Hair removal lasers have always intrigued me. The idea of a permanent solution to hair removal at home, basically sounds like the dream, so when Tria beauty asked if I’d like to take their hair removal laser x4 for a spin, I just had to say yes. 

Now that it’s arrived I thought I’d introduce you to what I’m hoping to achieve from the hair removal laser and take you through my journey over the next three months. 
The Tria beauty hair removal laser offers the benefit of permanent hair removal from the comfort of your own home in just 3 months. The first thing I noticed about it when I took it out of the box was how comfortable it felt to hold, which is handy since legs are quite a large area to cover. To begin the treatment, the Tria is locked so you have to do a skin tone check and hold the base against your skin whilst the tool tells you if your skin is suitable for the treatment. 
Once unlocked you have the choice of 5 different settings. I’ve been trying it out so far on setting 2 and whilst there is a slight sting, it’s not enough to put me off using the product. The treatment becomes a doddle with the LED screen located on the top of the hair removal system, as it guides you seamlessly through each step. 
I can’t wait to keep you guys in the loop and let you know if this little beauty performs and leaves me silky smooth, just in time for the Christmas party season. Until Next Time B x