My first ever home decor post!

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So this is an exciting post for me, being the first of what I hope is many of my new lifestyle, home decor posts!

Many of you may not have known but this year did not start of with a bang for me. I spent most of Christmas worried about work, only to find out in January that sadly the company I worked for had sadly gone into administration. Not the Happy New Year I had in mind at all. I don’t like to mix business with blog and so I haven’t written about it until now. The future seemed bleek and the prospect of moving home with the parents and signing onto the dole seemed ever nearing. 
Luckily, my perseverance and determination paid off and I got myself a fab new job and although living with the parents is sometimes the worst, it can also be the best! 
Now that I am feeling settled me and my beautiful boyfriend have decided to re locate and start looking for a place together, and because of this we have started the classic “bottom drawer.” (For anyone who doesn’t know what this is, it’s basically lots of house bits you buy when you have spare money and save for your first home.)
Over the next few months and the run up to the big move, I’m hoping to share with you all of the bits and bobs I gather along the way! 
Our First Home Purchase

I think the first thing you buy for your first home together will always be exciting, for my boyfriend his shiny new Xbox one will hold memories of the time I said “oh go on then, you can have one when we move in together,” but for me my memory holding item will be our dinnerware. 
I had badgered and badgered about wanting a really nice dinner set to start us off and so when we were in Cheshire Oaks one day and wandered into the Denby outlet, I couldn’t help myself!
We decided to start of with a set of 4 of everything as Denby can be a little bit expensive! 
We opted for the halo range, which is a beautiful mix of greys, blacks and whites, yet remains anything but boring. 

Isn’t it gorgeous? I am now hoping our future kitchen is of neutral shades so that we can carry on the mix of dusty greys for a dreamy, minimalist look! 
If you love these as much as I do, the range can be found at most Denby outlets and on Denbys website 🙂 
I hope you’ve enjoyed my first home decor post and it hasn’t been too much of a rambled excitement!! 
Until next time! 
B x 

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