Natio vs Clarins – Body Toning

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Hey guys!

So the last few weeks I’ve been on a bit of a spree in the sales and I said I’d keep you up to date on all of the goodies I’d got. As a few of the products claim to achieve the same things I thought I would do a series of comparisons between the products so you can see which is the best!! 
This week as January is all about getting fit, toning up and looking great I’m going to focus on products that focus on firming and toning. 
I’ve always been sceptical about these kind of creams and oils as I think realistically the only way to achieve noticeable results is to get your bum to the gym!! Much to my own personal dismay. (Insert sad emoji here!) 
First up is a brand I hadn’t heard of before called Natio. It’s an Australian brand that prides itself on using the finest natural ingredients with 100% pure essential oils. 
I got the smooth firming and toning body lotion for a bargain £6 in the debenhams sale. It’s normally £12 a bottle and when mine arrived it still had an old sticker on saying £20 so I consider that it was a total bargain. 

It claims to tone and smooth and slow the visible signs of ageing. Now at 23 I’m not massively worried about ageing but professionals state you should start to tackle the signs of ageing in you early 20’s and I love a good body lotion so I was excited to try. 
Score : 7/10 
The lotion is a little runny. It makes it a little hard to apply as it seeps through your fingers so I’d recommend applying it in your bathroom just to be safe! 
After 2 weeks of use I’ve noticed that some of the cellulite on my thighs is less noticeable. I know this isn’t the creams intentions, but result!! The skin on my legs also feels soft and feels nice and perky. 
I’d definitely buy this again even at full price and I’m going to be sure to check out some of their other products! 
Next up is the Clarins Tonic body treatment oil. I received this as a freebie which can be seen in my series of January sales haul posts. I’d never used any Clarins products and I think I may now be a convert. 

Score : 9/10 
The smell of the oil is Devine. When I use it I instantly feel as though I have been transported into a spa and so I feel completely relaxed. 
The application of the oil is fairly easy although the hole in the top of the bottle is quite wide so it makes it difficult to use the oil sparingly! I’ve also used the oil in a bath instead of bubble bath and I have left feeling smooth all over. 
I chose to test it mostly on my tummy area and I have also used it on a scar and some small stretch marks. This stuff is amazing!!! It’s like liquid gold. The appearance of these areas is smooth and some of the marks have even vanished. I would definitely buy this again even though it is on the slightly expensive side at £38 for 100ml. 
Winner: Clarins! 
If you can afford to splash I’d definitely say go for the Clarins toning oil as it is well worth the money. If it’s out of your budget the Natio is still well worth the £6 sale price tag. 
Until next time 
B x 

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