At the moment I am massively addicted to skin serums. I’m genuinely intrigued by all the good they can do, so when I came across the Keep The Peace serum by Philosophy in boots on sale I snapped it up pronto!

The Philosophy super soothing skin serum contains natural extracts to help soothe irritation and minimize redness. The antioxidant enriched formula helps protect skin against environmental factors and it helps to maintain a healthy skin barrier to minimize dryness. 
My Verdict

Ok so I’m not going to lie and pretend that this smells amazing, because it doesn’t, considering it contains ‘natural extracts’ it actually doesn’t smell that great and is quite chemically scented, but if you can get past that the this is actually a pretty great product. The instructions recommend that you smooth 3-4 drops of serum in the palm of your hands morning and night after cleansing and prior to moisturising to see maximum results. I have been using this alongside the Philosophy super soothing face mask for about 3 weeks now and the results have been great. The red patches of skin have died down and my skin does have a better over all appearance. 
Would I buy this skin serum again? Yes I would but it’s quite hard to get hold of because I think it’s been discontinued, after a bit of research online, you can get it for about £12-20 from eBay.  If you see it at your local boots in the clearance section I’d recommend you snap it up, because it’s great for sensitive and red skin. 
I’d give this product an 8/10! 
Until Next Time
B x 

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