So I started my blog in summer, but only got actively involved in the blogging world in late October. I’ve learnt so much since I started and I know I still have so much to learn. I wanted to write a short post on all the things I’ve learnt since I’ve become fully engrossed in the blogging community: 

1 – Write about what you are passionate about. It will come out in your writing and make your posts more appealing. 
2 – You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Don’t let this get you down. For every person that isn’t a fan, there will be 5 more who are rooting for you. 
3 – Time goes fast when you’re blogging! So if you can try to plan, or blog on the move if you can! 
4 – Do what works best for you. At first you’ll look to others for inspiration, but then you’ll get into a flow and it will be simple! 
5 – Be yourself and always be honest. Don’t give products a rave review just because you think you should. Your readers will prefer honesty and integrity! 
6 – Take part in lots of chats, there are some really friendly people out there just like you!! 
7 – There will always be someone more popular, with more followers, with better photos, with better tech, who’s wittier, but remember your time will come! Everyone has to start somewhere. 
8 –  Don’t lose hope. One day you’ll lose 4 followers the next day you’ll gain 10. One day you’ll get 7 views, the next you’ll get 300. Nothing is certain in blogs, so just go with the flow! 
9 – Use social media as a tool to promote and engage with people who read your blog, there’s also a lot of chats on there so get involved! 
10 – Enjoy yourself! Blogging is meant to entertain, It’s not meant to be a chore!!! So sit back, relax and just have fun!! 
What’s the main thing you’ve learnt since you started blogging? 
Until next time
B x 

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