We've all been there…

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And you know the scenario well. You’ve been invited to a party and your wardrobe is literally bursting at the seams, yet you have nothing to wear. It’s time for the dreaded clear out, but where do you even begin? Keep up with me over the next few months for handy tips as I clean out my wardrobe and go after the elusive ‘capsule’ wardrobe, that is fit for every occasion.

Tip 1: Lay everything on the table 
The first thing to do is find out just how much stuff you have! Go on get it all out and spread it on the table/bed/floor! 
Tip 2: Try stuff on! 
If it’s stuff you haven’t worn in a while, it probably doesn’t fit / is broken or just isn’t your style anymore. Be ruthless!! 
Tip 3: Sort! 

Make separate piles so you don’t get confused. My personal favourite is toget bin bags. Once it’s in, you can’t be tempted to take it back out! 
Make a pile to keep, a pile for sale/charity , a pile for repairs (if it’s something you really love and that you know looks great, it’s worth popping it to a seamstress to get it repaired) and a pile for the bin! (For those tatty pieces that have seen better days!! 
Tip 4: Take short breaks

Don’t try and sort for hours, you’re bound to loose concentration and your clear head when picking what to keep and throw if you get bored. So take short breaks! 
Tip 5: All work and no play… 

When sorting your work wardrobe, hang it in full outfits, believe me it’ll make your bleary eyed mornings simple as anything and keep you looking great! You’ll never have a what should I wear moment again! 
Tip 6: Now that you’ve streamlined… 

Know how to put it all away! Organise Into casual wear and work wear first. Next sort into dresses, trousers, skirts, jumpers and tops. 
Tip 7: Don’t neglect your underwear!! 

It’s the staple of every outfit, so give it some much needed tlc! Try on all your bras and throw out any that are ill fitting. They won’t do anything for the new fab outfits you’ve just organised! 
Tip 8: Colour co-ordinate

If you want to be really organised sort everything into colours. It will make getting ready a doddle. 
Tip 9: Make a list: 

Sorting things out makes it clearer as to what wardrobe staples you’re missing. As you go make a list of all the items that you think you’ll need for your new capsule wardrobe. 
Tip 10: Celebrate! 

Now step back, take a look and be proud of your super organised wardrobe! Join me next time in my quest to start building the perfect capsule wardrobe! 
Until next time 
B x 

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