Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Introducing Tria... 

Hair removal lasers have always intrigued me. The idea of a permanent solution to hair removal at home, basically sounds like the dream, so when Tria beauty asked if I'd like to take their hair removal laser x4 for a spin, I just had to say yes. 

Now that it's arrived I thought I'd introduce you to what I'm hoping to achieve from the hair removal laser and take you through my journey over the next three months. 

The Tria beauty hair removal laser offers the benefit of permanent hair removal from the comfort of your own home in just 3 months. 

The first thing I noticed about it when I took it out of the box was how comfortable it felt to hold, which is handy since legs are quite a large area to cover. 

To begin the treatment, the Tria is locked so you have to do a skin tone check and hold the base against your skin whilst the tool tells you if your skin is suitable for the treatment. 

Once unlocked you have the choice of 5 different settings. I've been trying it out so far on setting 2 and whilst there is a slight sting, it's not enough to put me off using the product. 

The treatment becomes a doddle with the LED screen located on the top of the hair removal system, as it guides you seamlessly through each step. 

I can't wait to keep you guys in the loop and let you know if this little beauty performs and leaves me silky smooth, just in time for the Christmas party season. 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Saturday, 2 September 2017

My Charlotte Tilbury Transformation 

This week I was kindly invited by the Charlotte Tilbury team to head to the Selfridges Birmingham counter for a Tilbury Transformation. As someone who does their makeup daily, it's not very often the roles are reversed, with someone doing my makeup instead, so I was intrigued to see what the transformation would hold. 

Having just launched a new collection and with a masterclass due that evening the counter was a buzz with excitement. I arrived a little early and one of the girls took my name and invited me to take a seat whilst my artist Charlotte gathered the tools. 

We talked through which items of Charlotte Tilbury id previously used, items I wanted to test out and then we got onto the set looks that the team can provide. 

Charlotte Tilbury has carefully curated a makeup wardrobe consisting of 10 looks, from golden dewy skin in the Dolce Vita to glamorous impact in the Vintage Vamp. These looks and the makeup collections that are offered with them, are the perfect solution for those wanting a complete look without the hassle of trying to find all of the right products.

After some discussion me and Charlotte opted to try "The Sophisticate." I have to admit when it was first suggested to me, I wasn't convinced. I don't often wear nude lipsticks in that shade and had arrived convinced I was going to go for my usual red lipped signature look, but I told Charlotte I trusted her and so she got to work. 

We started with skincare, with Charlotte first applying the amazing Magic cream all over my face. She explained that the wonder cream is not just a face cream, but a serum too which means it gives skin a plumper, more radiant glow. 

After selecting our perfect skincare we discussed building the base, using Wonder Glow to create a glow from within. When selecting a foundation, I remembered I'd seen the Magic foundation on a few people and thought their skin looked, well magical, so I opted for that.

As Charlotte carefully built my base and moved onto my brows, I started to see the look come together and couldn't believe how my blended brown eyeshadow popped against my turquoise eyes. 

She went to work and built up the look step by step, explaining each of the makeup products and tools as she went, using the full "The Sophisticate" look, which says classic and bombshell without being too "look at me." 

As the makeover drew to a close, Charlotte handed me a mirror and I was in awe. That was not me, the makeup free potato that had walked in just 40 minutes before had been transformed and I suddenly felt disappointed I had nowhere to take the makeup for a whirl. 

If you're ever looking for some new makeup inspiration, be sure to head to your local Charlotte Tilbury counter and try out one of their looks, it's the perfect way to bring yourself out of a makeup rut. 

You can find the full collection from The Sophisticate here or pop and see the collection at your nearest counter. 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Friday, 1 September 2017

Things I learnt in my early 20s 

Ah life, what a wonderful and confusing place. Filled with love, heartbreak, joy, loss and all that comes in between. Heading into my latter 20s I feel like I know more about what I want from MY life and those I want in it. I feel a sense of self I never had in those early parts, the confusing "what the hell am I doing with my life years." Whilst they sometimes rear their guiding head every now and again, I thought I'd put my thoughts to the web about some things I've come to learn in my early 20s...

Your early 20s are for living! 

Be a little reckless, make some silly mistakes, make amazing memories. There's plenty of time for bills and adulting later. Once you get there, as exciting as the new toaster is, sometimes you'll long for the adventure of an afternoon full of napping and days spent drinking in fields. 

Don't blame yourself for things out of your control. 

You cannot control other people. They will make their own mistakes and things will sometimes work out in ways you don't want them to. It's ok, that's life. 

Not everyone will like you.

I'm a people pleaser. I hate the thought of people not liking me and sometimes I do things at the detriment of myself to make others happy. Being caring and giving makes you a good person, but do not lose sight of the fact that just because one person doesn't like you, you aren't still fabulous. 

The only person you can truly trust is yourself

Go with your gut. Listen to your instincts. They will guide you, maybe sometimes wildly, but you know yourself better than anyone else. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't and whilst a few gems will always have your back, people will inevitably test your trust levels.

True friends are like gold dust. 

Those ones you could text at 2 in the morning when the big stuff goes down? Hold on to them, cherish them, treat them like the bloody queen and always have their back, cause you better be sure they will have yours. 

You will have disappointments, but they will teach you about yourself. 

The project that fell through? The boy that took you for a fool? They're all massive learning curves. They will teach you how to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and come back stronger than before. 

You won't have time for everything, but you can sure as hell try. 

Want to be a ballet dancer one week and a makeup extraordinaire the next? Go for it. You have one life, you may as well live it doing all the things you want to do. 

You do not need to be busy all of the time to have a "life." 

Whilst social media will have you believing the only way to live life is in the fast lane, it's ok sometimes to slow the pace. Take a step back and enjoy some me time. You'll be thankful for it later. 

Being alone is just as important as being with others. 

I used to hate being alone. Ordering food at a counter and things like taking trains by myself used to fill me with dread and here I am a few years later planning multiple trips up and down the country solo so I can do the things I love without a second thought in the world. 

It's ok to feel proud and praise your own talent. 

I still struggle with this one, even now, but I'm starting to realise it's ok to acknowledge you're good at something, even champion yourself for a talent. I've often held myself back through fear of not being good enough, but as time goes on I'm starting to realise where my strengths lie. 

Most importantly, no one really knows what the F**k they're doing. 

Yes even your totally gorgeous friend Suzy with the hot fiancé, perfect job and own house, still has moments where she wonders wtf she is doing and how she got there. We're all winging it and the sooner you stop pressuring yourself to live a certain life and live on a certain timeline, the clearer everything will become. 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Thursday, 17 August 2017

Can a face cream be magic? 

I've always adored Charlotte Tilburys lipsticks, slowly building up my collection whenever I get the chance, but the skincare has always passed me by. Last month I was lucky enough to have a beautiful parcel of charlotte tilbury miniatures land on my doorstep and the stand out of the show has to be Charlottes Magic Cream. 

As someone who suffers from dry skin, the idea of a multi tasking treat that could transform my suffering skin sounded like the ideal cream for me. 

With an SPF 15 and UVA filter the cream protects your skin from ageing effects, as well as a top secret bit of magic to transform your skin. 

The cream contains hyaloronic acid and wild pansy, which promise to seal in moisture, to renew and rejuvenate your skin. 

As if this isn't enough, the cream contains rosehip and camellia oils and vitamin E to transform dullness. 

My thoughts? Well it's true love. I just can't get enough of the stuff. A true saviour for those nights I need to fake a full 8 hours sleep, this cream literally transforms my dull, dry skin in minutes, to the point that since I've started using it, people have asked me about my skincare. 

It definitely gives a real glow and the smoothness of my skin has definitely improved. At £70 for 50ml it's a little on the high end of my budget and so personally I'd recommend opting for one of her miniature gifts to get you started and find your own faves! 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Nanshy Makeup Brushes 

If you know me and my makeup obsession, you'll probably know I have a LOT of makeup brushes. It's a terrible habit, but I just can't kick it. While one set would probably do for everyday, I just can't resist all the little detail brushes and the different finishes that different brands give with different products and so when these gorgeous Nanshy brushes landed on my doorstep, my day was made. 

I've previously owned a Nanshy eyeliner brush which is still one of my all time favourite brushes, so as you can imagine I was quite excited to give this collection a whirl.

Sleek with its white handles, it has a perfect blogger essence about it. Perfect for a clean white dressing table and a pretty marble brush holder. 

So past the aesthetics, how do the brushes actually perform? 

Blending Brush 

For a beautiful blended eyeshadow this little brush is just the ticket. It's super soft bristles give a lovely finish with soft powder eyeshadows. 

Conceal Perfector P01

A great brush to put the finishing touches to your Concealer and to make sure it blends just so, this stippling brush is good for blending thick formula concealers. 

Flawless Foundation F01

My new go to foundation brush, the blending power of this one is a beauty. Whether it's a fine mineral powder or buffing a liquid foundation to boot, this brush is the holy grail of all foundation brushes. 

Blush & Bronze A01 

Chiselled cheek bones your thing? Head straight for this brush for a beautiful finish. The slanted brisels offer the best angle for even a makeup beginner. 

The brushes perform equally well with washing and shedding. If I'm honest my brushes are not always given the best care, from glitter, to facepaint and every day makeup in between, these brushes have so far held up to a full month of my use with weekly cleaning and beyond.

Until Next Time 

B x 


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Sunrise to Sunset - Easy packing x Boohoo

Whether you're off on holiday, or planning road trips with friends, summer always seems to surround packing. From a light backpack for an overnight stay to a large suitcase for a few weeks away, getting your outfits down to the essentials can be a huge task itself.

So before you can sit back sipping on a Mojito or crowd round a table talking about the latest guy on your friends lips, let's talk summer capsule wardrobes.

Whenever I go on holiday, people always comment on how many different outfits I have. That's because I treat holiday packing in exactly the same way as my wardrobe at home. I always try to think of it in terms of a capsule wardrobe.

One of the key pieces in my capsule collection for holidays is always the skirt. It's versatile, takes up little space and offers endless style opportunities from sunrise to sunset.


When early morning hits, whether you're heading for brunch with the girls or exploring a new city, a twist on the classic white blouse offers the chic "I just threw this on" look without being too put together. I adore this white ruffled sleeved wrap blouse as it brings out the feminine aspect of the frill in the skirt and takes it from zero to complete wardrobe hero. Pair with some cute shoe boots and explore the city in style.

Charlotte white ruffle shirt, megan peep toe shoe boot and Hannah Ruffle Gingham skirt. 


When evening comes around, you don't have to change your whole outfit to give yourself a new look. Pack a few light tops or bright coloured bodies to give your skirt of choice a whole sassy new look.
My favourite colour to vamp it up for night time has always been red, so this red body offered the perfect solution. Even better the fabric is lightweight, so it'll take up even less room in your suitcase.

Laura textured deep plunge body, Megan peep toe shoe boot and Hannah Ruffle Gingham Skirt.  

What's your summer style trick?

Until Next Time
B x

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Sometimes I Feel like a Fraud...

You're sick today. Infact today is probably one of the worst days you've had in a while. Your legs feel like jelly, your brain feels as though you are dreaming and you know the world could cascade below you at any moment. So why when you finally build up the courage to say to someone "I really don't feel well," do you feel like a fraud? 

If you had the flu or a sickness bug, you wouldn't feel guilty. You would stop what you were doing and give in to the sickness and hug the toilet bowl until the bug finally left your body. So why is it with your chronic illness that when you can't stand or sit without nearly passing out or when your calves hurt with so much pain you wish to scratch them from your body, you feel guilt? 

You often worry people don't believe you, because if they can't see it, it must not be real, but if you don't stand firm yourself and learn when your body has had enough, how can anyone else support you, or really know what it is that you need.

Your mind plays tricks on you and some days the mental battle of living with a chronic illness is worse than the physical, because how tiring is it to be in a constant battle with your own mind. 

With time you may find a strength and a community who supports and understands you, they will remind you that this IS your life now and your feelings ARE very real and warranted. 

You are NOT a fraud and whether you believe it right now or not, you have got this. Maybe not today, maybe not even tomorrow, but over time you will see the warrior fighting from within. 

Until then, practice self care and love yourself all that you can.

Until Next Time 

B x 


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Battle of the Setting Sprays 

Let's get ready to rumble! 

Today I'm bringing you the battle of my favourite Setting Sprays. Famed for their staying power and loved for their ability to freshen up makeup on the go, setting sprays seem to be the "new kids" on the block. Long gone are the unsafe days of sealing your makeup look with a spritz of hairspray all over your face (ah theatre days how I miss you,) long replaced by these easy to carry, easy to love beauties. So which one do you go for? Well lucky for you, for the past 3 weeks I've been road testing three sprays so you don't have to. 

MAC Cosmetics 'prep and Prime' Fix and Face Primer 100ml - £18

An aqua spritz of vitamin and minerals, this two in one spritz combines a calm the skin blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber, with the fresh, energizing scent of Sugi. This spray is perfect to cool skin on a hot day, as it gives an instant boost of hydration and refreshes your makeup on the go. It's staying power lacks oomph though and I found that my makeup wore exactly the same throughout the day. As for the  heat of the swimming pool, this Setting spray failed to keep up, so I'm not too sure on the £18 price tag. 

Verdict: Best for those looking for an on the go refresh whilst the sun is hot, hot, hot. 

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray - £10 (Trave Size) 

This weightless makeup spray holds the promise of perfect makeup for up to 16 hours. Perfect for those who wish to dance the night away into the early hours. Free from oil and parabans, this clutch bag sized bargain beauty offers everything a girl could want from a Setting spray. With temperature control technology, the spray actually lowers the temperature of your makeup to keep it in place, even in hot and humid conditions. I can't tell you how impressed I was with this Setting spray. It's handy to carry, it kept my skin cool and didn't leave me with a makeup meltdown. 

Verdict: This is the one for me. It leaves my skin feeling soft and even withheld my Post work swim and walk home, perfect for anyone on the go. 

Rimmel London #Insta Fix & Go - £6.99 

Another two in one, that primes and sets, this drugstore hit is the one for those on a budget. With a quick dry formula that locks in your makeup in just one spray, Rimmel's offering is a pinch and offers the perfect staying power and refreshment throughout the day. Whilst it didn't hold as well as the Urban Decay setting spray, it can be forgiven for its price point. Probably the most refreshing of the bunch. 

Verdict: perfect for every day, this product will give you a little bit of hold and refreshment as needed without breaking the bank.

The perfect balance between budget and bite, this baby raced right to first place in the finish line. I can't get enough of this spray and it's found itself a spot as a firm favourite in my makeup bag. 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Monday, 24 July 2017

Indeed Laboratories 

This month I've been trialling two products from Indeed Laboratories. Still a baby in the beauty world, Indeed Labs entered the scene in 2011 with their first flawless skin cream Nanoblur (more about this beauty to come later.) Thrown into the beauty scene by the idea of creating the ultimate secret selfie weapon, they worked to create a collection of high end products with quality ingredients at an affordable price.

Each of their products is targeted at a specific need. Aiming to address your skin woes with maximum results. I was lucky enough to get the chance to try two products from their range with varying results. 


Aimed at blurring imperfections and fine lines, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this selfie skin perfecting wonder cream. The formula promises to filter skin leaving you with a silky soft finish. The light diffusing formula creates an instant Matte finish for picture perfect skin, however this was wear my problem with the product lies. Although it does everything it offers on the "tin" I found that due to my dry skin, after one day wear I was crying out for some moisturisation, and so because of this I'd recommend this product for those with oily to combination skin who wish for an even Matte finish. 


This deep hydration and moisture boosting serum is the perfect kick for dry skin. It's lightweight formula allows it to penetrate beneath the skins surface so that you get enhanced hydration and a dewy glow. If you follow my blog you'll know I love nothing more than glowing dewy skin, so this product was great for me. Containing hyaloronic acid and marine algae the formula left my skin smoother, softer and more radiant, even gaining me more compliments than usual.

My verdict on Indeed Labs? The packaging is sleek and catches your attention as a brand with some serious know how. If you know your skin issues, then finding a product for you should be easy. 

Would I buy these products again? Yes and no. I'd definitely head down to my local boots for a top of the hydraluron serum when it runs out, but I do have to admit I won't be rushing to try out the Nanoblur again. 

The Indeed Labratories range is available from boots priced from £14.99-£29.99 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Friday, 21 July 2017

Magnitone Wipeout Cloth 

Every now and again as a blogger, an item drops on your door mat and rocks your world. I hate to sound like one of those omg everything is amazing kind of people, but this product literally did blow my mind. 

With all the makeup I do, it's easy to see why this amazing Magnitone Wipe Out Cloth won me over, but incase you don't yet know about the hype, here's the lowdown. 

This fancy microfibre cloth removes your makeup with just water. Yep your heard me right, that's JUST water. I know, I didn't believe it at first either. 

Unlike traditional cleansing wipes or face cloths, Wipe Out microfibres swell up when wet, grab onto makeup and hold them within so makeup is removed in one sweep without the need to scrub. 

But after a few weeks of trying this beauty out, it's true love. It even removes tough makeup like face paint and waterproof mascara, without much hassle at all.

The perfect essential for all you festival go-ers, makeup lovers and lazy girls who love a good makeup wipe, this pack includes two microfibre cloths that can be thrown in with your washing at 30 degrees and last up to 1000 times. This little beauty seems like quite the bargain at £15 for two. 

This also offers the perfect option for those keen to cut their waste as personally I haven't touched a makeup wipe since this little beaut came into my life. 

You can find the Magnitone Wipe Out here.

What product have you been loving recently? 

Until Next Time 

B x 

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Blogging from your Phone 

My name is Bethany, I'm a blogger and I don't own a laptop. I know, madness right? Well the more I tell people the more I see that glazed look of but how? Whilst I'll admit my blog photos aren't the most perfect and my videos aren't the most magically edited 99.9% of my blog and videos are created, edited and posted from my phone. How you ask? Well it's all with the help of these handy little apps I'm about to tell you all about. 

The bonus of having no laptop, is that I can constantly blog on the move. It means my content can be more instantaneous and also means I can do things whenever the moment takes me. My phone is also light and it means that my writing and video editing is more carefree and can take place anywhere from the bath (just don't drop your phone in,) to the bus stop. So which apps do you need to get blog savvy on the move? Read on to see my faves... 

Staying Organised 


If you're like me and love nothing more than being oh so organised, the notes function on an iPhone is great. You will always have it with you when you have that lightbulb moment and it's easy to edit and add to on the move. Don't over look this little tool that the iPhone has to offer, it can be a great way to keep on top of your latest posts and upcoming collaborations. 

Photo Editing  


Oh holy grail of all photo mobile apps. From planning my insta grid to adding the perfect filter, if you don't know about VCSO then do you even use filters? All those perfectly curated insta feeds use them, to make their colour theme just "so." I like to use VSCO for the finishing touches to my photos as well as seeing how my feed will pan out overall. 

PS Express 

My first port of call for editing pictures, this watered down, mobile version of photoshop is perfect for editing my pictures straight from my phone. Although it doesn't offer all of the features of photoshop, it has just the right amount of features that I need to get picture perfect. 

Uploading Images/Video 

SD card reader for iPhone 

If you own nothing else as a blogger, purchase one of these bad boys off eBay. For about £2.50 this little gem will upload your pictures from your DSLR memory card, TO YOUR PHONE! Less faff and better quality photos directly from your mobile on the move. It also means you can import videos straight into imovie on your phone, so all those hours spent travelling to and from events can be used to edit vlog footage straight away.

Have fun with photos 

Pic Collage 

Looking to have fun with your images or need to create that all important start screen for your YouTube? Then Pic Collage is a great tool for just that. With fun text, stickers and a cutting tool to edit your images, it's my go to anytime a picture needs something extra.

Video Editing 


The perfect way to edit my videos on the move, imovie on my phone means I can be leaving an event and editing a vlog on the journey home meaning my followers get to the action quicker. A little less intense than the mac version, imovie on the iPhone has all the basics a budding vlogger could need. 

Writing the blogs 

And after all of those, where would a blog be without well, a blog. The blogger app died a death a while ago after they decided to stop developing it, so when I realised I couldn't use it anymore I started to hunt down a new app and boy did Blog Manager deliver. Not only is it super easy to use, but it means I can upload photos AND add links on the move. Something the blogger app always failed to provide. 

What are your tips for blogging and video editing on the move?

Until Next Time 

B x 


Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Let's talk about kindness 

We all know the saying "if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all," but sometimes it seems this is forgotten. With all the negativity, I want to share some little stories about kindness. Personal stories about lovely kind things that people have done for me to help me on my blogging path. 

I have a camera. In fact I have a pretty amazing DSLR. The downside? It's too bulky to take anywhere so when I found myself lucky enough to be invited to an amazing L'Oréal event, I didn't want to have to carry it around as it meant something else to worry about. Sharing my worries with my friend, she ever so kindly lent me her bridge camera which was the perfect size to capture the days events. It was a small gesture, but I was overwhelmed that she would lend me a prized possession so I could get the all important blog and vlog footage I required. 

Another day, another blogger coffee meet, but this one was different. I won't name the blogger, because I feel this person would prefer not to be named. We chatted, had a lovely time and at the end of the coffees, the blogger handed me a box. Inside was lots of colourful makeup, that she had kindly boxed up for me as she no longer needed it and thought the shades were more me. A small gesture to most, but to me this meant the world. I hadn't been able to buy new makeup in a long while, due to having other things financially to think about and this box of goodies gave me a huge kick start and boost at creating new content. 

Both of these gestures, were small and yet so generous and touching and gave me the boost just when I needed it. 

I guess what I wanted this post to be a reminder of, is that we don't need grand gestures to make our day. That friend that lives alone? Ring them up, ask them how they are; you could be the first person they've spoken to all day. Haven't heard from a friend in a while? Check in, ask them if they're ok. 

Know a friend loves mail? Send them a postcard (Paperchase do great ones) letting them know how great they are! 

Not into mail? Support a friend by sharing their latest work. Sing their praises if you love their work. 

We could all be a little more kind. No one is a saint and just one small kind act could make all the difference to those around you. 

Until Next Time

B x  


Friday, 7 July 2017

TILI Beauty Box Unboxing 

I don't know about you, but I love the excitement of a beauty box landing on my doorstep. It's something about the unknown and the idea of it almost being a gift you know nothing about. QVC's TILI box is now on its 4th edition and I can only see this box getting stronger. 

The box contains a selection of new launches and a carefully selected edit of products across beauty, skincare, makeup, bath & body so you can try products and possibly fall in love. 

Whilst the box I received contained no end of wonderful products, a few in this box are definite stand outs for me. 

Stand Out Products 

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish 

I have wanted to try this for as long as I can possibly remember. With a fresh and beautiful scent I can now see why so many shout about this product. The box contains a 30ml sample and its matching cleansing cloth which offer a promise of radiant skin. I'm only 2 weeks in to testing this little beauty, but a little goes a long way and I love how clean and fresh it leaves my skin. The scent is a mix of Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Chamomile, which aswell as smelling great, tone, soothe and purify to leave skin feeling comfortable, balanced and clean. 

O.P.I Nail Lacquer

One of the beautiful shades from the O.P.I Collection. This high gloss and shined grey shade is perfect. A new favourite in my nail collection, the shade lasts a good week before it starts to chip and offers application at lightening speed.

Benefit Roller Lash 

The perfect mini for your handbag, fluttery lashes are a given with Benefit Roller Lash mascara. The hook n roll brush grabs and separates lashes, whilst lifting and curling. I've been loving this for lifted fluttery lashes. 

My overall thoughts on the box is that it is the perfect way to try out some fantastic products and a great way to build up some holiday minis for this time of year. You can get the TILI box online at QVCUK.COM with no on going subscription required for just £20. 

Until Next Time 

B x 

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