Beauty Review – Le Soin Purifant Absolution – Masque

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Hey Guys!
So this month I received my first ever Love Me Beauty Box!! I decided to go for a suprise as it was my first one and I was not disappointed! 
I promised in my last post about the box that I would review the products once I had used them so here it goes!!! 
First on my list is the  Le Soin Purifant Absolution – Masque- it’s usually 28€ (£23.23 current exchange rate) for 50ml however in the box you get 40ml which equates to about £18.58 value! 
The tube is a really good size and the packaging is minimal and pretty enough to sit happily on any dressing table! 
Now onto the mask! It smells amazing. Floral and relaxing it’s the perfect skin treat! I apply mine gently after using step one of the clinique 3 step system and also exfoliating my skin! 
Here’s a silly pic of me relaxing and enjoying the masque!! 

Ps, before anyone asks I’m wearing a towel!! 

I leave the mask for ten minutes! When it’s on you can really feel it working and opening your pores! Is recommend using it about a  week before any big events as you girls will know that sometimes masks can bring all your impurities to the surface and leave you with a break out. 
After I’ve removed the mask my skin is silky smooth and soft! I did become a victim of the mask break out but it cleared up after a day and a bit and now my skin is great! 
I think I’d definitely buy this again as it’s an amazing product and not too expensive for how great it leaves your skin! 
Give it a try. 
You might just fall in love! 
Until Next Time 
B x 

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