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Friday, 24 February 2017

The Anti Perfection Pledge

Blogging started for most with grainy and badly lit images, hauls posted on plastic bags from boots, videos filmed on phones and quick thoughts from our heads. Nowadays blogging is big news and with big news comes big money. As brands caught onto the wave that is the blogging superstars, content became cleaner, slicker and more perfected. Bloggers have started to compete with magazines in creating glossy beautiful editorial style posts and whilst there is no problem with that, for the last few months I've seen the rumblings of "what happened to the old style of blogging," echoing through the community.

I myself can be the worst. At one stage I told myself that if a photo I took couldn't be seen like an advert  in a magazine, I wasn't posting it. Selfies can take hours and Facetune has become my best friend, no photo making it's way anywhere without a little extra magic. I'm not proud of it, but I felt I needed it to fit in.

I became with fixated with my face, every little hair, every little spot, every mark that I felt was an imperfection became intensified next to these beautiful women on Instagram and my blogger feeds. Whole days of shooting were scrapped, outfit posts deleted, videos binned all because I didn't feel like I fitted anymore, I still haven't quite got round to feeling comfortable enough to film again.

As much as blogging has made me, there have been days where it has almost broke me, every imperfection magnified for the world to see. Every bag under the eye, every spot on my forehead, every dry skin patch intensified in my mind.

The problem is that when we all strive for perfection all of the time, it just isn't real. Whilst I myself love to escape from the mundane vision of myself in my pjs in front of the sofa again by browsing the latest, perfectly curated images of my favourite blogger, it is not the reality for most of us and we need to take a step back and learn to differentiate that whilst their content is incredible, inspiration and aspirational, it does not make us any less perfect in who we are.

From today I pledge not to over edit myself and my life for the sake of blogging and take away my imperfections that make me who I am.

Until Next Time

B x

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Shrewsbury Loves - Lyons Den

When I first started What She Did it was borne from the idea of finding great new places to eat and drink, over time it has transformed some What into a beauty blog, but I don't want this blog to ever stray from its roots. Now I've moved back to Shrewsbury I'm lucky enough that there are lots of tasty places to experience and so over the next few months I'm going to post a new series called Shrewsbury Loves!

Today I'm talking to you about Lyons Den. Located in the heart of Shrewsbury the Gourmet Burger bar is the perfect treat for Burger lovers.

As you step down further into the restaurant, its rustic interior with quirky features adds to the friendly atmosphere.

Whether you want to treat yourself to a tasty milkshake or go all out and go for some of the amazing burgers on the menu you're sure to be pleased with the selection.

The menu consists of a lot of choice, whatever Burger you're looking for, whether it's spicy or loaded with cheese and onion rings there's bound to be something for everyone.

I opted for the Smokin' South burger, but not being a beef lover, they kindly swapped it out for a breaded chicken burger instead. Loaded with streaky bacon, breaded mozzarella sticks, smoked Monterey Jack cheese and BBQ sauce this is basically my dream food wedged between a delicious brioche bun. Drooling yet?

My date went with the French Twist which is a 6oz burger, layered with Brie, caramelised red onions, sautéed garlic mushrooms, lettuce, tomato and Dijon mustard. I'm told it was delicious.

I can't wait to head back to Lyons Den for my next trip, as I've already decided I need to try all of the things off the menu!

What's your favourite burger?

Until Next Time

B x

*some photos in this post were provided by Lyons Den. 


Sunday, 19 February 2017

Lily Bean Boutique - The perfect dress for any occasion

When you have a special occasion, finding the perfect dress can be a nightmare. Last month I attended the Go Glam Gala and wanted something that made me feel fantastic and girly. I'd seen some tutu style dresses online but nothing in the colour I wanted. 

That was when I came across Lily Bean Boutique, an independent design house who craft the most beautiful dresses to order. I got in contact with Joanne the owner who kindly offered to make me a dress. 

We messaged back and forth with ideas and she couldn't have been more helpful, within a matter of days she had sketched the most perfect design and had made my inner thoughts a reality on paper. 

After a few discussions on colours and fabric, I had to wait to see the final beautiful design.

After Christmas I waited patiently one day for the dress to arrive. When it did I was so in love. In a woman's life, there are dresses that make you feel like a complete princess and this dress created one of those moments for me. So different in shape to my usual outfits, I felt super girly and couldn't wait to wear it. 

On the night I got so many lovely compliments about the dress and I can't wait to take it for its next outing. 

To find out more details, or enquire about having a beautiful dress made of your own, head to Lilybeanboutique on Instagram. 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Monday, 13 February 2017

Kissable Lips with Carmex

With Valentines just around the corner, whether you're planning to give your love a smooch or plant a kiss on the cheek of one on your besties, perfectly kissable lips may be on your mind.

For as long as I can remember I've carried carmex in my handbag as the perfect solution to smooth lips. With lots of varieties available here's my top picks to make sure you're ready for your love this V-Day

Carmex Original Lip Balm Tube

The handbag essential, these classic tubes of Carmex will leave your lips moisturised and super soft all day long without breaking the bank.

Carmex Moisture Plus

For beautiful soft lips with a little hint of colour Carmex Moisture Plus is the perfect solution for lips with a little kick. In three assorted colours this little beauty is a must have handbag saviour.

Carmex Mint Lip Tube

Soothe your lips whilst making them plump with this mint lip balm. Offering a tingle to give your lips a little boost, this one minute wonder is a must have for those days when your lips need a little extra TLC.

What's your favourite lip product?

Until Next Time
B x


Monday, 6 February 2017

My Top Apps for Blogging

When I chat to people about my blog, most are shocked to find out I don't use a laptop. I occasionally dust off my horrendously slow, useless old laptop that is about to bite the dust at any moment, but for the majority of my blogging life, I actually do everything from my phone. It offers complete accessibility whilst on the move, means I can type any ideas really quickly, edit photos, keep track of figures, all in one place. So which apps keep me running and my blog slick whilst on the move? Here's my rundown of my favourite apps that I couldn't blog without.

Photo Editing


When it comes to editing photos, there are two apps that keep me going whilst on the move. I live by VSCO app. Whether your theme is bright and colourful or your keeping things bright and minimal, this app gives you the perfect recipe to creating themed photos just by adding a filter. You can also edit things like brightness, sharpness and temperature all from one app. Perfect for beautiful, Insta worthy pics at the few swipes of a button.

PS Express

Shot some images in the dark? Not mastered a lack of grain in your photos? The PS Express app has the answer. I quite often use the noise reduction tool to finish off my photos whilst still keeping them sharp and sleek.

Video Editing


If you couldn't already tell I do all of my Vlogging and editing from my phone. When I don't use my phone to film, I still use my phone to edit and so the iMovie app is a complete life saver. Whilst it doesn't offer as many options as iMovie on a mac, it means I can still bring you videos without all the fancy tech. Win win.

Business Cards


If your blog is heavily photo based like mine, you might want to showcase your photography on your business cards. If you're in the market for something quirky and eye catching then this app is for you. You can print mini polaroids straight from your dreamy insta feed or go for larger prints if you want to create original and quirky prints.



Only introduced to me recently by the babe that is Vix Meldrew this app has become a lifesaver. As someone who plans my Instagram often a month in advance I can plan my feed accordingly and track my progress with features such as most popular photo, graphs and most popular hashtags.

What are your favourite apps for blogging?

Until Next Time

B x
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