Halloween is here and it’s time to get going on the blog with part one of my how to series!
Twice a week for the next month, I’m bringing you some easy Halloween tutorials on how to create wounds, gory mouths and everything inbetween so that this Halloween you can look like an SFX know how.
First up I’m going to be talking you through a zombiesque wound, so gory and grim that it will make people go EW!

The great thing about this style of wound is that once you’ve got it cracked, it can be used in multiple places on the body and for multiple different characters.
Things you’ll need for this tutorial 
Ben Nye Liquid Latex 
Ben Nye Fresh Scab 
– Brown neutral eyeshadow
– Green face paint
– Black gel eyeliner

Start by applying a thin layer of Ben Nye Liquid latex over an area of clean skin.

Once this has dried, you can start to peel back the latex into your desired wound shape.

Next we want to give the wound some depth. I usually do this for any wound using a mix of a neutral brown eyeshadow and a blending brush and filling the inner section of the wound with a black gel eyeliner.

To start to make the wound look really gory, apply some liquid latex into the centre of the wound and mix with fresh scab on an eyeshadow blending brush. The stippling effect will start to create this gruesome eaten flesh look. As sections appear, pull them back to create the perfect gory edge.

For a zombie look, now you can start to add the pale green skin around the edge. This will start to bring the whole look together.

Add more Fresh Scab to the centre of the wound to create a fresh and bloody effect.

To finish off the look I like to use a tiny piece of tissue to dab the Fresh Scab to create a realistic look and make the wound look the part.
Until Next Time
B x