Holiday packing… Argh…..!

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My holiday is fast approaching and my insanity journey is coming to an end! I can’t believe how much better I feel in myself and I vainly find myself checking out my flat stomach in the mirror when I get the chance :p it’s amazing to think that with a little effort and some healthier food choices you can make such a change in such a small space of time. It might seem like a mountain at the beginning but in reality in time it becomes more of a steep hill and you CAN and you WILL conquer it. 
Now, onto the purpose of this post… Holiday packing. The worst part of holidays. Well if its got you all in a panic, I’m here to help! Follow my ten basic steps to perfect holiday packing:
1. Start with the essentials, track down your passport, your travel insurance documents (if you haven’t already got any get it sorted NOW, its just not worth the risk!) travel money, camera, phone, chargers. 
2. Next it’s time to get down to the fun part! Your outfits: you need to create a mini capsule wardrobe so pick pieces that you can mix and match.
3. Try to make your outfits multifunctional, think beach to bar, day to dinner. Versatile dresses can be worn during the day, then whack on some wedges and some show stopping jewellery and you’ll be away! 
4. Cut your makeup down! It’s most likely going to be hot. So you don’t need alllll those lotions and potions. I know us girls like to be prepared, but treat your makeup like your wardrobe, you wouldn’t wrap up in a sweater during the height of summer so don’t slap your face full of products that will just slide off in the heat. My favourite summer product is BB cream as its light and still offers good coverage. 
5. Scarves! Take one. They double up as sarongs on the beach, a headscarf to stop scalp burn and a cute colourful accessory to brighten up your outfits!
6. Take lots of bikinis or costumes! Pick ones that make you feel confident. They are small and take up hardly any space so you don’t need to worry about over packing those. 
7. Everyone says mums know best and my mum always told me “always pack as if you’re going away for 7 days, no matter how long you’re going for and you’ll always have enough” 
8. When narrowing down your choices, lay everything out on your bed so you can see each piece you’re keeping. Now be ruthless and cut what you’re taking in half! You’ll cut out all those pieces you probably won’t wear. 
9. Pick one bag to back. You’ll already probably be taking a handbag, so you only need one small bag for evenings. Same rule applies to shoes, unless you live in heels, narrow it down to one pair of dressy sandals, a pair of flip flops and one pair of heels.
10. If all else fails, get a friend to sit on your suitcase and do the zip up! At least I tried :p
Until next time! 
Enjoy your holidays! 
B x

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