Say Goodbye to YoYo diets!

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Hey guys,

So it’s January and it’s inevitable that we have all made the same repetitive New Years resolutions we always make. “Must get fit” “must go on a diet.” 
Although we think these resolutions will push us to achieve I often wonder if we set ourselves up for failure.
At the moment I see endless posts about juice diets, soup diets and the 5:2 diet. I have tried all 3 and I have to say I’m not the greatest fan. The worst thing about them all? Is you end up yoyoing back and forth! 
This January I’ve decided to make a change and instead of going on a ‘diet’ I’m going to change my lifestyle. 
I’d never really heard about clean eating until Greg Johnson approached me with his new book “Clean eating for busy people.” At first I thought it was going to be another diet, but once I read his “liberation formula” it all seemed to make sense. 

I’m going to keep a personal week by week progress diary so you can see how it really works, but until then I’ve got an interview with author and personal trainer Greg Johnson to keep you busy! 
Hi Greg! Can you tell my readers a little bit about yourself?
I’m an expert at coaching males and females to get their bodies and life back in shape in the fastest possible time. I work with busy people who lack the confidence and clear action plan they need to get back on track. I’ve worked with celebrities, CEO’s and attend training courses with some of the Worlds leading coaches.
Unlike other coaches I ONLY train people who want to literally re-invent themselves and unleash confidence. I am solely dedicated to my clients’ success, nothing else. 
Why did you decide to write this book?

I wrote this book and program because it eliminates the need to diet or feel like you have to give up delicious food in order to lose weight. I was shocked at how much stress people put onto themselves in order to shed a few pounds. It’s really a lot simpler than people think.

Another reason is I wanted to help more people who I can’t see in person or are not in a position to pay my private coaching costs. It’s worked out really well and I’ve been helping people to obtain unbelievable weight loss as far as london all the way to Newcastle for the price of just one coaching session. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done as now people can discover the truth but not break the bank or waste money on bad advice.
What makes this plan different from other diets out there?

The difference is this is not a diet, my mission is to get people to understand that this is a lifestyle choice that is eternal and will never feel like a chore.

This is purely an education for you so you never have to guess as to what does and doesn’t work. This system has helped 1,000s of my own private clients completely change their life and now others have the chance to do the same.

What is “Clean” eating?

For a long time now we have been using the phrase “eating clean”.
And after speaking to a few of my followers they were unsure of what it really means.
Yeah they know it’s about eating healthy but what counts as ‘Clean Food’?
It’s all about removing the toxins and elements from your diet to give your body a chance to start working more efficiently.
Eating clean generally means removing certain foods from your diet.
Removing foods like: Refined sugar, Alcohol, caffeine, processed food, wheat and gluten to name a few. The health problems people have healthwise when these are present is heavily linked.
In short, the more of these foods we eat the more unhealthy we will become!!

What can people expect from the program?

If anyone experiences anything on the list below then I can pretty much guarantee they will be eliminated…

Premature Aging
Allergic reactions
Brain fog, poor memory and concentration
Headaches, migraines
High blood pressure, fluid retention
Heart palpitations
Poor digestion
Reduced tolerance to alcohol
Easy weight gain, difficulty losing weight
Chronic fatigue
Hot flushes, excessive sweating
Rhinitis, hay fever, asthma
Hives, acne, eczema
Dark circles under eyes

This is not just about losing some excess body fat i’t’s about achieving optimum health and when you do I can guarantee you will lose more body fat than on any diet. It’s to teach your body to be fat adapted, which means it will look to burn body fat as energy.

One problem people face on a diet is feeling hungry. This way of eating will not spike blood insulin levels so feeling hungry on change of diet will be a thing of the past.

What’s the best results that any of your clients have experienced to date?

I’ve had many great results using this system but Judith’s is fantastic proof of how great this can be for someone. This is her own written testimonial

Starting Greg’s “Liberation formula and cook book” has been the best decision I have ever made. I’ve experienced phenomenal results, losing 21lbs in less than 4 weeks. I’ve tried every “diet” that exists, to no avail. This has been so easy, after the initial few days, which were a little tough to adapt; I’ve seriously never felt better. I have loads more energy and I am NEVER hungry. The best bit is I no longer crave sweet things. I spend a lot of time in hotels and eat out most weekends and it fits in with my busy lifestyle. What’s even more AMAZING is I’ve been a diabetic for a number of years and I was very heavily dependent on medication… Now I’m free after just 28 days and hoping that within six months I will have reversed my illness. I’m telling all my family and friends, they need to do this NOW, as the benefits speak for themselves.

You mention in your book that clean eating doesn’t have to be costly. How does your cook book tackle this?

As humans seem to have conditioned ourselves that good, nutritiously dense food is out of our price bracket but we are happy buy coffees daily at £3-4 each equating to £80 per month having just one per day for example. By cutting out the following you can save money and adjust to buying organic produce. I have listed some below to give you an idea…

Fizzy drinks
Take aways (takes the same time to make my food)

If you want results then you must do things differently and most farm shops will deliver fresh fruit and veg to your door.

Does this program require exercise alongside it to achieve maximum results?

It’s not essential to begin with. One of the most common obstacles and excuses is not having time to  make a lifestyle change so when people say to me they have been to the gym but they are not eating correctly I ask them to flip their focus and I guarantee they will have time. Because nutrition is 80% of the results at first it’s so important to make this the foundations or failure to reach your goal will be apparent. However if you are nailing the nutrition side then I would recommend becoming more active and following a good resistance and cardio program but this will depend if your sleep is good and your stress levels are balanced. In short I would say exercise should be last on the list but a very important factor to get right when it comes to that stage. I always say you must eat to support your training not train to support bad eating which is a recipe for disaster.

Thanks Greg! 

Greg offers the book, the program and unlimited email support for the 28 days at £97*

Until next time! 
B x 

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