Boots Haul – oops!

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Hey guys,

So today I nipped into boots to grab a new mascara…
And then I was tempted by boots many many offers!! 

So here it is my guilty boots haul, just for you: 
First up: 

The mascara: I just love soap & glorys packaging but I struggle to use their body and bath collection as the scent they use can often be too strong and give me a headache. So imagine my excitement when I recently discovered they do a makeup range! 
I decided to go for the HD Thick mascara in wicked black. I love fluttery eyelashes and I’m hoping this will be just the ticket. 
As Soap & Glory makeup is currently on 3 for 2 my mascara was actually a freebie, as it was the cheapest at £10.50 

Next I decided to treat myself to this pretty looking blush brick! Who wouldn’t want to join a peach party?! Need I say more?! 

Next I decided to “Glow all out” and treat myself to a new high lighter! I love a good highlighter and this is no exception. It’s so sheer and light and I have a feeling this may be a new love. 

All in all these three products only cost £22 which is a bargain! 
After I’d perused the Soap & Glory section I shimmied on over to the Max Factor counter where an offer caught my eye: spend £15 and receive a gift box worth £30 free. 
Who am I to say no to an offer like that?! 
I decided to treat myself to two colour elixir lip crayons. One in Passionate Red and the other in Vibrant Pink. 
I love the vibrant looks of both of these lips and I’m going to have to have a play around to work out my perfect makeup look! 

Finally I treated myself to a smokey effect eye crayon. I love a smokey eye, but I fail miserably at them. I thought this might make life slightly easier as it only takes 2 steps! 

For buying all of this I got these items in my free treat: 

Now although the contents of the box are great, I don’t know if I would’ve purchased these products freely. I was excited to buy the box in the shop but when I got home, away from the Perspex box with bright lights the contents felt a little lack lustre!

It’s probably a great box for anyone who’s already spending £15, but I wouldn’t recommend spending it just to get the freebies if it’s not stuff you will use. 
I hope you’ve enjoyed my first haul post! 
Until Next Time 
B x 

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