I feel like we can share tips! I am rubbish at eating breakfast, I’m always too tired, in too much of a rush and it just makes me feel a bit sick. Now don’t worry, my mother always told me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so recently I’ve been using an inventive way to make sure I get my morning fill! Homemade fruit smoothies and juices. They’re so cheap to make, taste delicious and fill that morning gap. For all of you who want to try, here’s my recipe below! (If you don’t have time to make these every morning you can always freeze them in bottles and whack them in the fridge the night before for a yummy slushy treat.)

What you will need Per smoothie:
1 blender

1/4 bag mixed frozen fruit salad (I like tescos own, as its a bargain at under £1)
1/4 carton of fresh blueberry juice 
1/4 carton of fresh orange juice 
You can mix the recipe up with different fruit juices, I quite like to change it up with apple and banana juice so I don’t get bored. 
See I told you it was easy! 
Enjoy 🙂 
Until next time. 
B x

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