Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Ted’s Sweet Treats 

This Christmas, meet your match with delectable fragrances from Ted Baker. A uniquely delicious collection of three fragrances, Ted’s Sweet Treats blend a classic and soft feminine side with a modern twist. With a distinctive personality, each fragrance has its own air of glamour and sophistication, so whatever the occasion this holiday season, Ted Baker has a fragrance for you.  
Oh Golly Miss Polly 

Making an entrance wherever she goes, Polly’s grown up girlish charm is sure to leave you in a spin. This hopeless romantic leads with her charm, trailing broken hearts at her feet. Featuring fruity top notes of mandarin, red berries and peach, florals capture her heart with white jasmine, honeysuckle and peony. Her scent is topped with a hint of amber and white musk, leading the way as the quintessential girl-next-door.
Make like Mia 

Oozing ladylike glamour, Mia captures the room effortlessly as she goes. Sassy, stylish and sophisticated, her soft floral fragrance of rose blooms and freesias pair with an irresistable blend of warmth and allure. Mia’s fresh top notes of lemon, raspberry and blackcurrant blend with a seductive base of patchouli and golden amber to create a scent you will never forget.
Ella Enchanted
Captivatingly confident and quick witted, Ella leaves a trail of sparkle wherever she goes. Hypnotising with just one spritz, she’ll have you hooked on her heavy heart of orange blossom, jasmine and rose. An intoxicating cocktail of bergamot and cassis build into sensual rich notes of amber, patchouli, sandlewood and vanilla, leaving you in a trance at this beautifully warm feminine scent.
The new Ted Baker Sweet Treats frangrances, 100ml £30; 30ml, £18, are available from Ted Baker and Boots stores and online at and
All clothes and accessories featured in this post are available at
Images by Christian Vickerman & edited by myself. 

Sunday, 19 November 2017

10 reasons why being single at Christmas is awesome! 

Ahhhhh Christmas, the time of love and cheer. With those around possibly spending their days with their significant other, here’s ten reasons why being single at Christmas is great! 
1. You don’t have to think of extra presents.

I don’t know about you, but Christmas gifting is my fave and although I love treating those I care about, the pressure of not having to think of one more present is a pure bonus. Especially in the early days of dating it brings me out in a cold sweat. Do you buy them a gift? Agree to go halves on a nice meal? Go all out and end up feeling embarrassed when they forget?
2. No extra family gatherings.

Maybe you clash with his Aunt June’s politics or maybe you just way to stay in your Pyjamas all day long? Either way, with no significant other, the only family gatherings you have to worry about are your own. So roll up that hand knitted Christmas jumper ala Bridget Jones and leave yourself free of those extra commitments this Christmas.
3. No Boring Christmas Parties

Your partners co worker Anthony that you think is a bit of a knob? Well lucky for you, if you’re single, he doesn’t exist! So go out and let your hair down with your true friends and your own work pals that you actually like, and save yourself from listening to tales of that one time Becky from accounts had it away with Frank in PR, when you don’t have a clue who either of them are.
4. More Christmas chocolate to yourself.

I don’t think I really need to explain this one, but is there anything more annoying than someone else’s hands dipping into your selection box for that bar you’d been saving for a special occasion? I think not!
5. You can binge watch whatever you want.

Want to watch Elf for five days consecutively? You’d better believe you can! Get your favourite festive box sets at the ready and relax without having to compromise.
6. Ultimate comfort.

If you want to wear your fluffy unicorn onsie for a week over christmas, you can and basically, nobody cares.
7. Cough cough, cancelling plans.

Without another person relying on you, it’s ok to cancel plans if you just want to hide away from the cold and stay indoors. It’s. just. so. cold!
8. Less likely to get the flu.

When you’re not constantly playing tonsil tennis, and there isn’t someone all up in your personal space, you’re less likely to catch the latest bug, lurgy, cold and flu! Win, win!
9. More money to spend in the sales.

See point one, then realise you’ll have more money to spend on that Christmas present for yourself that accidentally fell into your basket, or to catch some excellent bargains in the January sales.
10. You don’t have to fake a smile.

You don’t run the risk of being bought a last minute panic kettle, and so you don’t have to fake a smile. Instead wrap yourself up a present you know you’ll love and say good job for a year well done.
What things do you love about being single at Christmas?
Until Next Time
B x
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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eyes Palette 

Charlotte Tilbury has always been my go to brand for a treat. I collect their lipsticks at special occasions and LIVE for the dreamy rose gold packaging. When I heard they were releasing a new eyeshadow palette, featuring a super easy way to create four go to looks, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Luckily, thanks to the wonderful team at Charlotte Tilbury, the Instant Eyeshadow Palette landed right on my doorstep, and so I thought I’d take you guys through four easy peasy looks to re create over the festive season, without a makeup brush in sight. 

The palette has been created to take you from day to night, with four looks combined of 12 Matte and shimmer shades that will help you glide through the upcoming festivities with true makeup finesse. 

Day Eye: The dusty soft eye that will take you from lunch with your pals, to spinning through the clothes rails in Topshop in a breeze. Beautifully subtle, it creates the perfect ‘is she? Isn’t she’ vibe and offers a delicate barely there style.

Desk Eye: there is nothing better than having your morning makeup routine for work down to a tee! The beauty of the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette is that it makes eyeshadow application foolproof. I’ve applied all of these eye looks with my fingers to show just how easy it is to use them on the move. I love the tones in this look and the way they make my blue eyes pop, and so it’s fair to say these soft warm browns are perfect for those with green and blue eyes.

Date Eye: ahhhhh dates. The one thing that turns me into a disorganised mess.  What to wear? How to do my hair? Oh my god most importantly what do I do with my makeup? For your date, create an amazing “I  just threw this on” look by smudging the date eye shades across your lids, keeping the darkest shades in the outer corners. Then throw on your best LBD paired with a laid back leather jacket. With this stunning combination you’re sure to catch your dates attention with your beautiful personality and sparkling eyes. 

Disco Eye: it’s time to dance the night away, baby and once again, this palettes about to show you all the steps. Channel your inner disco queen and go all out glam with the most beautiful shimmered smokey eye for the party season. Once again, there’s no brush in sight, so smooth your fingers with the lighter tones across the lid and work the darker tone into your outer corners. 

So that’s that! 4 easy, beautiful classic looks all in one stunning palette, to take you from dawn to dusk this holiday season. What’s your favourite look? 

Until Next Time 

B x 


Monday, 6 November 2017

Single Pondering 

Someone once told me that after a break up, it takes you twice the time you were with someone to be truly over them. At the time I called bullshit, but two years on from my long term relationship, I’ve started to realise there may be some truth in it. 

Just recently I’ve found myself reflecting on my love life quite a lot. After failed dating and relationships since my long term one I’ve found myself wondering what I’m doing wrong and the reality is, nothing. 

It’s taken me until now to realise that time alone is worthwhile and whilst my friends around me are buying houses, getting married and having babies, it just isn’t my time. 

After some introspective thinking I’ve realised that I’ve carried a lot of hurt these last few years from the deceit in my last relationship, and a longing for love after a deeply hurtful rejection, for someone younger, maybe prettier and maybe more fun. 

I’m finally starting to feel like myself again. The wall lifting whenever I meet someone new. My guard is still there, for I won’t be taken as a fool like that again, but it’s slowly worked it’s way down brick by brick. 

This isn’t to say that I haven’t had nights of loneliness, of panic and sadness, wondering if life may just be this. Me and my cat in an eternal game of what shall we do tonight Bailey? To no reply. The realisation as you get older that you may never meet someone and your dreams of having a house and a family may become distant memories can be all too scary and difficult to ignore in the age of social media, but then you realise you have so many years of your life ahead and you’re sat here, pondering, wasting them. 

I’ve vowed to make Christmas a time of self discovery and the new year a clean slate. A year to work towards the things I’ve been yearning for with no distractions. 

After all this year I’ve won an award, been involved in some incredible brand collaborations and conquered a fear of travelling alone. All things I know I would have failed to have done should I have stayed in that relationship, those years ago. 

I wanted to write this post, because I know that I will not be alone in my thinking and that as Christmas draws in, the loneliness can feel intensified. I try now to fill my time with hobbies, working towards goals and spending time with my beautiful and supportive friends. I’ve rid myself of toxic people, be that in friendships or relationships and this will be the year of me. 

If you’re reading this and you feel the same, just know you’ve got this, maybe not today, maybe not even tomorrow, and that one day you’ll look back at this time and think what the hell was I even worried about. 

Until Next Time 

B x


Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Shaped Around You - A day in my life 

Blogging is all about being smart with time. As a general rule, for a lot of us it's a hobby aside from our usual full time job, so when it comes to skincare, we need something that seamlessly fits into our routine without a second thought, which is where Panasonics Shaped around you comes in. I thought I'd take you through a day in my life and talk you through the new Panasonic Beauty Devices I'm trialling to show you how easily they can fit into your day to day life. 


It's my day off and so today I decide to treat myself to a lie in. 9am infact. I could've gone for longer, but the builders made sure of that one!

I have a quick scroll through my recent emails and fire a few back here and there. I scroll aimlessly through social media like the morning news to catch up on what's been going down.


I decide it's time to get cracking with my Christmas content, can you believe it's now weeks away?! It's at the same time every year and yet somehow it seems to creep up on me every time.

I shoot photos for an upcoming craft project I have, which I can't wait to share with you guys in the run up to Christmas.


I head to my local swimming baths and spend an hour doing laps of the pool. This is my thinking time and a place to clear my mind for the week ahead!


After walking back from the pool, I go back to taking photos and finish off some upcoming blog posts for some features over Christmas.


As the evening draws in I decide to do my final Halloween Makeup look, and take photographs accordingly.


After a quick photoshoot it's time to scrub all that face paint off. I hop into the shower and wash it off using a face wash, vowing to give my skin a treat when I get out.


Once I'm snug in my pyjamas I get cozy in my lounge and set up my Panasonic beauty tools. I treat my skin to the purifying mode of the 3-in-1 facial enhancer as recommended to me by Louise Thomas-Minns, a specialist in beautiful skin for over a decade. The gentle heat from the enhancer promises to open my pores and uses an alternating current to remove deep dirt from my pores.

I follow this with a 3 minute steam from the Panasonic Facial Steamer, to give my skin a deep cleanse after all this makeup!

Once finished I head back to my Facial enhancer to make use of its moisturising and cooling modes. This is where I feel the Facial enhancer comes into its own. My moisturiser has never left my skin feeling so soft. Due to the electro-osmotic flow products are said to deliver 40% more moisturising ingredients than used alone.

I finish my night of pampering with the cooling mode, which is the perfect treat for tired peepers and tightening pores.


After all this relaxation, it's time to hit the hay. My skin feels super soft and I love how easily the Panasonic beauty collection fits into my everyday routine, without a second thought. The items are designed so beautifully, that they sit proudly on a side table in my lounge, for ease and convenience.

You can find the 3-in-1 Enhancer at Harvey Nichols £200 and the Facial Steamer is available at Panasonic online £129.99

Until Next Time

B x

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