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Today the duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton celebrated her 32nd birthday and so to join in the celebrations in true beauty blogger style I thought I’d rustle up a quick how to!!

I’m going to apologise in advance for the grainy photos. My light was fading fast. I think it may be time to invest in some good equiptment! 
I wanted to do a tutorial on how to get the Kate Middleton look without the faff of rollers and lots of expensive tools, So it’s an inspired look! Here we go: 

1. A good blow dry starts best on clean hair. Wash your hair and then dry about 70% with a towel! 

2. To get lots of volume, I always dry my hair upside down, being sure to still dry it along the hair shaft to keep it smooth and soft. (Yes I do look like cousin it here :p) 

3. Before the hair is fully dry spritz with a light oil treatment that will leave hair glossy without weighing it down. My favourite at the moment is this organic spray on argon oil. 
4. Continue to dry getting as much volume into the hair as possible. It should start to look a bit like this… 

5. Comb your hair through to smooth, being careful not to flatten all the volume you have just created! 

6. Take straighteners or a curling iron and only curl the ends of your hair up to where your ears are. Don’t go any higher than this as her curls and waves always fall to her shoulders. 

7. Instead of using a comb at this point run your fingers through your hair to separate some of the curls into lovely waves. 
8. Next its time to do your makeup!! The duchess always has really glowy dewy skin. To build up my base I used the following: 
9. At the moment my skin is really dry so I opt for a tinted moisturiser instead of a foundation to add to the glow. 

I opt for my 75p!! Yes 75p!! Elf cosmetics tinted moisturiser and it leaves my skin positively glowing.

10. Apply a concealer to all the areas that need it. Around your eyes, the nose area and blend baby, blend! 

11. Next its time to focus on your cheeks. Kate has killer cheek bones and so to achieve this I use soap and glorys powder highlighter which adds a glow and leaves my cheeks with a nice rosy tint.

12. Kate Middleton always works a gorgeous smokey eye. You can achieve this by using an eyeliner and some neutral eyeshadows. I chose to use my new bare minerals palette which has some gorgeous colour choices. 

13. Finish off the look with lashing of my favourite wonder perfect mascara! It’s literally the best and I love the packaging!! 

Et Viola ! Not quite the princess herself, but it’s a good place to start!

Happy Birthday Duchess! 
Until Next Time 
B x 

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