Christmas Cocktails

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Hooray! It’s the weekend and now that you’re looking super
glam, it’s time to move on to the most delicious part of all. My next two blogs
will feature drinks and food to delight even the most discerning guest’s taste
Bored of the usual
culprits when it comes to drinks? Why not try something different and get your
guests into the festive spirit by enjoying some scintillating sherry! Everyone
knows its Santa’s favourite drink and who can argue with a guy like Santa?
I recently received a bottle of Harveys Bristol cream*.  With its fruity and almond flavours it’s the
perfect Christmas treat and I can’t control my excitement in sharing some yummy
festive recipes with you.
For your guests who appreciate the simple things in life
serve up Harveys Bristol Cream over ice with a slice of fresh orange.

If you’d like things to get fruitier here’s some delicious
recipes to get you in the party mood:
Mulled Apple and Winter Spice

A real festive treat, this yummy alternative to mulled wine is the
perfect way to warm up your party guests.
Slowly heat 200ml of Harveys Bristol Cream with 500ml of premium pressed
apple juice, six cloves and 50g of vanilla sugar in a pan for 15 minutes to
release the sweet spice flavours
Strain into a warm
jug, garnish with apple slices and serve in glasses with a star anise.
and Lemonade

My own
personal favourite, this delicious cocktail isn’t just for Christmas.

some orange and apple slices into a high ball glass along with ice
pour over 50ml of Harveys Bristol Cream
Top up with good quality lemonade
Stir generously and garnish with
a twist of orange peel
If I’m honest I never thought of sherry as a drink that I would like,
but after trying these cocktails I can’t wait to make it a more popular choice with my friends and
If you would like to try Harveys
Bristol Cream for yourself, it is available widely at supermarkets across the
UK for only £9.41 RRP.
For more information visit Harveys Website Here.
Please enjoy Harveys responsibly,
Until next time
B x
(*I received this delicious bottle of Harveys Bristol Cream from the lovely people at FocusPR) 

(Photos provided and used with permission from FocusPR)

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