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Saturday, 30 December 2017

New year, New Me?

Girl New Year Shoe

There's something incredibly captivating about a new year. The idea of a fresh page laid out before you; The chance to stop, take stock and press the refresh button on your life. 2017 was a particularly significant year in my life, in that I finally feel like I am discovering who I am. People around me comment about my new found positivity on life, as if it was dropped in my pocket one day and I suddenly decided to pick it up. The truth is that the change in me is gradual and has been for some time. I'm still learning everyday about who I want to be and the life I want to lead, but for now I'm pretty happy with where I am at.

The purpose of this post was not to look backwards, but instead to push ahead to what the new year might bring. Last year  I made a list of new years resolutions, to complete but only a few. This year I have vowed to only have one resolution which comes from one of my all time favourite quotes:
"Collect memories, not things." In a world so powered by what we own, this year I want to start to live my life to the fullest I can.

Girl dancing new year

girl green sequins

Clearing out clutter.

I plan to start in January by having the biggest clear out of my life. I'm somewhat of a hoarder, keeping things "just in case," but lets be honest, one person can only wear so much eyeshadow and so heading into 2018 I plan to curate a capsule wardrobe, a lessened makeup bag and a living space I love.


At heart, I've always been an adventurous sort, only life has somehow always got in my way. This year, whilst not channelling my funds into material goods, I want to save money for experiences and travel. Many of you will know that Iceland has long been top of my list and so I hope to tick that off at some point this year. This past year I've come to realise that life really is too short and its about time I get out there and start really living.

What She Did

Heading into 2018 I want to give my little space on the internet some direction and find my home in the blogging world. As much as I love makeup, sometimes  I feel like I have so much more creativity to give and hope that this year through the blog, we'll get to experience it together.

I'm so excited to see what 2018 means for me, my life and my corner of the net. I hope that you will be too. Wherever 2018 finds you, I wish for it to be filled with so much laughter that your tummy hurts, for you to discover a love that makes you the best person you can be, that the year gives you enough perspective to see who you really are and that you create enough adventures to last a life time.

Until Next Time

Happy New Year

B x


Wednesday, 20 December 2017

2017 - A year of Self Discovery and Love 

As the year draws to a close, it’s difficult not to look back over the months that have passed; Be it with joy and jubilation or with hate and regret.

There’s something so satisfying about a new year, a fresh slate, a clear page and a new story to tell. This year January the 1st lands on a Monday, which is somehow incredibly perfect, don’t you think?
Before I get too stuck into all the excitement of 2018, I wanted to take some time to say goodbye to 2017, an ode to a year of self discovery if you will.

Don’t get too excited, I’m not about to share tales of endless adventures, of achievements and everything else in between, for from the outside, this year has been mostly ordinary.
The beginning of the year started drearily, as many of you will know, that at the latter part of last year, I was struggling with my place in this world. I was dusting myself off, a bit broken and bruised from the previous year and trying to build a determination that things must, and do get better.
I started with small goals, having been in a position where I had had to move back in with my parents at the age of 26, I was under no illusion that my first task should be to find a job and get my own place again.

By the end of January, I had secured a job, in a sector I loved. Another month passed and I had found a flat for me and Bailey to make our home.

Things were finally falling into place and I began to settle back in to a daily routine.
In March I began the year with a bang and collaborated with L’oreal, as part of a social campaign launching their newest lipsticks. The experience felt surreal. Little old me from a little country town, selected by a brand I’d saved to buy with my pocket money as a teenager, had asked me. ME?!
As this year went on, the pinch me moments kept coming, from THAT amazing sleepover in the pink house with L’oreal to afternoon tea with Ted Baker. Inbetween all of the excitement and the routine, I found I was rediscovering myself.

A cliche, I know, but until you truly feel utterly and hopelessly lost with who you are, it’s difficult to imagine the elation that comes with seeing small pieces of your life slot back together piece by piece until you feel whole again.

Last month, I sat for a moment in the quiet and cried. In fact I sobbed. Not with hurt or sorrow, but with joy. As my sister so perfectly summed up when I tweeted out asking people for their best moments this year, when she replied;
“My sister getting her sparkle back.”
And truly I feel as if I do have it back. I finally feel like my old positive self again.

To each and every reader, brand, friend and those who’ve been here from the start, I thank you for this year from the bottom of my heart, you are all incredible and have kept me going through the darkest of times and made sure I was here to come back stronger.

Until Next Time
I’ll see you in 2018.
B x


Thursday, 14 December 2017

The trouble with love is...

That it can strike anytime and if you’re without it, you can’t summon it when you want it on a whim. For those of us unlucky in love, it feels somewhat unfair, what with seeing all of our friends shacked up with Mister Right, picking houses, engagement rings and off for baby scans.
You see, the real trouble with love is, that as humans we have no control over it at all. It can happen in the blink of an eye at the local supermarket or it could be that it never quite happens for us because our “one true love” is hiding on a desert island.

It’s a funny thing love and I can say this because I have been loved and consequently burned by love in turn. You find a person and think yeh, they’re alright and as time goes on you build a life with each other and become a team.

The problem with humans is that it’s in our our nature to be inquisitive and always on the cusp of knowing what’s going to happen next.

Apps such as tinder have seen to that. Will this swipe be the one, or will he be the one night only?
With life moving at the swipe of a thumb is it any wonder that our generation are always looking for the next best thing and struggling to settle, maybe unlike our parents before us, who had no idea about Tom who lived 5 miles away whilst shacking up happily with a white picket fence and a guy named Tim.

After 2 years of dating, I’ve got dating fatigue. No longer can I be bothered with the small talk over drinks and coffee. I’m bored of 2 weeks of small talk via text message hoping that one of us can squeeze a date in our busy schedules. I miss the days of someone catching your eye across a darkened room and you trying to figure out if you have something on your face or if they just like the look of you.

At some point I feel like the dating game has got to tip back to how it “used to be” all awkward conversations and numbers exchanged, waiting for the will he won’t he text, but until then, I’m tired of waiting.

So for now, I’m getting my head out of the dating game and back into life.
And If you happen to be a nice guy with a beard, who likes cats, long walks, camping and drinks by the fire at the pub, I’ll be waiting at the bar.

Until Next Time

B x

Monday, 4 December 2017

Stocking filler gift guide 

Today I’m taking you through some of my favourite stocking fillers. From being thrifty, to having a little splurge I’ll be helping you find some beautiful gifts in the process. Whether you’re looking to bag that Secret Santa pressie or just make up the perfect stocking, take a look below to find what you’re looking for.

A gorgeous little top up pressie, or something just to make them smile. These adorable lip balms from Mad Beauty come in every festive shape you could imagine. Whether your bestie is mad for gingerbread or can’t get enough of a cute snowman, these little pots are sure to put a smile on their faces. From £3.50

I’d ask if there were any Disney fans out there, but I already know the answer! Another Mad Beauty offering, this stunning Alice in Wonderland Washbag gift set has a beautiful pattern and contains an offering of body wash and body creams in a ginger and pear festive scent. RRP £11.99

A great little addition to any stocking, these pocket sized moisturising hand sanitizers come in festive Sweet Marshmallow and Christmassy Cranberry. Perfect for anyone in your life who is busy and often on the move. RRP £2.99

The mythical creature of the year, the unicorn, looks set to stay. Banish chapped lips from your loved ones life this Christmas with this limited edition offering from Carmex and Skinny Dip. The girly Sugarplum flavour is sure to leave them feeling sweet all through the festive period.

Ideal for a little splurge for the Skincare buff in your life, this Gatineau Decoration holds inside an intensively moisturising lip treat combining lavender and shea butter. Containing hyaloronic acid the lip care encourages the lips to plump and volumise to minimise fine lines around the lip area. RRP £32.

Is Christmas even Christmas without a tonne of sparkle and glitter? Personally I don’t think so. For a scintillating Christmas from Nails inc I give you this gorgeous sequin filled Bauble containing one of their Jazziest holographic nail polishes. Perfect for secret Santa and that nail varnish addict in your life, the Bauble can be hung on their tree for many christmas’ to come.

Make sure someone you love knows just how special they are to you with this Christmas Bauble from Buckley London. Containing a sweet stretch snake chain tassel bracelet, this is a beautiful gift to show just how much you care. Available online here for £12.

My new favourites, these INC.redible Jelly shots have me mesmerised. Not only do they give you super soft lips, but they each encase a single flower which creates one of the most beautiful lip products I’ve ever seen. Be sure to grab these quick, as these stocking fillers are already selling out!
Happy Shopping.
Until Next Time
B x

Monday, 27 November 2017

Share the Blogger Love this Christmas 

I love bloggers and do you know what I love more than bloggers, girls who are doing it for themselves. I feel so immensely proud every time I see one of my female friends smashing it with a project, setting up a new brand and following their dreams. I always try to support them where I can, whether it be buying a wall print, a card or a palette they’ve helped create. So this Christmas, I wanted to “think outside of the box” and celebrate some of my favourite blogger businesses with an alternative gift guide.

Below you’ll find a selection of amazing bloggers, making their own businesses one item at a time! Think differently this Christmas and make a real difference to their dreams by gifting something unique and special for those you love, all whilst supporting a fellow blogger at the same time.

Jemma @Dorkfaceblog 

If you don’t know Jemma, have you been living under a rock? As well as being one of the most supportive members of the blog community, this gal also has a pretty awesome shop of prints, stickers and self care charts, perfect for a self gift this Christmas or for someone you love. How some of her designs aren’t hitting the shelves at Paperchase right now I’ll never know, but until then, head to her Etsy shop and show her some festive love.

Tore @atinymew 

Unique wall prints inspired by tattoos are the name of the game for Tore who’s beautiful Etsy shop offers an alternative to prints with quotes and quirky sayings. Each design is so gorgeous and having purchased one myself, I can vouch for the quality of not only the design but the paper it’s printed on.

Kelly @KellyMay_Clisby 

For beautiful flower crowns inspired by autumn Dandelion and Bloom is the shop to head to. The beautiful use of autumnal colours and stunning headbands, offer the perfect quirky gift for a loved one.

Rachel @RachelEmily__

Who doesn’t love a candle? I mean, come on, we’re bloggers!! Find an amazing array of unique scents hand crafted by the beautiful Rachel at Cross Candle Co. 

Sophie @SophieHannahRichardson 

Love a bit of glitz and glam? This Christmas sparkle bright for your parties or gift those you love with Sophie Hannah Beauty. Just launched this Halloween, the vision of glitter extroadranaire blogger Sophie is one not to miss! Sparkle bright fellow unicorns.

Paige @Paigejoannaa

Whether you’re looking for the coolest custom denim or a beret with an added edge, this sewing bee is sure to have the answer. With each design as unique as the next, head to Paige’s Etsy at the beginning of December and snap up the ideal gift for the fashionistas in your life.

Who are your favourite bloggers to buy from this Christmas? Share their links below and let’s share a little bit of festive love.

Until Next Time
B x


Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Ted’s Sweet Treats Perfume

This Christmas, meet your match with delectable fragrances from Ted Baker. A uniquely delicious collection of three fragrances, Ted’s Sweet Treats blend a classic and soft feminine side with a modern twist. With a distinctive personality, each fragrance has its own air of glamour and sophistication, so whatever the occasion this holiday season, Ted Baker has a fragrance for you.

Oh Golly Miss Polly 

Making an entrance wherever she goes, Polly’s grown up girlish charm is sure to leave you in a spin. This hopeless romantic leads with her charm, trailing broken hearts at her feet. Featuring fruity top notes of mandarin, red berries and peach, florals capture her heart with white jasmine, honeysuckle and peony. Her scent is topped with a hint of amber and white musk, leading the way as the quintessential girl-next-door.

Make like Mia 

Oozing ladylike glamour, Mia captures the room effortlessly as she goes. Sassy, stylish and sophisticated, her soft floral fragrance of rose blooms and freesias pair with an irresistable blend of warmth and allure. Mia’s fresh top notes of lemon, raspberry and blackcurrant blend with a seductive base of patchouli and golden amber to create a scent you will never forget.

Ella Enchanted

Captivatingly confident and quick witted, Ella leaves a trail of sparkle wherever she goes. Hypnotising with just one spritz, she’ll have you hooked on her heavy heart of orange blossom, jasmine and rose. An intoxicating cocktail of bergamot and cassis build into sensual rich notes of amber, patchouli, sandlewood and vanilla, leaving you in a trance at this beautifully warm feminine scent.

The new Ted Baker Sweet Treats frangrances, 100ml £30; 30ml, £18, are available from Ted Baker and Boots stores and online at and

All clothes and accessories featured in this post were provided and are available at

Images by Christian Vickerman & edited by myself. 

Sunday, 19 November 2017

10 reasons why being single at Christmas is awesome! 

Ahhhhh Christmas, the time of love and cheer. With those around possibly spending their days with their significant other, here’s ten reasons why being single at Christmas is great! 
1. You don’t have to think of extra presents.

I don’t know about you, but Christmas gifting is my fave and although I love treating those I care about, the pressure of not having to think of one more present is a pure bonus. Especially in the early days of dating it brings me out in a cold sweat. Do you buy them a gift? Agree to go halves on a nice meal? Go all out and end up feeling embarrassed when they forget?
2. No extra family gatherings.

Maybe you clash with his Aunt June’s politics or maybe you just way to stay in your Pyjamas all day long? Either way, with no significant other, the only family gatherings you have to worry about are your own. So roll up that hand knitted Christmas jumper ala Bridget Jones and leave yourself free of those extra commitments this Christmas.
3. No Boring Christmas Parties

Your partners co worker Anthony that you think is a bit of a knob? Well lucky for you, if you’re single, he doesn’t exist! So go out and let your hair down with your true friends and your own work pals that you actually like, and save yourself from listening to tales of that one time Becky from accounts had it away with Frank in PR, when you don’t have a clue who either of them are.
4. More Christmas chocolate to yourself.

I don’t think I really need to explain this one, but is there anything more annoying than someone else’s hands dipping into your selection box for that bar you’d been saving for a special occasion? I think not!
5. You can binge watch whatever you want.

Want to watch Elf for five days consecutively? You’d better believe you can! Get your favourite festive box sets at the ready and relax without having to compromise.
6. Ultimate comfort.

If you want to wear your fluffy unicorn onsie for a week over christmas, you can and basically, nobody cares.
7. Cough cough, cancelling plans.

Without another person relying on you, it’s ok to cancel plans if you just want to hide away from the cold and stay indoors. It’s. just. so. cold!
8. Less likely to get the flu.

When you’re not constantly playing tonsil tennis, and there isn’t someone all up in your personal space, you’re less likely to catch the latest bug, lurgy, cold and flu! Win, win!
9. More money to spend in the sales.

See point one, then realise you’ll have more money to spend on that Christmas present for yourself that accidentally fell into your basket, or to catch some excellent bargains in the January sales.
10. You don’t have to fake a smile.

You don’t run the risk of being bought a last minute panic kettle, and so you don’t have to fake a smile. Instead wrap yourself up a present you know you’ll love and say good job for a year well done.
What things do you love about being single at Christmas?
Until Next Time
B x
*Most images from this post were taken from*

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eyes Palette 

Charlotte Tilbury has always been my go to brand for a treat. I collect their lipsticks at special occasions and LIVE for the dreamy rose gold packaging. When I heard they were releasing a new eyeshadow palette, featuring a super easy way to create four go to looks, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Luckily, thanks to the wonderful team at Charlotte Tilbury, the Instant Eyeshadow Palette landed right on my doorstep, and so I thought I’d take you guys through four easy peasy looks to re create over the festive season, without a makeup brush in sight. 

Instant eyes palette

The palette has been created to take you from day to night, with four looks combined of 12 Matte and shimmer shades that will help you glide through the upcoming festivities with true makeup finesse.
Day Eye: The dusty soft eye that will take you from lunch with your pals, to spinning through the clothes rails in Topshop in a breeze. Beautifully subtle, it creates the perfect ‘is she? Isn’t she’ vibe and offers a delicate barely there style.

instant eyes palette

charlotte tilbury

Desk Eye: there is nothing better than having your morning makeup routine for work down to a tee! The beauty of the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette is that it makes eyeshadow application foolproof. I’ve applied all of these eye looks with my fingers to show just how easy it is to use them on the move. I love the tones in this look and the way they make my blue eyes pop, and so it’s fair to say these soft warm browns are perfect for those with green and blue eyes.

desk eye

charlotte tilbury makeup

Date Eye: ahhhhh dates. The one thing that turns me into a disorganised mess.  What to wear? How to do my hair? Oh my god most importantly what do I do with my makeup? For your date, create an amazing “I  just threw this on” look by smudging the date eye shades across your lids, keeping the darkest shades in the outer corners. Then throw on your best LBD paired with a laid back leather jacket. With this stunning combination you’re sure to catch your dates attention with your beautiful personality and sparkling eyes.

instant eye palette

charlotte tilbury girl

Disco Eye: it’s time to dance the night away, baby and once again, this palettes about to show you all the steps. Channel your inner disco queen and go all out glam with the most beautiful shimmered smokey eye for the party season. Once again, there’s no brush in sight, so smooth your fingers with the lighter tones across the lid and work the darker tone into your outer corners.

girl glam makeup

So that’s that! 4 easy, beautiful classic looks all in one stunning palette, to take you from dawn to dusk this holiday season. What’s your favourite look?

Until Next Time

B x

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