My hopes for 2014

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Hey guys,

So 2013 has been a here nor there year. For once in the past few years everything has ran positively smoothly. There are no notes of spectacular adversities and yet no further notes of tradgedy. It was just a good solid year. 
If I am to take anything from 2013 it would be that this is the year I have finally come to fully appreciate my parents. I get them and they get me. 
Although when my beautiful mum fell seriously Ill about five years ago and spent the next five years battling brain haemorrhages, aneurysms and strokes. This gave me an appreciation of her strength, her ability to keep us all going in hard times, even when she thought she might die. She even wrote us all a ‘final letter’ just incase and I will cherish those words forever. 
Although I learnt to appreciate these amazing attributes of my mums personality, what I got to appreciate in 2013 was something much stronger. I got to appreciate her recovery. With every day of 2013 she was becoming her normal self. 
The caring, unassuming, loving, silly and funny mum that we used to know. After her final brain surgery there is no longer a cloud of will it happen today? Or the next? And I feel this has lifted us all. 
I now truly appreciate the times my parents drop everything to come and look after me after one phone call when I’ve had a funny turn. Or that they would give us, their children their last £20 to keep us going. 
I appreciate my dads odd sense of humour and his ability to keep the house going, albeit with a kick up the bum from my mum. But he’s been there all the way. 
In 2014 my parents will celebrate their 30 year wedding anniversary and I think they have persevered when many others have walked away. My parents have true love and because of this, in 2013 I gained a new perspective on parents. 
Everything they do is out of love. So in 2014 even if they are irritating the hell out of me because they know best. Part of me will truly believe them. 
Until next time 
B x 

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