*Before you read any further, please make sure that you have read all of the books in Paige Toon’s collection surrounding Johnny Jefferson! I’d hate to spoil the other books in her series for a new reader by giving away any secrets! (If you haven’t read them, why not?! Go and read them now!!! :p *
When I stumbled upon the news that Paige Toon had written the next installment of Johnny and Meg’s adventure, I couldn’t have been more excited! 
Having been landed with the BOMBSHELL that the last book had ended with I couldn’t wait go dive into the next installment and I was not disappointed! 
The book starts off by building the background of Jessie, A young troubled teen, who loves nothing more than to rebel against her step dad. As is usual with Toon’s writing style, even though sometimes you want to tell Jessie to get it together and just grow up, you can’t help but warm to the character and want everything to turn out great for her in the end! 
The fun really starts to begin when Jessie finds out that her father is none other than rock god Johnny Jefferson. From this point until the end I was completely gripped by how him and Meg would cope with the surface of his estranged daughter. 
I ended up reading the book in 2 days, too gripped to put it down! If you’re a Paige Toon fan I’d definitely recommend this book! 
I don’t know if I can wait till summer 2015 for the next installment in Jessie’s story!!!
Until Next Time 
B x 

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