So you have gorgeous blonde locks and they glisten like the sun, but a few weeks after you’ve had it dyed the colour starts to look slightly orange and yellow all over, do you dare to reach for the toner, or do you reach for Bleach London silver shampoo?
The packaging
I love the funky packaging on this product, it drew me straight to it on my local boots shelf and so I couldn’t wait to use the product when I got home.
My verdict
I’d give this product a 10/10 !! I know a huge accolade from me, but I really struggle to find products like this that really do what they say on the tin. Whenever I use this it leaves my blonde a lovely ashy shade that’s shiny and glistens in the light! 
The downside: make sure you either wear gloves when applying this product, or moisturise your hands, purple hands anyone!?! 
Where to buy: you can get Bleach London Silver Shampoo from your local boots and online for £5, it seems little steep for a shampoo, but you only have to use it occasionally to keep your locks in check and you only have to use it sparingly so it is well worth the extra couple of pounds. 
I can’t wait to try out some more of bleach’s products!! Have you tried any and if so what did you think? What should I buy next? 
Until next time!
B x 

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