Now that you’ve got your makeup down to a T lets get your nails in on the act!

Here’s some pretty nails to give you the inspo you’ll need and don’t worry they’re super easy and basic so anyone can do them! 
Natural beauty: 
I achieved this look using Avons lavender luxe colour attract magnetic nail varnish! It’s super easy to use and such a pretty colour and I love the waves effect! 
Vamp it up: 
Looking for something a bit more sultry? This deep red by Barry M is perfect to nail the look. (Colour 115) 
Grecian goddess: 
I achieved this look by individually coating each nail with clear polish and gently pressing gold leaf against each nail. You can buy the gold leaf off eBay and it’s super cheap and looks really effective! 
Nordic know how:
Love a Christmas wrapping paper? Copy the design onto your nails! I achieved this using a red and white gel polish using a dotting tool to get the pretty effect. 

Enjoy giving them a go!

Until next time! 
B x 

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