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Ever since I started my YouTube videos, I longed for a community and chat so I could communicate about all things vlogging!

I struggled to find one and so decided to host one myself. 
The first chat is planned to take place 8-9pm (uk time) over on @vloggers_space. Although I know it won’t all fall into place over night I need lots of you to get involved to get it off the ground! 
The first weeks topic is back to basics and it will follow the usual chat format. For any chat newbies, I will ask a question marked Q1 etc. And then you have the freedom to answer & chat away with eachother at your leisure! I like to mark my answers with A1 etc so that people can follow my answers, but do whatever works best for you. 
The hashtag for the chat will be #vloggerschat , if you get lost, you can click or search this at any time to catch up on what’s been said! 
The questions: 
1. What inspired you to start your vlog? 
2. What do you use to film your videos? 
3. What kind of videos do you enjoy watching yourself? 
4. Do you tell friends and family about your vlog and are they supportive? 
5. If you own a blog, how easy have you found the transition to YouTube? 
I’m going to start with 5 questions this week to get us started, as I’m sure we’ll have lots to talk about! 
After all the questions are done, hopefully you’ll have made some new vlog buddies and we can all swap vlogging links! 
I’m so excited and I hope you are too! 
See you all there! 
Until next time 
B x 

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