The weather is miserable, it’s cold and the days are long. In the winter I love nothing more than coming home and relaxing in a nice warm bath!

I thought i’d share my favourite beauty treats that leave me in a sleepy bliss! 
1. I like to light lots of candles! Recently I love the scent of this Neal & Wolf candle* that was kindly sent to me recently to review. It smells amazing & looks so pretty too.
2. Run some warm water & add a splash of your favourite bubble bath, oils or bath milk. I love the santuary spa foaming bath milk. It’s so moisturising and bubbly. Be sure not to let your bath run too hot as this will dry out your skin!!!! 

3. Use this as an excuse to exfoliate and give that skin a good old buff. I’m currently using lots of Clarins products & they are fast becoming one of my favourite skincare brands. 

4. Once you have exfoliated, treat yourself to a little bit of extra relaxation by using a face mask. This No7 one is my ALL time must have mask. It gets warm as it touches the water on your face and smells like a lovely dough! Sure to bring you out of your winter blues! 

5. Finally, give your hair some love. After shampooing apply a deep conditioning treatment, concentrating on the tips of your hair. I had this beauty recommended to me on twitter and I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and there is definitely a big improvement! 

Now sit back, relax and let the days worries be gone… 

Until next time
B x 

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