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Friday, 15 September 2017

Magnitone cleansing brush first update. 

If you haven't heard by now, I'm a Magnitone ambassador and I'm quite excited about it. Offering a wonderful range of products for all your beauty needs, Magnitone offer a fantastic range of skin care solutions that not only give you great skin, but they help you to reduce your personal waste (see my post on their AMAAAAAZING microfibre cloths here) but enough of about those, today I'm here to talk to you about their cleansing brush. 

I've been using this little beauty for just under a month now and so I thought I'd share a little first impressions update on how it's effected my skin thus far. 

I've been using my Magnitone cleansing brush with the Bio Essence 24k Cleanser and I have to say I'm impressed at how the combination has brightened my skin, but before we get to my opinions, let's take a look at what the Magnitone cleansing brush does.

100% waterproof, the Barefaced Vibra-Sonic Daily Cleansing Brush has vibra sonic technology which uses a combination of sonic oscillations and pulsed vibrations to deep-cleanse, massage and tone your skin at the same time, just like a mini workout for your face. 

I've been using my brush once per day and have been a fan of Magnitone for a few years. Using the brush has dramatically changed my skin, even in just the first month. 

Another great bonus of the brush, is that i've started to notice it's toning properties on the dreaded double chin and my cheeks. 

I can't wait to keep you guys up to date with my journey using the Magnitone brush. 

Until Next Time 

B x 



Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Introducing Tria... 

Hair removal lasers have always intrigued me. The idea of a permanent solution to hair removal at home, basically sounds like the dream, so when Tria beauty asked if I'd like to take their hair removal laser x4 for a spin, I just had to say yes. 

Now that it's arrived I thought I'd introduce you to what I'm hoping to achieve from the hair removal laser and take you through my journey over the next three months. 

The Tria beauty hair removal laser offers the benefit of permanent hair removal from the comfort of your own home in just 3 months. 

The first thing I noticed about it when I took it out of the box was how comfortable it felt to hold, which is handy since legs are quite a large area to cover. 

To begin the treatment, the Tria is locked so you have to do a skin tone check and hold the base against your skin whilst the tool tells you if your skin is suitable for the treatment. 

Once unlocked you have the choice of 5 different settings. I've been trying it out so far on setting 2 and whilst there is a slight sting, it's not enough to put me off using the product. 

The treatment becomes a doddle with the LED screen located on the top of the hair removal system, as it guides you seamlessly through each step. 

I can't wait to keep you guys in the loop and let you know if this little beauty performs and leaves me silky smooth, just in time for the Christmas party season. 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Saturday, 2 September 2017

My Charlotte Tilbury Transformation 

This week I was kindly invited by the Charlotte Tilbury team to head to the Selfridges Birmingham counter for a Tilbury Transformation. As someone who does their makeup daily, it's not very often the roles are reversed, with someone doing my makeup instead, so I was intrigued to see what the transformation would hold. 

Having just launched a new collection and with a masterclass due that evening the counter was a buzz with excitement. I arrived a little early and one of the girls took my name and invited me to take a seat whilst my artist Charlotte gathered the tools. 

We talked through which items of Charlotte Tilbury id previously used, items I wanted to test out and then we got onto the set looks that the team can provide. 

Charlotte Tilbury has carefully curated a makeup wardrobe consisting of 10 looks, from golden dewy skin in the Dolce Vita to glamorous impact in the Vintage Vamp. These looks and the makeup collections that are offered with them, are the perfect solution for those wanting a complete look without the hassle of trying to find all of the right products.

After some discussion me and Charlotte opted to try "The Sophisticate." I have to admit when it was first suggested to me, I wasn't convinced. I don't often wear nude lipsticks in that shade and had arrived convinced I was going to go for my usual red lipped signature look, but I told Charlotte I trusted her and so she got to work. 

We started with skincare, with Charlotte first applying the amazing Magic cream all over my face. She explained that the wonder cream is not just a face cream, but a serum too which means it gives skin a plumper, more radiant glow. 

After selecting our perfect skincare we discussed building the base, using Wonder Glow to create a glow from within. When selecting a foundation, I remembered I'd seen the Magic foundation on a few people and thought their skin looked, well magical, so I opted for that.

As Charlotte carefully built my base and moved onto my brows, I started to see the look come together and couldn't believe how my blended brown eyeshadow popped against my turquoise eyes. 

She went to work and built up the look step by step, explaining each of the makeup products and tools as she went, using the full "The Sophisticate" look, which says classic and bombshell without being too "look at me." 

As the makeover drew to a close, Charlotte handed me a mirror and I was in awe. That was not me, the makeup free potato that had walked in just 40 minutes before had been transformed and I suddenly felt disappointed I had nowhere to take the makeup for a whirl. 

If you're ever looking for some new makeup inspiration, be sure to head to your local Charlotte Tilbury counter and try out one of their looks, it's the perfect way to bring yourself out of a makeup rut. 

You can find the full collection from The Sophisticate here or pop and see the collection at your nearest counter. 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Friday, 1 September 2017

Things I learnt in my early 20s 

Ah life, what a wonderful and confusing place. Filled with love, heartbreak, joy, loss and all that comes in between. Heading into my latter 20s I feel like I know more about what I want from MY life and those I want in it. I feel a sense of self I never had in those early parts, the confusing "what the hell am I doing with my life years." Whilst they sometimes rear their guiding head every now and again, I thought I'd put my thoughts to the web about some things I've come to learn in my early 20s...

Your early 20s are for living! 

Be a little reckless, make some silly mistakes, make amazing memories. There's plenty of time for bills and adulting later. Once you get there, as exciting as the new toaster is, sometimes you'll long for the adventure of an afternoon full of napping and days spent drinking in fields. 

Don't blame yourself for things out of your control. 

You cannot control other people. They will make their own mistakes and things will sometimes work out in ways you don't want them to. It's ok, that's life. 

Not everyone will like you.

I'm a people pleaser. I hate the thought of people not liking me and sometimes I do things at the detriment of myself to make others happy. Being caring and giving makes you a good person, but do not lose sight of the fact that just because one person doesn't like you, you aren't still fabulous. 

The only person you can truly trust is yourself

Go with your gut. Listen to your instincts. They will guide you, maybe sometimes wildly, but you know yourself better than anyone else. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't and whilst a few gems will always have your back, people will inevitably test your trust levels.

True friends are like gold dust. 

Those ones you could text at 2 in the morning when the big stuff goes down? Hold on to them, cherish them, treat them like the bloody queen and always have their back, cause you better be sure they will have yours. 

You will have disappointments, but they will teach you about yourself. 

The project that fell through? The boy that took you for a fool? They're all massive learning curves. They will teach you how to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and come back stronger than before. 

You won't have time for everything, but you can sure as hell try. 

Want to be a ballet dancer one week and a makeup extraordinaire the next? Go for it. You have one life, you may as well live it doing all the things you want to do. 

You do not need to be busy all of the time to have a "life." 

Whilst social media will have you believing the only way to live life is in the fast lane, it's ok sometimes to slow the pace. Take a step back and enjoy some me time. You'll be thankful for it later. 

Being alone is just as important as being with others. 

I used to hate being alone. Ordering food at a counter and things like taking trains by myself used to fill me with dread and here I am a few years later planning multiple trips up and down the country solo so I can do the things I love without a second thought in the world. 

It's ok to feel proud and praise your own talent. 

I still struggle with this one, even now, but I'm starting to realise it's ok to acknowledge you're good at something, even champion yourself for a talent. I've often held myself back through fear of not being good enough, but as time goes on I'm starting to realise where my strengths lie. 

Most importantly, no one really knows what the F**k they're doing. 

Yes even your totally gorgeous friend Suzy with the hot fiancé, perfect job and own house, still has moments where she wonders wtf she is doing and how she got there. We're all winging it and the sooner you stop pressuring yourself to live a certain life and live on a certain timeline, the clearer everything will become. 

Until Next Time 

B x 

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