My Christmas Day!

Hey guys!

Christmas day has now sadly been and gone. Isn’t it always the same that it takes forever to get here and then its just gone in a flash?

I had the best day I have had in ages spending lots of quality time with my family and I thought what better post Christmas blog is there than to share my day with you; So here it goes!


I was awoken at about 8.30/9 am as we were given strict rules that no one was to wake before 8 am!! As you get older I think this gets harder again as my body was set to my work body clock and I was wide awake from 7.30 onwards!!

When we had been called downstairs with my dads usual charade of ‘Let me check if Santa has been…OK you can come down now’ we all made our way downstairs and what a sight it was! As you get older you expect that you will get less because you are grown up, but as usual my Santa really out did himself!

We came down to a room full of presents and quickly began taking it in turns to see what we had got!

My mum was well and truly spoilt this year as my dad treated her to her very own ipad mini, I have never seen her look so pleased and excited! Her face lit up!

Next great present of the day went to my brother:

Apparently boys are never to old for their toys!!!

My Presents:

I cannot explain how truly grateful I was for each and every present I got! I am in love with everything and there is quite a lot to list, so here it goes:

From the boyfriend: I received some lovely khaki fur lined boots, perfect for if the January snow takes hold!

Some Real Techniques Dupes. They are super soft and I’ve tried them once and I am in love already.

Body shop goodies: Perfume, scented candles, moisturiser and hand cream.


Sister: Soap and Glory Gift set, £50 Debenhams voucher (Which I have now spend in the sales, Sorry not sorry!) and a Pizza express vouchers so that me and my boyfriend can go on a date! I thought the last bit was a really nice idea as we rarely get to go out. So I’m really chuffed with that bit.

Brother: From my brother I got this gorgeous In The Style tartan swing dress, I think I am in love. It literally glides on and is the comfiest dress I have ever owned!


I know just how incredibly lucky I am to have received all of these amazing presents and to have such a thoughtful family. I hope you all got treated lots too!

Getting ready:
On Christmas day I like to use some of my new goodies to get ready, so here’s a special version of get ready with me, just for you:


 Dinner Time

After a few hours of playing around with our new pressies it was time to sit down for dinner. This year cooked by my brother so that my mum could sit back and relax!

Here’s our Christmas dinner table, decorated by my sister. We even had our very own clementeenie name tags!

 The food was delicious and my brother did an amazing job! I finished absolutely stuffed, by my god was it scrummy!!

To end the day

After an absolutely amazing day we finished it off with a few family board games and our version of Christmas Afternoon Tea.

To end here’s a picture of my lovely cat. Apparently she loved her present from Santa too:

I hope you all had a great day too! Cant wait to read some of your posts!

Until Next Time

B x

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3 responses to “My Christmas Day!”

  1. Adela says:

    I love reading about everyone's Christmas 🙂 lovely post.
    Adela x

  2. I loved your Christmas afternoon tea! Such a good idea! And I bought the same Monster Truck for my Boyfriend that your brother got! It's so huge! Heehee!Only recently come across your blog, but love it! 🙂

    Chelsie @ BloggingxBeautiful x

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