100 looks in 100 days – Day 19

I am sooooo excited to bring you today’s look in my 100 looks in 100 days challenge with the Elf 100pc Marble Eyeshadow Palette! This is the penultimate look in my fantasy segment of the challenge before we set off into makeup through the ages!  Today we look towards the galaxy and the stars for inspiration […]

100 Looks in 100 days – Day 12, Day 13 & 14

Another day, another 100 looks in 100 days with the Elf 100pc Marble Eyeshadow Palette! (Catchy right? I’d be ace at working in advertising!!!) Today I bring you 3 whole looks! I’m sorry I’m a little behind, I have been suffering bad with migraines this week and sadly migraines and iPads do not mix. (Any […]

100 looks in 100 days – Day 11

These 100 days are flying by for my challenge with the Elf 100pc marble eyeshadow palette! Im having so much fun coming up with lots of different ideas and utilising the palette to its full potential. My look for today was inspired by barbie! Plastic fantastic. I used colours from column A7 to J7 & column […]