The Present Game

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I was going to do a Christmas gift guide, but there have been sooooo many around that I thought I would dare to be different and share something new with you!

Every year when we have guests gathering we play the present game! 
You will need: 
Some presents
A dice 
And some Competitive spirit :p 
The rules are simple: 
Every person who is coming to your party or house brings a few secretly wrapped presents. 
Everyone sits in a circle and you place all the presents in the middle! Then you take it in turns to roll the dice and anyone who lands on a 1 or a 6 gets to take a present  from the middle! 
Now once all of the presents from the middle have gone someone needs to set a timer on their phone for 5-10 minutes and the fun begins!! 
Once the timer starts everyone rolls the dice again and if they get a 1 or a 6 they get to steal a present from someone else!! This carries on until the timer runs out and then everyone has one last throw of the dice. 
Everyone now gets to open the presents!! 
The twist in the game though is that the presents that are wrapped can be good or bad. You can fill a box with stones, or wrap a bottle of water that people might mistake for wine!  
It’s one of my favourite Christmas games and it’s always good fun if everyone gets into the competitive spirit. The best moments are when everyone is fighting over a present because they think they know what it is, only to find its nothing of the sort!!! 
I hope a few of you will try this game this Christmas. It certainly makes a change from charades. 
Until Next Time 
B x

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