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Ah instagram, the app we all love to hate. Ever since the change of the algorithm back in 2016 everyone has been feeling the pinch in some way. With Instagram prioritising popular posts, it was only a matter of time before people felt frustration and started to turn away from the app.
Exposure in the blogging community is often thought of as a dirty word. After all landlords won’t accept exposure to pay your rent, nor can you pay for that latte with a tonne of exposure that big brand just offered you.

With Instagram being so difficult to grow recently, it’s got me thinking; has exposure just got a whole lot more valuable?

When I’m talking exposure, I’m not talking just about brands. Recently the beaut that is Bethany Sandland got a well deserved, heartfelt shout out from Lydia Elise Millen which saw her following boom over night. Something which has since been caught on to by a host of mega and macro bloggers, keen to spread the love and offer a shout out to those other bloggers who may need a little boost.

Whilst I’m not suggesting you should sell your soul for a shout-out on the most insta worthy makeup brands page or cozy up to your favourite blogger just on the off chance they may offer you a nod, just recently it’s got me thinking about all of the times my own engagements and followings have spiked.
I can pinpoint every moment I gained a shout-out from a respectable brand, as my followers and engagement grew.

In a world where exposure is thought of as a bad thing, is it time re assess its value and see the positives it can offer in the long run?

I myself have offered my work on the premise of exposure, which made my followers grow and lead to more work in the long run, which goes to show that sometimes there is more value in it than it may first seem.

Whilst I’m not suggesting anyone should ever bend over backwards for the promise of the big E, personally I think it’s time we re evaluate the value of exposure and realise it’s not such a bad word after all.

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  1. May 6, 2018 / 7:15 pm

    Definitely an interesting perspective. For sure, Instagram's algorithms have changed a lot for a lot of people. As a photographer as well as a blogger, it's drastically affected my reach and that has massive potential to negatively affect my client base and profits. But, I don't think that exposure has ever really been seen as a purely negative thing.

    I think that, at least to myself and I might only be speaking for myself here, the positive connotations around exposure have always been plentiful and obvious. Reach and impressions, terms used a lot by social media networks, are really just synonyms for exposure and these are both positive things. It's true that whilst exposure will not pay your bills when it is received alone, it can help to pay your bills. The only negative connotations I cant think of regarding exposure is when it comes in the form of sole payment. That's my piece.

    Great post! I love it when people start discussion about the Insta algorithms because it's a topic I've got a lot to say about haha.

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