin a beautiful deep clean. I like that with this brush you don't have to press the brush too hard and can gently guide it across your skin and the brush does the rest for you; easy skincare at its finest.

Just as I thought; my love affair with Magnitone is sure to continue on, with this new model offering the perfect no fuss solution to brighter skin, even whilst on the move. (each brush comes with a handy travel bag.)

In two beautiful colours; Rose Quartz and Glittery gold, the brush looks amazing as well as being amazing too.

You can pick up your own brush for a new year full of beautiful skin here.

What's your skin secret?

Until Next Time

B x


Thursday, 22 December 2016

Freya Lingerie & Finding the Perfect Fit

Dedicated to bringing fashionable Lingerie and swimwear that fits beautifully and looks as good as it feels, Freya Lingerie offers a range of beautiful styles up to a K cup. 

Whilst recently attending the clothes show, I was lucky enough to have access to the bloggers lounge, where the lovely ladies from Freya were on hand to talk me through the new collections and offer a free fitting.

It's thought that around 80% of us are wearing the wrong size bra and so after a fitting I guess it should've been no surprise that I was wearing the wrong size! It's one of those things us ladies often forget about through being busy and not really wanting to hang around with half your body out whilst a stranger sizes you up, but like many of the things us ladies have to do, its so important! So go and get yourself supported in all the right places.

As I have a larger cup size and a small back, bra shopping is my worst nightmare. I can never find modern, pretty styles in my size and its my most hated kind of shopping. When looking through the Freya collections I couldn't believe how nice and colourful they were, not a nude or black bra in sight.

I cant wait to look at their new collections more next year and maybe even treat myself to a new bikini, in the perfect fit, something I haven't had the pleasure of owning in a long time!

Freya were kind enough to gift me with this beautiful chemise from their Freya fancies collection; the perfect summer nightwear. To discover the world of Freya, you can head to their website or pop into your local stockist and have a bra fitting.

Until Next Time

B x

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