Last weekend was Chester racecourse’s annual firework night and so on Saturday night I put on my favourite snug scarf and  armed with my very best ‘ooos’ and ‘ahhhs’ went to meet some friends. I love fireworks and the spectacle didn’t disappoint! As it’s bonfire night tonight here’s some pretty pictures to get you in the mood:

Once we were all fireworked out and had demolished the obligatory bonfire hot dog, we shimmied on over to a relatively new haunt in town called Kuckoo. Based in Chester on Watergate Street, with its understated signs you could easily pass it without a second glance, but do not be deceived, this is one hotspot you do not want to miss! 
With its relaxed indie vibes and it’s amazing cocktails, it’s the type of place you could chill out for hours and open until 2 AM, there’s simply no reason not to. 
At first I was anxious as to how I would feel dressed in my post bonfire get up; but I needn’t have been worried. This is the kind of bar where anything goes, but mind your step as the place even has it’s very own tongue in cheek ‘house rules’ sneakily attached to the back of their menus: 
As their were 3 of us we decided to order 3 different cocktails each time so we could fully assess what was on offer (the things I have to do for you guys!!) 
In the first corner: Bootleg Moonshine, Godfather Sour and Roxanne. 
In the second corner: Goosnargh Moonshine, Tutti Fruity and Southern Belle Smash 
Which one was best? I can’t even decide!! They were all so delicious! We plan to head back again soon, as some more ‘research’ is needed! It seems we missed out on some delightful creations with whams and rainbows to boot. 
Until next time, 
In the words of Kuckoo’s menus: 

Drink responsibly! 
B x 

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