#vloggerschat 27/3 / Beauty in Beta

Hey everyone! This weeks #vloggerschat will be hosted by the lovely Beth over @beautyinbeta ! I have known her pretty much since what she did’s ‘birth’ and I know she will create a fab chat for us all!! 

The topic for this weeks chat is: Finding Your Voice on YouTube. 
The questions are as follows: 
Q1: Why did you decide to start YouTube?
Q2: Who do you use as inspiration for your channel?
Q3: Do you have a script when filming, or do you improvise?
Q4: How do you choose what content to film? 
Q5: Do you stick to a schedule? 
I think this will be a fab chat as always and now that we are on our 3rd week we get new recruits joining! The chat will take the standard question and answer format and will be under the hashtag #vloggerschat ! Beth will be hosting the questions from @beautyinbeta so make sure you all give her a follow to keep up (and also because her blog is fab!) 
See you all there on Thursday 8-9pm! 
Until Next Time 
B x 

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